Epiphone Les Paul Standard LH
Epiphone Les Paul Standard LH

Les Paul Standard LH, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

MGR/no plot member c*** c***** 07/19/2004

Epiphone Les Paul Standard LH : MGR/no plot member c*** c*****'s user review

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I acquired this guitar through ebay for $350 in perfect new condition with its box from a nice person with quick shipping.

What I like about this guitar the most would be the thick flamed maple cherry sunburst that resembles tiger stripes!. It is absolutley stunning. Then would come the rhythm pickup - it is best used for blues or jazz as it is very bassy and awesome for palm muting!I will stick up for epiphone and say that the tuners stay in tune for a good week but I play every day and what guitarist doesn't play and tweak his tuners all the time anyway? The tuners work great.

What I dislike the most is the treble pickup.I own a Marshall 100MDFX and the treble pickup is barley audible,weak and with distortion it sounds very slightly overdriven.A replacement pickup should be taken into consideration when purchasing.The pickup switch broke quickly but the three dollars it takes to get a better one won't burn a hole in my pocket!I also dislike the high action. It isn't too high but it is just enough to make it uncomfortable to play.This can also be fixed cheaply.

The quality on the outside of mine was really sweet!I hear that this is inconsistent.The inside was ok and had wood shavings loose.Nothing big.Nice medium weight.Frets are even and neck is straight.Paint job quality was perfect!

This is definitley a great invesment and a good guitar for the money. They can be inconsistent so I suggest trying one out or purchasing from a place with a photo of the actual guitar itself instead of a stock photo.This is highly recommended as something to invest in.

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