Marshall MF350
Marshall MF350

MF350, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Mode Four series.

MGR/Keith 07/29/2003

Marshall MF350 : MGR/Keith's user review

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Guitar Center in Danvers, MA for a total of about $2,100.

It's loud! A real meaty overdrive sound that is sure to satisfy metal-heads. The clean also excellent, unaduldtered tone. The reverb is nothing to rave about, it's an eery sort of reverb that gets the job done. I prefer Amp 1 which is the JCM 900 portion of the amp, with the gain turned up and those becoming saturated it's pure, biting aggression that will make your ear drums beg for mercy. It's also a very cool looking amp, and the cabs are bigger than any marshall before, by 3 inches, and certainly bigger than any cab I've ever seen. And it sounds the same at any volume.

The four modes aren't quite independent, the bass, treble and so on work for clean and crunch in amp 1, and for OD1 and OD2 in amp 2. What I mean is that amp 1 and amp 2 have one set of options for two "seperate" channels. No standby, but a "tuner mute" button for silent tuning which I use in the same manner as a standby switch.

Like a rock. This amp is all about power, in its presence, its tone, and its physical structure. Hunks of gold steel for knobs, I think altogether it weighs about 140lbs.

This amp is metallic fury. If you are not a metal-head this may not be the right amp for you.

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