Laney LV300H
Laney LV300H

LV300H, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the LV series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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fabbcrich's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EXCELLENT amp"

Laney LV300H
Hybrid amp, preamp a lamp (it was the sound clear, but there is no sound on the distortion channel when the amp is switched on, the time the lamp is warming).
3 channels 1 and 2 distos clear.
Clear volume knob Equalizer and bright to better highlight the treble.
Distortion: the common Equalizer 2, volume, gain and V Scoop for each channel, and a VTS button is all channels, one reverb for clean and one for the 2 distos.
1 guitar input front jack cable to the power supply, 2 outputs baffles, ffects of loop and taken to the cable at the back of the pedal.


Manuel useless if you know turn the knobs.
The config is very simple despite all the buttons and knobs.
After a few minutes press and turn all the knobs were soon sound you want, ie, no master volume, the volume of each channel is the master, so not 3 and 3 master volumes and 1 master, but it's not annoying.
I use it with my 212 cabinet manufacturing, with 2 Celestions "G 12 T HOT 100" mounted in series, the hit with the 200W can collect the power of the amp and the grain is monstrous, a great marriage amp / HP.


It suits me perfectly to the metal, although it can do everything and do everything right, the right is clean, accurate, crystallized with bright and does not flinch even background, a very good clean for a distortion pedal if the amp does not suit you, the drive is one of the hot and the subtle crunch distortion hard rock / heavy metal but still very clean, drive 2 is for metalheads, more aggressive, hot and bold buttons V Scoop the mids dig and climb the bass and treble and give a bold and modern quark and grain, VTS also changes the equalization and grain in another way. Enabling V Scoop and VTS was a very modern sound, eg Dimmu Borgir. The reverb is good and not exessive.
With my 212 home speaker sound is powerful, warm, clear, clean, beautiful grain.
I play with a BC Rich Platinum and no effects, distortion and reverb suit me perfectly, it respects the guitar very well.


I use since August 2012, before I had a small peavey 15W, quickly replaced by a Vampire Berhinger kept 8 years, then Laney, if I have tested lamps and marshalls transistors, transistors peavey, fenders, huges & Ketner .
The Laney is just exellent, much better than a marshall MG for a little more expensive, rather lightweight 12.5 kg, well built, versatile and good in everything, especially the metal (a condition associated with the apparently good speaker) .
I would put 10/10, it has all the sound settings, etc. ... It is a true hybrid (no lamp nor any course), for the same price we combos transistors means. I choose to do it again without hesitation.

pelly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney LV300H
Amp hybrid (a lamp in the preamp for channel drive)
Effects loop
for more info nothing like the website builder .. ;-)
I put 9, 10 I could in fact by what I see what's missing too .. but hey, there's nothing special either ..


Config quite simple.

Must tweak a bit to find his Son and that's normal, it's a really versatile amp. So there is what you want but to look for a bit.
The manual shows some example of using an example of "metal" not very convincing but the rest is ok, a clean example, one such blues ..

Well, it's just out of curiosity to the preset manual because otherwise nothing like his own hack ...


It is perfect for my styles of music for one simple reason .. I have lots of music style. And it is super versatile. With this, we can play good jazz, it's not an either jc120 ..), blues, rock, hard, ect ..

You get what you want as its looking a little. The sound is typical of laney (at least in the hybrid version), should therefore try before you buy!

Not for the metal against (the exception is its versatility ..) to AC, it needs a distortion.

Personally, I have not tried but I had time I had a combo of TFX3 resell, so I had a glimpse of her. and I must say I'm disappointed, I prefer it even to its big brother the TFX3.

I put 10 because it really is the versatility and quality (the two together is not always the top in this range amp)


I am super happy and remake this choice without hesitation.

I use it with a 2X12 with V30 and it sounds great!
I tried a lot of other head and I must say this is the one that suits me. I did not want a tube amp for what I wanted to play at home at low volumes. the little lamp in the preamp on the other hand gives a great overview of lead.
Compared to other models, there is no photo, it is the best for me. I tried the TBX150 is good but not as versatile as the laney and clean are less beautiful. For the fender, the distortion is not really famous for the Marshall AVT, k'en even talking about it is horrible .. not to mention any problem after the sale of this range marshall ..

In short, I would do this Choose ..

coolweb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney LV300H
Here is the LV300, a comprehensive hybrid amp with a 12AX7 tube preamp in!

Power RMS 120 Watts
Channels 3 (Clean, Drive 1 and Drive 2)
Equalisation Independent Bass, Mid, and Treble for Clean and Drive
Bright Switch Yes (Clean Channel)
Reverb Yes, with independent level controls for Clean and Drive
Footswitch Custom 3-Way (Included)
Speaker connections 2x Jacks (4 Ohms)
FX Loop (s) Yes
Scoop Switch 2 (Drive 1 & Drive 2)
Tube ECC83 Preamp Valve Fusion Techlogy


There are lots of buttons, but in fact it is very easy to use because each channel has its own EQ and reverb & switch "SCOOP" that changes the sound of the amp

Footswicth The book consists of three switches with LED, for selecting channels and to enable or disable the reverb. There is also an LED to indicate which channel you are on the included footswitch directmeent. Very strong


This is certainly the most versatile amp ever!

- Clear Channel:
A sound that remains clear, dry, slamming, even at high volume, with a switch "bright", ideal for funk

- 1 Canal Drive
A mixture of crunch / distortion where you can get bluesy or rock sound as smoothly as the gain you choose, push down, its just a distortion

- 2 Channel Drive
It is more oriented rock / hard rock / metal with the heavy distortion. the sound is more "modern" than the first drive channel.
You each time a gain control and master volume independent. The more one pushes the gain the more distortion ...

There is a switch that changes the SCOOP equalization and sounds more convaicant, a bit like playing live or in a large 4x12 cab closed that tighten the grain!

The reverb is correct and always practical.

There is an effects loop and 2 outputs, so you can connect two cabinets!


Very well built, efficient & simple! Laney This is a very good value for money, hard to beat, with Marshall it is necessary to easily double the price for something to correct ...

Also you can change the lamp, the ideal is to test several models to adapt the sound to our tastes ...

This amp was made by Laney to be versatile, you can easily play any style of playing the eq and switches. Moreover, I find this amp complies with the personality of each guitar, something rather rare in this kind of amps!

Finally, you sound a little benfica lamp, especially for the drive channel, even at low volume, it's still a big advantage over all lamps