Ibanez PF60SL
Ibanez PF60SL

PF60SL, Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar from Ibanez in the Performance series.

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Saucespaghetti 07/22/2007

Ibanez PF60SL : Saucespaghetti's user review


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I do not know at all what country she silent manufactured,
Poccde this guitar-22 fret but for that it does not pan Coupel ACCET aige is to trs dificil,
-Finished copy for this price range
-This guitar also has a built-in tuner very practical and efficient
Solid-table and varnished


I really had no trouble has used this guitar course I took a while for CC adaptation plays on a classic I do not regret the change, and the handle end and enjoyable and suitable for People who want to play agree or arpge


I t surprised by the enjoyable quality of sound that ibanez, made of heat and fullness, this guitar is made for any style of music, good "AC / DC" has the "tryo" in walks through the acoustic groups such as "3 doors down", the sound is agrbe whatsoever agree or solo panda!


JOperation this scratching for quite some time and I dj Council grateux this guitar with a fairly good level and on a tight budget. (I jou with my guitar amp through a micro rose regal and I certainly did not expect a Taylor 850 euro but this guitar is well worth the price (for a picture a little more DETAIL appointment aceti address: https://www.woodbrass.com/product_info.php?products_id=27031&af=35finition natural)