Orange Micro Terror
Orange Micro Terror

Micro Terror, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

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totorman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great for training"

Orange Micro Terror
This is a very small mixing 20w amp transistors and a lamp. You can connect an audio source, which is very convenient for training. I mostly play with headphones but I bought the tiny HP that goes with it, and that can make cattle without problem.

There are two stages of amplification, a known volume, which allows light to play, and the second called the gain, which sends a very nice distortion Orange, despite the size of the craft.


Everything is super simple, no need to book. We get a good sound instantly.


This is an amp sound so training is not comparable to a big amp, but frankly, are very clear and the sound is distorted barrel for size.
It goes from light to Ac / Dc, I would say.

I play with a Telecaster Custom Shop pickups equipped, mainly.


I use it regularly for 6 months. I had not looked before but I tried it with a friend.

The +

Very reasonable price
Weight: If in the tens of grams
Very very small footprint
His gun for size
Minijack auxiliary to play over a piece
Sufficient power for up to a beef with other guirares and percussion

The -
Uh, I'm looking
Magix Fingers06/23/2014

Magix Fingers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small but tough"

Orange Micro Terror
The features are already described but I want to report something.
So here I am not very handy but by removing the 4 feet and the grid or the handle is obtained amp pedal format.
The lamp is always more or less protect say that it remains still correct and some gram casually and without dimension are really small especially height is gained.


So I removed for two reasons:
The first is that I needed amp it.s not necessarily powerful enough to repeat (it missed the drummer playing more quietly increasing l.intérêt of repeats because everyone listening and that's the goal) and so I put my g5 into cover blow saves space and enormous weight with my Gibson and hop repeated in an amp on site or baffle any worries.
And the other reason is that I have an amp for live and that the baffle pass on my nickel and headphone jack that prevents breakage of the head neighbor and used to taking live.


For the sound I'll be brief associated zoom G5 (which I find fantastic for me) the sound may well be warm with the lamp preamp amp and be for the rest of the transistor with the simulation brings the G5 zoom the sound is reflected in dynamic warm wishes
Frankly I'm happy and home or repeat it sends steak even just returning a guitar with just a thinned to put sound hovering I think it sounds
I for acute agreements there quite simply lower the throne of the guitar or the sound settings with a pedal or another just to know and tennis account.


After the tastes and colors everyone sees interest are person I'm happy
I'll let you see my video on youtube

All good music

Magix Fingers ;-)

ggluzicki's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" small but costeaud"

Orange Micro Terror
Hybrid amp. Transistor and lamp warmed her.
The amp is 20 watts.
pray headphones, input, send hp


was how to say with 3 knob ca things a bit easier.
manual: or ca? I do not think it is useful for something like that B)


So is this amp suits my style? I love fat saturation. Many say that this amp is not doing it for the metal. I would say that the big crunch is already very nice but hey I did not find it quite upset. So I changed the lamp with a ground Tung and the gain is increased to 11 see 12. Okay I have now added him MXR Fullbore, which allows me to keep the amp in clean (fucking her majestic) and in the MXR distortion.


I use it for 3 months. I like this AMP because it is small, light, easy to use, and certainly not expensive at all. I would have to find a way to incorporate it into my pedal board personal. I had a laney lx 120 and frankly nothing to see, orange is more vitamins.
Unbeatable value for money. I had the opportunity to test on a Bogner cab (cab am a 6 times more expensive than low GPA and frankly GPA is doing great).

Yes I would buy this board and I desire all that atypical amp budget.

servant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It tears"

Orange Micro Terror
- 1 tube preamp
- Power transistor
- 20 watt (sounding LOUD)
- Volume, tone, gain
- Connectors for connecting a speaker (4 ohm minimum)  
- AUX input and headphone output that can be used for practice  
- Food that now has a grounded outlet (which was not the case before)


No manual ....
3 buttons and adjusted to find the sound. This is the advantage of a single channel amp, no effects, no unnecessary circuits, one dial is adjusted and it works.
Small flat on the Tone knob which more office "contour". The only way to get a nice tone is to have the volume set to 12-1 o'clock. If it is set below this level the tone becomes hollow and shrill.<div>It is easy to get great tone but it takes time because it's all about the gain and volume.
The receiver also works well in conjunction with pedals so the&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 1em;">sonic possibilities are increased</span><span style="font-size: 1em;">.</span></div>


It should be quite what I'm doing, namely blues rock, british rock (Oasis, Rolling Stones etc)
It's simple, I rediscover my guitars.
On my Fender Strat U.S. 2004:
Clean it is clear and precise. The tone is round and clean, &nbsp;so pleasant to listen to.
-The crunch is to die for! Easily obtained a crunch style 60 '/ 70'. Bridge pickup, the crunch is accurate, every note sounds and the sound is also good slamming. You can easily send Hendrix or even Vaughan and sound like them.
-The distortion sends severely without being greasy or messy. Besides, I do not recommend too much for metal (except with a good pedal) because it is not his field. However, for rock tones, no worries. And pushing the gain over the distortion holds up. No sound you explode the eardrums slurry.

On my Jaguar MIJ 2008
A perfect clean! It is clear and sharp, a little more aggressive on the Strat
For crunch, ditto although I prefer the sound of the Strat.
Jaguar sends severely distortion and I get a pretty wild sound, a little punk rock in the spirit Nirvana.

I use it mainly for crunch (light / medium / delivered) and the sound is really amazing. Send a good blues in E / I / if has never been so amusing.


I use it for some time!

I tried a lot of models that Tiny Terror and rocker30. I have a lot of amps to me that a Marshall MG (tt my first amp) first series to its ultra synthetic. I also have a Peavey Bandit but too heavy, bulky and effects that do not like me.
There I was looking for a portable and not too expensive and easy thing I wanted an amp with a close to the Tiny Terror sound. So no, the Micro Terror has nothing to do with Orange over 700th but found this particular grain brand. It offers little opportunity unlike other Orange models with multiple effects, 2 channels, an effects loop etc. .. but the little he does he does it very well.

Note: I was also skeptical about the 20watt but after testing I should say amply for small scenes and rehearsals. In clean, the gain is minimum and the volume at max and it does not sound too hard (the best is to stick him a boost pedal to increase the dynamics of clean, something I do). But crunch and saturation, that is another thing ...
I could try it in the store on a PPC112 cabinet and I never put the knob beyond 2/3 for the crunch and saturation.
Home, apartment, I play with the volume and gain of 1 to 13h. For saturation (maximum gain), I am sometimes forced to reduce the volume slightly below 1 if it sounds too loud.

I tested again in a small room (12 square meters let's say) with its original speaker (PPC108). Our training was 2 guitars (my friend plays on May 1 watt lamps), low (connected to a transistor 40 watt) and a battery.
It's simple, bassist did not get and the drummer did not hear. The guitarist looked at max volume level and I could barely hear on pêchus pieces. All this having the gain and volume 12/13h 3. And as soon as I started in saturation, I had to drop a little amp volume from time to time so that we can hear each other.

I love the medium tone setting that offers few opportunities.

The value for money is excellent and I would do this choice without hesitation.

benoi31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Micro Terror
Lamp preamp, and for the rest of the transistor.


Very easy to use, gain tone volume, it is set in 30 seconds, watch in hand, which is pretty good for me


I tried quickly store, my opinion is may not be the best in the world of fact, but I would weight the previous review: it sounds disgusting.
Lamp preamp is surely there in figuration, was not at all warm and round sound typed lamps, but rather a kind of porridge in the bass and shrill treble.
It's very runny, but badly drooling, drooling not pleasant mode waves of distortion in your face, mushy type we hear anything that we play ...

The tone does not work that great either, which is not ideal when trying to adjust the sound a little.

The crunch is also very flat, big lack of dynamics ...


I have not used the masses, so maybe my opinion is quite biased.
But compared to other amps of the same type, for example I have a vox lil night train, it is thousands of kilometers issue sound, it is much more dynamic, even heavy distortion (although it is more orange stuff that normally ...)

I do not understand why they stuck the name "terror" in this amp, which should be reserved for all-tube amps.

A yamaha TH10 (all transistor) is more dynamic for example from me.

Left to invest in a small head, as put a little more and pay a "real" all-tube head.

Dizo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Orange Micro Terror
Single channel, 20 watt potato.
Preamp tube (Ecc83/12ax7)
Power transistor

Volume, tone, gain

A 4 ohm output.

The minimum of the minimum ...

CD input, headphone output and I have not tested


Using super simple! Nothing to say. This is the advantage of the basic settings, no brainer to find a sound.

The big downside is the tone. This setting is really poor, because only 12 setting gave me good sound. The worst was to tone up the tab ... one bouillasse harsh and cold.

... brief ... they could turn this setting (or to a real eq.)

Beyond that, it's cool.


I love Orange! All is not good, but the grain Orange .... MY GOD there's it's real!
Obviously, this product is tested for fat, and yes it was fat!
It was a beautiful volume is small but it sends the decibel! By texture issue against fat ... this is not the Rolls. Little roundness in the bass, too loud in the treble and too cold throughout.

Unfortunately ... it is still far from the quality of Oranges first prizes (Tiny Terror, OR15 ...) ... but it is 4 times cheaper.

Tested with:
- Gibson Lespaul Studio 2012
- Gretsch Electromatic g5420
- Epiphone Sheraton 2

This is the Epiphone has the most sung on the beast!


- Cheap!
- Small and suuuuper cute!
- It sends a large volume but can be used super low!
- Widely superior to dung transistor combo competitors (in the same price range)

- It is very far from what we expect from Orange!
- Tone rotten.

Honestly ... better to take a mini lamp head full of competitors. Or wait until the budget for a used Tiny!
the belly12/08/2012

the belly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" one terror!!"

Orange Micro Terror
+ lamp transistor 20 watts rms


a volume, tone, gain!! is Roll!!!


then the clear saturation, there is a pallet of sounds for almost all styles.'s delta blues jazz up a led zep see a good gary moore with good sustain!!!
Problem given its size is believed to cool the apartment NONNNNN but it sounds strong! connected in a 1/12 the legend SLICED volume knob remains at least!! A dynamic and debauchery decibel! Spent a third of the volume.


as good transistor! lamps one pre-amp if not for the size of 3 eggs was kinder surprise SIZE!! lil but Costeau. no regrets al ORANGE treats these customers purchase is entered into for a matter c is good
el grator09/25/2012

el grator's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" LE LE without its price!"

Orange Micro Terror
Although the preamp tube is the power output (20W RMS) transistor month but believe her or did anything chemical or flat, it intends to effect its small 12AX7 as mentioned previously the head dwarf has when the same input, a headphone input and an output speaker.
as what it is not the size that makes the difference even with the baffle (ppc108) the sound quality is not quite to the contrary is


Nothing more simple, 3 buttons (volume, tone, gain) no manual but as mentioned before it does serve to nothing!
plug and play


Obviously it is in the orange (right?) Although it is possible to play "clean" to me the strength of this dwarf is living with gain in both rock blues sound is alive, warm connected with TV JA90 is really way to do it would really sound that I decided to try it on other cab but it pleases me already so I'm in no hurry to test other config


ca only 15 days so I use reliability point of view we'll talk in a few years (I hope) does not prevent that for the less fortunate among us here when even a very nice gift from orange.
of aillor even if you are wealthy do not hesitate, its small size, its price its weight, beautée (I know this is subjective) are arguments that hit sales

its the orange pocket, what more?!
Kurtis Koban09/17/2012

Kurtis Koban's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Value / price!"

Orange Micro Terror
Preamp lamp (one my god the cost to change! ^ ^) And power transistor

The big beast delivers 20 watts.

Simply put, as the head, volume, gain, shape, came one scratch, mp3 input, a headphone output and a cabinet.


I use a firm hand made 2X12 (a Recycling my old vox vt100) with either a gibson sg special, a junior epiphone les paul. I use with 3 pedals: an overdrive fulltone ocd, nano lpb1 a boost pedal and a boss tuning.

Is lit, heated and allowed to play. No need to look long and quickly found a sound that pleases.

I am very disappointed not to have against man XD (to say? Take a jack and plug your guitar into the planned entry? ...)


I play mostly Punk (either hardcore, punk-pop, punk-rock ...) and it suits me perfectly. With this head it takes me more cravings rock "old school" kind a little stray cats, chuck berry as well as AC / DC.

I've never been "crunch" distortion estsoit me it is clean but, I'm very happy to discover this universe. I did not find the combination or the ugly seems to me to participate in extreme shape of the course.

Otherwise in rehearsal, I put my head in clean and use my OCD to send the wood. Eg it is a sacrilege, but it works well. I find really nice clean, it leaves the guitar work and it suits me very well (I admit that I have a penchant for sounds a bit grimey.)


I use it now for 4 days, it is not huge but good for 120 € I do not quibble with a beast as of 1500.

I tried a lot of amps, vox vt, the ibanez tsa15, blackstar 20H, 60 blackstar soloist, Marshall JVM 205H, Roland Cube, Gigmeister Engl 15?, H & K TubeMeister 18, Tiny Terror, Dark Terror, Jim Root Signature , 15 nightrain Vox, Mesa mini rectify Mesa transatlantic 15, Egnater Rebel 30, ...

I was looking for an amp especially compact and not too heavy for small concerts and voila, I have exactly what I needed. So to answer the existential question of "is it enough to transplant without rehearsal," I would say a big YES! I repeated this with my head and 2X12 Sunday, nearly half volume and gain at least a quarter and everyone told me it was too hard. It is true that for the first time in my life I heard my soli Oo. The drummer is not a lumberjack, but it is still a punk, nuance is not his thing ...

More or less? Yes go here we go:

+:-Value / unbeatable price
-Weight (not even a Kg)
-Enough power for rehearsals and concerts cafe / small rooms (depending on the cabinet!)

-: I am looking for but I found nothing. I would point out that there are just breath quickly when I get the gain ... A cab. Orange 2x12 V30 equipped with no worries, not a hair breath on my 2x12 cabinet Recycling, it blows almost immediately, I do not head into question but my editing (and perhaps more specifically my welds - ")

In conclusion, all the people who have seen this amp is tested and want to get one. Frankly, if you do not play or distortion that you want to use a head like clean platform for pedals and rack that you do not play you make tinnitus répets 2 is the ideal amp for prices, low risk and a lot of fun so go for it!

manu75006's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" its the orange? yes but ..."

Orange Micro Terror
hybrid amp with a preamp lamp. power of 20 W RMS, connections: inlet baffle, guitar input and the input and headphone. negative point: the power supply cable is very short (a problem when you have a stack of 1.80 m and want to put the head on top)


three knobs and that's it. No manual in the box.


So we not buy an orange for its clear anyway.

The clean sound is just okay, fairly flat and in fact typical transistor.

Where things get serious, it's pushing the gain which results from crunches (fairly average) to the distortion typically orange.

For now just tested with a McCarthy PRS humbucker. It sounds to crunch and distortion.

Power level, it's hard to believe that with its size as it delivers! Plugged into a stack of Marschall AC 66-2X12 sending severe and it is even difficult cruncher at low volumes. From there to play with a group, should not exaggerate ...


bought three days ago. I had bought the bowl for 98 euros and two days later it rose to 119 euros in the same store ... curious ... victim of its success?! I do not know.

I have 6 heads and I was not orange and I found the tiny too expensive just for a few pieces because it's very typical Orange (was not the versatility of a fender, Egnater or Marschall).

We hear that he is a hybrid preamp gives the lamp a little heat but you can feel the good side this transistor.

Quality / good price to 98 euros (a euro 119, I'll be PAUT thought twice ...).

I think it's a nice head of Orange if you want and you have other head amp or next because its versatility (especially light) is average.