Lâg Roxane RL3000
Lâg Roxane RL3000

Roxane RL3000, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Lâg in the Roxane Master France series.

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Jagad 10/14/2012

Lâg Roxane RL3000 : Jagad's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
guitar Lag Roxane 3000 Empire red
Entirely made in our beautiful golden pays.Accastillage or so solid brass because it estINUSABLE! all parts are metal, not like the Lespaul for example, where the microphone is around plastoc which is not too serious a guitar over 2000 euros. tune o matic bridge revisited pa Lag.elle Possessed 22 frets, with two volumes and a push-pull knob independent of tone, and a 3-position switch with metal drop (and yes, it deserves to be said!) I put 9 without probleme.la finish is fantastic, a work of art I dis.Table head and a beautiful maple Pomele


then this is the bottom hurts: the handle while small and round, does not feel that this is being done with the instrument body, nothing to do with my ibanez RG550.de it is a little more heavy. expensive to go to our acute probleme.outre not handle this problem, the sound is superb, clear, clean (no draft for a penny) precise, a feast


with this guitar, everything goes, rock, blues, jazz, punk, metal (but not extreme, but it does not matter because I do not play that style)
all sounds are possible thanks to the versatility and splits microphones (DiMarzio virtual paf in severe acute in norton) I absolutely love all the sounds as they are all usable


I use it for 2 years but I took some time to make the most was getting used to the ebony, it's a slightly acid and slightly shut.
I own six guitars and this is my favorite, although the Ibanez RG has a handle agréable.bon much more value for money, I do not regret not having taken a Les Paul for the same budget. I remake this choice, but I would ask MiMi
me install a floyd thus q handle finer Overall rating: 8.5