Lâg Roxane RL3000
Lâg Roxane RL3000

Roxane RL3000, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Lâg in the Roxane Master France series.

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Jagad 10/14/2012

Lâg Roxane RL3000 : Jagad's user review

«  the Empress »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Lag Roxane 3000 Empire red guitar
Entirely manufactured in our beautiful pays.Accastillage Dorou then solid brass because it estINUSABLE! All pieces are metal, not like on Lespaul eg o microphones entourage plastoc which is not too srieux for a skyscraper over 2000 euros. tune o matic bridge revisit pa Lag.elle Possessed 22 frets, two volumes with push pull indpendants and a knob of tone and a 3-position switch with gout Mtal (and yes, of amrite 'prcis be!) I put 9 without probleme.la finish is fantastic, a work of art and I dis.Table you head into a beautiful maple pomelbr />


then this is the bottom lies: the handle though small and round, does not have this feeling that makes you is one with the instrument, nothing to do with my Ibanez RG550.de more it is a .for bit heavy going towards our dear acute, no probleme.outre handle this problem, the sound is superb, well dfini, clean (no draft for a penny) prcis a rgal


with this guitar, everything goes, rock, blues, jazz, punk, Mtal (but not extreme, but it does not matter because I do not play that style)
all sounds are possible thanks to the split and the versatilit pickups (DiMarzio Virtual bam in severe and acute in norton) I absolutely love all the sounds as they are exploitable


I use it for 2 years but I took some time to make the best has to get used to the bne key, this sound has lgerement acid and some slamming.
I own six guitars and this is my prfere, even if the Ibanez RG has a handle much agrable.bon report quality price, I do not regret not taking a paul for The same budget. I remake this choice, but I would ask MiMi
I moved a floyd thus q handle thinner