Left-Handed Guitars user reviews

  • Yamaha FG720SL

    Yamaha FG720SL - "First Guitar Last Guitar"


    I am older and wanted to learn how to play and my wife purchased it for Christmas. Being Left handed left me limited options and I did my homework and fell upon this particular model for a quality guitar. Now over a decade later it looks and plays a…

  • Samick D-5/LH

    Samick D-5/LH - "Impressive Acoustic for $100!"


    Crafted in Indonesia - American Design and Engineering by Greg Bennett S/N: SI30600581 Description from the Greg Bennett Guitar website: When you consider the various parts of the guitar, the top is clearly the most critical element. The top, …

  • Hufschmid Guitars H6 Lefty

    Hufschmid Guitars H6 Lefty - "Simply The Best Guitar Ever!" has images


    Hufschmid H6 Left Handed Tele style! -Salvaged Bastogne Walnut Top -Premium and 'Rift-Sawn' one piece Sapelli Mahogany neck -Premium and 'Rift-Sawn' one piece Sapelli Mahogany body -Indian Rosewood fingerboard, 25.5'' scale, 24 frets, 12'' radi…

  • Carvin DC727 LH

    Carvin DC727 LH - "One of the few reasonable lefty 7 strings"


    Carvin is a music equipment maker out of California that makes just about everything you need to put on the live gig. They are mostly known for their built to order semi-custom guitars. They have a line of guitars and you can pick out all the differe…

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio LH w/ Chrome Hardware

    Gibson Les Paul Studio LH w/ Chrome Hardware - "Only $200 more expensive than the righty model!"


    This is the left handed Gibson Les Paul Studio. The Studio is the workhorse of the Gibson line. Before the faded guitars and all that came out the studio was the budget model. Today even still its the cheapest Les Paul that still has all the features…

  • Jackson USA SL1L Soloist

    Jackson USA SL1L Soloist - "Ultimate shred guitar for leftys"


    Jackson is one of the few companies that put out all of their high end models in left handed as well as right handed. This is good because their high end models are great. This is the grandfather of all modern shred guitars. This guitar features the …

  • Jackson USA RR1L Randy Rhoads

    Jackson USA RR1L Randy Rhoads - "One of the few Left handed USA Jacksons"


    Just about every left handed USA Jackson you will see will be a Custom Shop order. They do not make many of these and the prices for them reflect that. Other than that these are just left handed versions of the guitars. The specs are pretty much iden…

  • Gibson SG Standard LH

    Gibson SG Standard LH - "Standard SG for lefties"


    I am a vocal critic of the lack of left handed guitars there are for sale. I am a primarily left handed player. Working on and selling guitars for so long I can get by on a right handed guitar now but all of my personal guitars are left handed. It is…

  • Fender Standard Telecaster LH [2009-2018]

    Fender Standard Telecaster LH [2009-2018] - "Another decent mid level guitar"


    The Fender Standard Tele is made in their Mexico plant to offer an alternative to the Fender American line, which is pricey for some people. This guitar has been in production for several years and many players use them as great country or rock guita…

  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard LH

    Epiphone Les Paul Standard LH - "Same As The "Wrong-Handed" Model"


    Please see my review for the other-handed Epiphone Les Paul Standard. UTILIZATION works just fine. SOUNDS Sounds very good. yada yada yada. OVERALL OPINION Just fine. As I said, see my review of the wrong-handed model- they are the same, ot…