Orange Micro Terror
Orange Micro Terror

Micro Terror, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

servant 11/26/2013

Orange Micro Terror : servant's user review

«  It tears »

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Value For Money : Excellent
- 1 tube preamp
- Power transistor
- 20 watt (sounding LOUD)
- Volume, tone, gain
- Connectors for connecting a speaker (4 ohm minimum)  
- AUX input and headphone output that can be used for practice  
- Food that now has a grounded outlet (which was not the case before)


No manual ....
3 buttons and adjusted to find the sound. This is the advantage of a single channel amp, no effects, no unnecessary circuits, one dial is adjusted and it works.
Small flat on the Tone knob which more office "contour". The only way to get a nice tone is to have the volume set to 12-1 o'clock. If it is set below this level the tone becomes hollow and shrill.<div>It is easy to get great tone but it takes time because it's all about the gain and volume.
The receiver also works well in conjunction with pedals so the&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 1em;">sonic possibilities are increased</span><span style="font-size: 1em;">.</span></div>


It should be quite what I'm doing, namely blues rock, british rock (Oasis, Rolling Stones etc)
It's simple, I rediscover my guitars.
On my Fender Strat U.S. 2004:
Clean it is clear and precise. The tone is round and clean, &nbsp;so pleasant to listen to.
-The crunch is to die for! Easily obtained a crunch style 60 '/ 70'. Bridge pickup, the crunch is accurate, every note sounds and the sound is also good slamming. You can easily send Hendrix or even Vaughan and sound like them.
-The distortion sends severely without being greasy or messy. Besides, I do not recommend too much for metal (except with a good pedal) because it is not his field. However, for rock tones, no worries. And pushing the gain over the distortion holds up. No sound you explode the eardrums slurry.

On my Jaguar MIJ 2008
A perfect clean! It is clear and sharp, a little more aggressive on the Strat
For crunch, ditto although I prefer the sound of the Strat.
Jaguar sends severely distortion and I get a pretty wild sound, a little punk rock in the spirit Nirvana.

I use it mainly for crunch (light / medium / delivered) and the sound is really amazing. Send a good blues in E / I / if has never been so amusing.


I use it for some time!

I tried a lot of models that Tiny Terror and rocker30. I have a lot of amps to me that a Marshall MG (tt my first amp) first series to its ultra synthetic. I also have a Peavey Bandit but too heavy, bulky and effects that do not like me.
There I was looking for a portable and not too expensive and easy thing I wanted an amp with a close to the Tiny Terror sound. So no, the Micro Terror has nothing to do with Orange over 700th but found this particular grain brand. It offers little opportunity unlike other Orange models with multiple effects, 2 channels, an effects loop etc. .. but the little he does he does it very well.

Note: I was also skeptical about the 20watt but after testing I should say amply for small scenes and rehearsals. In clean, the gain is minimum and the volume at max and it does not sound too hard (the best is to stick him a boost pedal to increase the dynamics of clean, something I do). But crunch and saturation, that is another thing ...
I could try it in the store on a PPC112 cabinet and I never put the knob beyond 2/3 for the crunch and saturation.
Home, apartment, I play with the volume and gain of 1 to 13h. For saturation (maximum gain), I am sometimes forced to reduce the volume slightly below 1 if it sounds too loud.

I tested again in a small room (12 square meters let's say) with its original speaker (PPC108). Our training was 2 guitars (my friend plays on May 1 watt lamps), low (connected to a transistor 40 watt) and a battery.
It's simple, bassist did not get and the drummer did not hear. The guitarist looked at max volume level and I could barely hear on pêchus pieces. All this having the gain and volume 12/13h 3. And as soon as I started in saturation, I had to drop a little amp volume from time to time so that we can hear each other.

I love the medium tone setting that offers few opportunities.

The value for money is excellent and I would do this choice without hesitation.