Marshall MF350
Marshall MF350

MF350, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Mode Four series.

Billlly 09/22/2008

Marshall MF350 : Billlly's user review


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300 watt hybrid, 4 channels, at least 2 double ...
The sound Mtal the white zombie, NIN ...
The power is adjustable in the back,
1 reverb and filter "matrix" 3 positions.


Sound standard from light to crunch until very big sound,
well-typed rock / metal,
The hard part is to quilibrer 4 channels at the same time difficult to use ...


With a good sound, the sound is overkill.
The coarse!
The sound is very modern, anything but vintage ...


Garage / blues refrain, the sound of the Sonics is not in this amp!
A big sound typ ...

Happiness for the whole family ...