Orange Micro Terror
Orange Micro Terror

Micro Terror, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

benoi31 11/22/2013

Orange Micro Terror : benoi31's user review


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Lamp preamp, and for the rest of the transistor.


Very easy to use, gain tone volume, it is set in 30 seconds, watch in hand, which is pretty good for me


I tried quickly store, my opinion is may not be the best in the world of fact, but I would weight the previous review: it sounds disgusting.
Lamp preamp is surely there in figuration, was not at all warm and round sound typed lamps, but rather a kind of porridge in the bass and shrill treble.
It's very runny, but badly drooling, drooling not pleasant mode waves of distortion in your face, mushy type we hear anything that we play ...

The tone does not work that great either, which is not ideal when trying to adjust the sound a little.

The crunch is also very flat, big lack of dynamics ...


I have not used the masses, so maybe my opinion is quite biased.
But compared to other amps of the same type, for example I have a vox lil night train, it is thousands of kilometers issue sound, it is much more dynamic, even heavy distortion (although it is more orange stuff that normally ...)

I do not understand why they stuck the name "terror" in this amp, which should be reserved for all-tube amps.

A yamaha TH10 (all transistor) is more dynamic for example from me.

Left to invest in a small head, as put a little more and pay a "real" all-tube head.