Laney LV300H
Laney LV300H

LV300H, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the LV series.

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pelly 02/24/2008

Laney LV300H : pelly's user review


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Amp hybrid (a lamp in the preamp for channel drive)
Effects loop
for more info nothing like the website builder .. ;-)
I put 9, 10 I could in fact by what I see what's missing too .. but hey, there's nothing special either ..


Config quite simple.

Must tweak a bit to find his Son and that's normal, it's a really versatile amp. So there is what you want but to look for a bit.
The manual shows some example of using an example of "metal" not very convincing but the rest is ok, a clean example, one such blues ..

Well, it's just out of curiosity to the preset manual because otherwise nothing like his own hack ...


It is perfect for my styles of music for one simple reason .. I have lots of music style. And it is super versatile. With this, we can play good jazz, it's not an either jc120 ..), blues, rock, hard, ect ..

You get what you want as its looking a little. The sound is typical of laney (at least in the hybrid version), should therefore try before you buy!

Not for the metal against (the exception is its versatility ..) to AC, it needs a distortion.

Personally, I have not tried but I had time I had a combo of TFX3 resell, so I had a glimpse of her. and I must say I'm disappointed, I prefer it even to its big brother the TFX3.

I put 10 because it really is the versatility and quality (the two together is not always the top in this range amp)


I am super happy and remake this choice without hesitation.

I use it with a 2X12 with V30 and it sounds great!
I tried a lot of other head and I must say this is the one that suits me. I did not want a tube amp for what I wanted to play at home at low volumes. the little lamp in the preamp on the other hand gives a great overview of lead.
Compared to other models, there is no photo, it is the best for me. I tried the TBX150 is good but not as versatile as the laney and clean are less beautiful. For the fender, the distortion is not really famous for the Marshall AVT, k'en even talking about it is horrible .. not to mention any problem after the sale of this range marshall ..

In short, I would do this Choose ..