Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars
Left-Handed Guitars Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars
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Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars user reviews

  • Yamaha FG720SL

    Yamaha FG720SL - "First Guitar Last Guitar"


    I am older and wanted to learn how to play and my wife purchased it for Christmas. Being Left handed left me limited options and I did my homework and fell upon this particular model for a quality guitar. Now over a decade later it looks and plays a…

  • Samick D-5/LH

    Samick D-5/LH - "Impressive Acoustic for $100!"


    Crafted in Indonesia - American Design and Engineering by Greg Bennett S/N: SI30600581 Description from the Greg Bennett Guitar website: When you consider the various parts of the guitar, the top is clearly the most critical element. The top, …

Translated user reviews
  • Bee & Billy BB741 LH

    Bee & Billy BB741 LH - " Good scratch!"


    Guitar made in Korea that a few years now and rarely found mostly left-handed. UTILIZATION The handle is very nice, the guitar sounds good, ergonomics is that of a dreadnought with the granny big enough but it gives off a good sound! SOUNDS I…

  • Ibanez PF60SL

    Ibanez PF60SL - " Perfect all his!"


    The guitar is made in China. The bridge is made of wood with pegs inside Mahogany neck 21 frets No no micro adjustments UTILIZATION The handle is nice end like all folk in Ibanez The ergonomics are good set apart that we will not have acc…

  • Yamaha FG720SL

    Yamaha FG720SL - " Good guitar with excellent sound projection"


    * Which country was it made? Indonesia * How many frets? 20; join up with the cash from the 14th fret * What are the settings (volume, tone, micro switch ...)? No, because it is a sound pure and hard! * What type of neck? In palissancre …

  • Fender CD-100 LH

    Fender CD-100 LH - " reasonable choice"


    Chinese but well made the document gives a soft satin the sound is as clear as spruce even if n is the depth of cedar it is still a nice guitar has a nice price qq has tens of euros found near real guitar picks UTILIZATION slight handle mos…

  • Maurice Dupont ABJ100 12-String LH

    Maurice Dupont ABJ100 12-String LH - Psib's review


    Guitar factory in France table pica hardwood plywood crate and wood in the middle Saddle key bne rosewood handle ebony bridge UTILIZATION the handle is very pleasing as easy to play a six string the body is not too big this guitar is really …

  • Seagull S6 Original Left

    Seagull S6 Original Left - gege342's review


    Manufactures hand, countries with adults other than with a bowl of soup (those with "Made in China" will understand) MOTHERLAND in QUEBEC, CANADA. The finish is remarkable perceived, woods are not varnished, it seems to have the scratches out of a lu…

  • Guild GAD-50L

    Guild GAD-50L - Sebpoto's review


    GAD 50 L, left-handed version. Chinese guitar. A luthier believed that a c'tait Us .. Impeccable finish, beautiful, beautiful varnished polished table picea quite clear background, Indian Rosewood Sides: very good quality dark brown superb binding …

  • Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar Left

    Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar Left - Pat Vurden's review


    Guitar factory hand in Canada. 21 frets, piezo pre-amp and LR Baggs Quantum I. Red cedar table fishplates and bottom plating 3 layers of birch. Silver Saddle handle rosewood fingerboard and bridge. : Mechanical bath oil, nuts in Tusq (compens…