Epiphone Les Paul Standard LH
Epiphone Les Paul Standard LH

Les Paul Standard LH, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

MGR/Osama Bin Ladin (i\'m still hiding!) 07/25/2004

Epiphone Les Paul Standard LH : MGR/Osama Bin Ladin (i\'m still hiding!)'s user review

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I got this puppy for Christmas for only $350...NEW!!!!! shhhh cant tell ya where! lets just say i have a connection! :)

ok down to buisness. i LOVE the flame maple top. the cherry sunburst really compliments the FMT. the pearl trapezoid inlays look cool. (actually theyre plastic. oh well they look the same) i like the 1-ply creme binding and accents. ONE BIG THING! i'm the type of guitarist who absolutely HATES, LOATHES, DISPISES whatever you wanna call it....Floyd Rose trems! UGH! i've tried 'em before and theyre such a hassle to restring with the locking nut and all that garbage. So the LP's stoptail works great for me!

ok i hate the tuning keys! i replaced those IMMEADIATLY with so grovers. next, both pickups SUCK. i replaced the bridge with a Gibson Dirty Fingers and the neck w/ a Seymour Duncan '59. man! what a killer combo! next the pickguard had to go. it looked trashy and made it look "epiphonish". i dont know why, but i once i took it off it looks alot like the Gibson Strd. Plus you get to see more of the beautiful flame top. also, the pickup selector switch makes a echo when you switch from bridge to neck p-ups. its like the noise reverberates in the cavity? i dont know but i put in a whole new Gibson selector and...wow! no more echos! then the input jack cover (the little plastic sqaure around the jack) broke so i put on a Metal one so it wont break now. and the final touch, i put in two puch-pull volume pots so i can split the coils (the p'ups have to be 4-conductor...be shure to specify it for the seymour b/c the norm. '59 is 2 cond. the Gibson always is 4-cond) and get the Strat-like tone w/o the crappy strat. also its a little heavy but what do you expect with a mahagony gtr?!?!?

the quality is great, aside from what i just listed under "dislikes" its a great bang for the buck. once you get everything done that i did to mine, im shure it will be almost as a good if not better than a gibson (considering the price $$$). lol.

If you want Les Paul tone....DONT BUY THIS GUITAR! If you want Les Paul qauality, looks, and wont mind forking over some extra cash, than this guitar is for YOU! In all my guitar is worth about $900. If you arent crazy bout Pauls but are considering this gtr i wounldnt reccomend this to you. go buy some fancy Jackson or Fender! However if you DO get this guitar and after its properly upgraded, than yes, this guitar is the bomb!

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