Marshall MF350
Marshall MF350

MF350, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the Mode Four series.

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RaphRaymond 10/16/2004

Marshall MF350 : RaphRaymond's user review


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It's a hybrid amp: a lamp pramp and transistors elsewhere for a power of 350 watts (just history to the gallery a little while 80/100 watt lamp dB).
The effect Intgr just rverbe numrique pretty cool. The connector is divided into two, clean + crunch and distortion each with 2 Gain, Volume, 3 band Eq, Scoop, Reverb. The distortion has three positions in addition to the three (a priori) Different.


Config trs simple, it's stupid as a Marshall, and when you turn the knob EQ did not much like a Marshall, but enough so a will. I have not seen the manual, I test in a small shop alone for an hour and a half. It is unfortunate that there is no longer Eq spar between the most distal.


The clean channel is correct or even good for much more than the average slamming Marshall (but not dynamic is a transistor ...).
The crunch is average and my AVT100 is much better, it is fat, drooling a little, not trs beautiful.
The old school distortion is very well and it is easily play riffs of Led Zep ...
The disto mtal (hihihi) is actually a little more dense, it does not so low, but many acute, however, is trs frustrating, the fact AVT100 also my best. The three mode distos trs are different.


As I said I tested in store and for that price (1600 + baffle head) I'm afraid he does stand a long time ...
I like the fact that there are four channels for a one develloppe vritable sound palette. (Even if it is a little pourrite, even when it's a pallet).

So I find it expensive for what it is. If you want a big sound while taking the lamp, if your not too demanding and just a little broke and take a AVT100 an 4x12 of quality.

It's a shame because he has a really good face!