Laney GC120C
Laney GC120C

GC120C, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the GC series.

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Warlus 09/18/2008

Laney GC120C : Warlus's user review


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Laney GC120
transistor amplifier 120w (mono)

2 comes in (high / light) with light a priori (so you can not plug 2 guitars at the same time)
effects loop in / out the rear

overdrive and reverb type Accutronics (not the spelling)

hp indestructible brand HIH, 2 x 12 "

say anything .....


The use is very simple, you plug, you play.
the Stereo footswitch (optional) used to operate the overdrive and reverb

amp heavy (25 to 30 kg)


Sound .....
playing on the gain, the sound is clear trs good (for a transistor amp) you get close to having a small heat lamps ... BUT, the sound is the same regardless of the guitar top branch (j'exagre a little but say it is not transparant) it still sounds LANEY, fortunately, the current multi-fx amp simulations offer which gives a different sound amplifier. it is better to connect all the fx (the same distortion) in the effects loop, the sound is much better.

the overdrive is crap so I do not even talk about ....

the reverb is a rverb standard.

power is HUGE is a true 120w transistor perfect for RPET and concerts (the volume of 2 ncessite an ear protection)

the speakers are indestructible, they can push the amp, they are! ! !
So the one who loves the sound will be pleased laney (7 / 10 because we do not sound lights .... but 3 x more expensive), who prfre sound fender must go his way.


Good amp for concerts and RPTES if one is not looking too on the quality of sound (which is only correct if you like the sound LANEY).

Rsiste amp that time (except that my rverb do more cutting on / off, luckily the FX 10 is 0) (my amp 15 years)

HP indestructible

Enormous power.

Need a distortion / overdrive collection outdoor (because it is inside is zero)
c'tait my first amp and I owe him my partial hearing loss .....
I bought it in 1995 and handing me in this context, I do it again the same choice