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Laney LV user reviews

  • Laney LV300H

    Laney LV300H - " EXCELLENT amp"


    Hybrid amp, preamp a lamp (it was the sound clear, but there is no sound on the distortion channel when the amp is switched on, the time the lamp is warming). 120W 3 channels 1 and 2 distos clear. Clear volume knob Equalizer and bright to bette…

  • Laney LV300

    Laney LV300 - duguy182's review


    Hybrid 3-channel amp, 2 lamps preamp is found only on channels saturated. EQ 2 different one for the clean and one for distortion. a button on the clean channel is bright 2 buttons to make it sound more modern on each channel saturated. VTS a but…

  • Laney LV412A

    Laney LV412A - lizzysboy's review


    This is my first cab. The overall finish is not transcendent but for the price it is impossible to have a nice clean finish Orange or even that of a Marshall. What matters most to me more in this cab, it is the hp Celestion "Rocket 50", it is n…

  • Laney LV300H

    Laney LV300H - pelly's review


    Amp hybrid (a lamp in the preamp for channel drive) 120W Effects loop for more info nothing like the website builder .. ;-) I put 9, 10 I could in fact by what I see what's missing too .. but hey, there's nothing special either .. UTILIZATI…

  • Laney LV200

    Laney LV200 - Tetienne's review


    Amp Commbo Hybrid (1x ECC83) HH 65W 1x 12 "Celestion Super65 3 channel (Clean / Drive 1 and 2) 3-band EQ for each cannal Reverb, effects loop, Bright switch (clean), Scoop switch (drive 1 and 2) Output HP, 3-button footswitch (Clean, Drive …

  • Laney LV300H

    Laney LV300H - coolweb's review


    Here is the LV300, a comprehensive hybrid amp with a 12AX7 tube preamp in! Power RMS 120 Watts Channels 3 (Clean, Drive 1 and Drive 2) Equalisation Independent Bass, Mid, and Treble for Clean and Drive Bright Switch Yes (Clean Channel) Rev…