Hybrid Guitar Amp Heads
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Hybrid Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Orange Micro Dark

    Orange Micro Dark - "Powerful enough, and with a great sound."


    A single channel hybrid mini amp head with a single preamp tube, a 20W solid state poweramp, a headphone out, mono effect loop and 8-ohm output. I needed a amp with a headphone out, at least one tube and an effect loop which was compatible with th…

  • Vox MV50 AC

    Vox MV50 AC - "Great for me !!"


    For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? Installed on my pedalboard, I use it only on headphone so far as I recently moved to a flat but I consider buying a good cab soon to play at home at low to moderate volume. H…

  • Randall T2

    Randall T2 - "Nice hybrid"


    Randall has a good hold on the module world which has been exploding in recent years. They have really put their focus on those amps and the preamp modules but still carried a lot of their good old regular amps as well. This is one of those simple am…

  • Marshall AVT50H

    Marshall AVT50H - "Not Marshall's best"


    This is a cheap amp from Marshal in just about ever way. The tone is thin and fizzy at best an the overall feel of the amp is sub par. This amp doesn't have the feel of what you would think when they claim the tube feeling of the amp. The power secti…

  • Fender Roc Pro 1000 Head

    Fender Roc Pro 1000 Head - "Fender gives OK head"


    The Fender Roc Pro 1000 has a solid-state power amplifier with a tube pre-amp through a 12AX7. It delivers 100 watts of solid-state power at 4 ohms. The Clean section is only solid-state, whereas the "Tube Drive" section delivers exactly what it …

  • Marshall VS100RH

    Marshall VS100RH - "Metal Marshall hybrid amp"


    In the 90s Marshall attempted to bridge the gap between tube amps and solid state amps by making hybrid amps. The Marshall hybrid amps contained a tube in the preamp with a solid state power section. This solid state power section meant you could eas…

  • Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V

    Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V - "Forgotten Marshall metal machine."


    When solid-state amps started hitting the scene people were afraid of the new technology and most believed good tone wasnt there. Marshall believed they could make a hybrid amp that combined a pre-amp tube with a solid-state power section. This combi…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - "Terrible!"


    The Marshall Mode 4 was hyped to be a great hybrid tube/solid state amplifier for the heavier metal styles that were popular at the time of the amp's introduction (mid 2000's). It features the following specs: 350W hybrid output 2-amps-in…

  • Trace Elliot Super Tramp H100

    Trace Elliot Super Tramp H100 - "More than excellent!!"


    USE It's very easy to dial in, you only need to plug in, adjust 2-3 things and you've got it sounding! SOUND I play mainly metal. With a good guitar, it's amazing. The clean sound is wonderful and super warm. The drive is very Brit rock an…

  • Randall RH 300 G3 Plus

    Randall RH 300 G3 Plus - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by hugues blanchon/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Hybrid amp with one 12AT7 tube and mosfet circuitry. http://www.randallamplifiers.com/about/news/valvedynamic.asp (for more information) - This solid-state amplifie…