Orange Micro Terror
Orange Micro Terror

Micro Terror, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

Magix Fingers 06/23/2014

Orange Micro Terror : Magix Fingers's user review

«  Small but tough »

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The features are already described but I want to report something.
So here I am not very handy but by removing the 4 feet and the grid or the handle is obtained amp pedal format.
The lamp is always more or less protect say that it remains still correct and some gram casually and without dimension are really small especially height is gained.


So I removed for two reasons:
The first is that I needed amp it.s not necessarily powerful enough to repeat (it missed the drummer playing more quietly increasing l.intérêt of repeats because everyone listening and that's the goal) and so I put my g5 into cover blow saves space and enormous weight with my Gibson and hop repeated in an amp on site or baffle any worries.
And the other reason is that I have an amp for live and that the baffle pass on my nickel and headphone jack that prevents breakage of the head neighbor and used to taking live.


For the sound I'll be brief associated zoom G5 (which I find fantastic for me) the sound may well be warm with the lamp preamp amp and be for the rest of the transistor with the simulation brings the G5 zoom the sound is reflected in dynamic warm wishes
Frankly I'm happy and home or repeat it sends steak even just returning a guitar with just a thinned to put sound hovering I think it sounds
I for acute agreements there quite simply lower the throne of the guitar or the sound settings with a pedal or another just to know and tennis account.


After the tastes and colors everyone sees interest are person I'm happy
I'll let you see my video on youtube

All good music

Magix Fingers ;-)