Boss RC-300 Loop Station
Boss RC-300 Loop Station

RC-300 Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

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Willoo7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super!"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
See other comments. I just added a few details.


Very intuitive!
No possibility to assign Rhythm On / Off.
The red façade not easy to read what is written there when there is too much light.
I would have preferred a wider wheel (like the Boss GT-8) for more ergonomic.
Very convenient to work alone but discouraged live or group.


The effects are not great but if you buy a loop station, it is not for its effects.
So the looper is perfect!
The recordings are of good quality WAV format.


Very good looper but still remains expensive.

tamfranc1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" almost perfect looper"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
This is primarily a looper. effects are somewhat anecdotal I do not use it. the connection is very rich instrument input and mic. only downside we can not route input (select the input instrument to track the microphone on another one. we can cheat by using the stereo as two mono channels


this device is perfect in its design we understand everything very quickly and yet there is a wealth of opportunity


the sound is very good I did not notice any loss (with an acoustic or amplified with Electric lamps.


two weeks. I also have a ditto very minimal but I tried a digitech jaman the real crap
what I love most practically all
least the impossibility of routing entries

moi81's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Very Helpful"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
General information on the manufacturer's page:

In short:

Loop Station 3 tracks + multi-effects with expression pedal.
Each track is assigned two footswitch PLAY / REC / DUB STOP. And a volume fader and an EDIT button to track parameters.
A RHYTHM part with a volume knob, with a TAP TEMPO LED, ON / OFF and EDIT
The "multi-purpose" includes five sections: TRANSPOSE, MODULATION, VOICE, GT / BASS OTHERS. It contains a transposition effect - / +12 semitones, flanger, phaser, pan, tremolo, slicer, bend, chorus, Robot Voice, Male, Female, Guitar> Bass, Filter, Delay, Lo-Fi, Distortion.
All, or nearly all, are configurable (volume, rate, drive, etc. ... no EQ though).
A knob allows for infinite rotation to navigation button and the "<" and ">".
SYSTEM is used to set general parameters: Screen contrast and asignation all controllers of the pedal.
MEMORY EDIT to the parameter memory (all three tracks): Renowned memories, their volume, tempo, fade in / out, reverb, assignment of external controllers.
Three knob for INPUT VOLUME, AUX (auxiliary mini-jack), INST (input jacks) MIC (XLR input).
The FX LOOP switch to turn off the effects, and the expression pedal to modulate.

The connectors are:
DC IN (supplied AC) POWER, USB (cable not included), MIDI IN / THRU / OUT, 2 inputs for external pedal control, headphone jack, mono outputs / Stereo Aux / mono / stereo / XLR


Considering all the options available, it should sincerely consider the manual and tweak some settings to all comprendres use. It&#39;ll be two years that I have and there are still some function that I&#39;m not going to change (eg assignment.).
The manual is fairly comprehensive and understandable.
Once taken in hand, it is very intuitive, all rules in 2sec. You do not spend 10 minutes on stage to adjust knowing that all your settings are recordable.
Very flexible pedal, it folds almost all your requirements.
I also use the pedal as a recorder, I write my songs on paper records each part of the RC-300. Then the extract on my computer via a USB cable (not supplied) A male / B male. Between all in a DAW or digital sequence. This allows me to have no external sound card, a treaty audio WAV rather good.


The effects are not those that may have to find real pedal. They are there to give a general idea of ​​a sound you could get with a real config.
Some are very clean and the other less (Various distortion. Still very digital).
Simulation at low tendency to get quite often, but enough to make the bass line with a guitar to work. Following in his final is a bit too rough.
Either way, this is a pedal loops and no multi-effects. For sound reproduction, it is perfect, even when it slows time aliasing remains low (with reasonable deviations, if you move from one record to 200bpm to 60bpm reading it necessarily has a sound too "digital "However, the pedal tells you to" TOO SLOW "or" TOO FAST ".
The effects are assignable multi point INPUT TRACK 1/2/3 MAINOUT TRACKS, MAINOUT TR & RHY, MAINOUT TOTAL. Warning malgrès the great number available. effects, we do not make chain effect, one is usable. We can still superimposed tracks with different effects when applied input.
For drum rhythms recorded is very complete: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8 / 8, 9/8, 10/8, 11/8, 12/8, 13/8, 14/8, 15/8 with different style in another Simple Beat, Rock, Downbeat, Funk, Groove, Bossa, Samba, Swing, Pop, Fusion, hit hat, Congas, Latin Rock, Shuffle (1/2, 16th), 909 Beat (electro), R & B, Claves ...
For me, some critical to come to this section:
The style statements are not all available. on all metrics with some glaring oversight (no swing 3/4!). And for me, the biggest oversight, a METRONOME. A simple click is not configurable for refusal. For common measures is not too annoying, but asymmetric measures are divisible x ways and we must "settle" predefined divisions.
However, with a USB cable (A Male / B Male not included) can be inserted in the audio track of the pedal and then make your own rhythm patterns on a computer. They will not affect on the other hand by changes in tempi of the pedal.


I use this pedal for 2 years now, I am more than satisfied. It allows me to bosser almost all of my pieces (you have to work to change the metric on its own or with an imported audio track). Some forgotten though. The pedal is sometimes updated, for now, only one update to my knowledge that corrected a bug on some pedal ("TOO BUSY" / "MEMORY FULL" while this is not the case). For now the updates will not insert functionality or other and I do not think that pre-occupies the BOSS team.

This is the only model that I actually tried. I hit quickly make the RC-30 but I found it a bit limited. I&#39;m not really interested in the model of other brands.

The +:
-Storage Capacity
-Various metrics available. in various style
-Reliable and Solid (BOSS what)

The -:
The price-
-The size (do not think the carry in a backpack)
Non-cumulative effects
-Unable to change memory during playback
No-click / metronome

The quality / price ratio ... pedal is expensive but does a very good job and seems inexhaustible. This is a good investiment when we have the means. It allows a thorough working quietly at home (recording grids, compos ...).

I never use it on stage, except for the launch some pre-recorded samples. I feel used primarily to work the guitar and recording little demo. I play mostly Jazz, and suddenly some oversights (like the abscence of swing 3/4) strikes me a little but it&#39;s quibbling.

I certainly do this choice.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For fans of football recording"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
This looper with its effects is also a sound card. What could be better?

Exchange done by correspondence Rc 30 RC 300 on an online store.


Yes it is simple, not 36 submenus. I have not found the record-overdub-fading very intuitive.
No complaints about the manual. I am surprised that Boss does not advance as a selling point the sound of the looper function card.


The sound is good no buzzing or crackling other. While this is good material there is one thing that I liked - the reverse function to edit a track. Very effective!


Well I hang it. Yet it is more effective than the first I had pedal.
A display pattern / bpm would have been welcome. I will not repeat that choice. I have done better to take a midi controller for Live. This type of material is not for me.

etcetera's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" stunning!"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
This is looper three separate tracks.
They can synchronize (each loop has the same duration) or not. Very handy!
It's high quality digital.
there are plenty of connectors. Can connect a microphone (phantom power supply included), guitar / bass mono or stereo instrument.
there is also a large part in noon I do not use. I read ds negative opinion on it, but I do not feel capable of judging.


It is very easy to use, and the factory settings make the device usable immediately without reading the manual.
on the other hand, to access certain features (disabling automatic synchronization of tracks, editing effects, assigning pedals), it is better to have the manual handy. Example: How to adjust the reverb on the main output?? or how to use the expression pedal as a volume pedal ... Ben should read the manual! Pdf version, the search is faster!
The drum machine is very good. there are a lot of different styles (mostly rock), and the tempo is easily adjusted.
The effects ... it is a different story. there are plenty of settings and many effects.
Mostly in the guitar (in my opinion) and one for voice.
Personally, I'm not a fan of these effects there. Except one called "lo-fi", which is nice. The rest ...


This is a looper, which offers more effects. This is not a multi effects pedal. It does not have to buy it for that.
The looper is excellent. We can overlay as many "overdub" that you want.
I do not know the maximum length of the tracks, but there is a lot of room.

Sometimes I load backtracks through the usb cable (with only bass / drums) to play along.


I use very often, and I've made great progress on the guitar with this machine.
Not easy to listen to, not to compete with the pros like Dubfx easy ...
But hey, when you're playing alone, you can really come up with something!

I therefore recommend that purchase
Seed Barrette02/11/2013

Seed Barrette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" of the ball"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
Specifications: roland website or even here.
Solid construction, feels sturdy ca, a good pedal with beautiful red metal have to hold well over time. I have a friend who is 50 and rc lagging live for years and never had any problems with ....


General Config super simple doc in French and on paper. doc clear and understandable, this is my first looper and it took me ten years to not understand how the rc market.


Sound Quality: flawless in direct, not a breath. If you are using a microphone, it depends on your microphone, I have a project studio in B1 I use to record voice, percussion and additional jack for my guitar and it is nickel. Here again no breath unless I mix badly .....
Effects, I do not serve the masses, apart from a bit of a delay time of others, it must be said that I used only for boeuffer alone and I play more synths and percussion that guitar and I love acoustic guitars without too many effects ... so I can not really prnoncer but it seems they are pretty good ..


Use since July 2012.
What I love most: this is a great tool and a very good teacher because you really be square for ca runs well especially if like me you do a lot of overdubbing. it's great for boeufer or compose tunes and \ or arrangements.
Least: impossible remix after stroke so it must adjust its input levels before each shot especially if like me you play several instruments. For my part, as already said above I return my synth, my grat, my percussion, and my voice as I use the same mic for everything (except the synth of course) it is sometimes a bit of a chore and the Wavedrum particularly due to the problem of the output level of the WD ... but hey it's a hand to take and for those who want to live with they better prepare their set at both the accuracy as the level of the recording.
The report quality price seems quite suitable.
I remake that choice without hesitation, this one is a member of the first things I should have bought and say it's been almost 20 years since I make music and I have bought that last year ... (good discharge to my output is not so long :))

pilp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" True happiness / A racing car"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
Yes, it is a true racing machine! 9/10
I detail a bit:
Looper with three separate tracks each with double pedal (Play / Rec) and (Stop). Mechanical air "beefy". But I'll tell you more to use.
99 Memories each storing the 3 tracks that are editable (via USB port), and configurable independently.
BAR very interesting, a lot of presets.
A multi effects I've flown so far (transpose, modulation, voice, guitar, and others) that runs (on / off) with Loop Pedal / FX and manages one expression pedal. Itself is fully customizable.
All pedal start / stop
1 Input Jack Instrument
Vocal Mic 1 input XLR phantom power 48V
1 admission to
Each of these inputs has an independent volume knob, and each track can independently adjust the recording level and playback! I will stop here because the list of possibilities is incredibly long, it will refer to the manufacturer doc.


Ultra intuitive for basic operation. One branch and off you go.
If, of course, we want to master each function, and there are hundreds of them, it must take a lot of time.
The manual is very well done, RAS. Understand the logic of setting parameters.
But write using one knob and two left and right arrows to select one character from another 200 is not the most convenient way to communicate with a machine in our time. This is probably the thing that will improve thereafter.
I can already imagine a software dedicated to change each parameter of the RC300 from a PC via the USB port. For now the usb connection allows editing of 99 memories and copy paste files wav. That's not bad
Regarding the use of pedals I find this perfect looper.


I use the looper with:
Input: a classical guitar or folk preamp and microphone sm 58 safe electrodynamics. I have not yet used with a studio mic (I have a pro Berhinger B2) to see the quality of phantom power.
Output: Roland AC60 amp or BA 330.
I am satisfied with the quality sound (clean)
but I'm not a fan of effects in general so my opinion on their quality in the RC300 is not relevant. I consider gadgets.

Each track "resists" to overdub successive.
Of the BAR RC300 seems to me correct to use that I did. Not a real drummer, but 1000 times better than a metronome!


I use the RC 300 a month. I am a fan. I broke it in the first minute, and my interest continues unabated after 1 month of use fierce.
Having bought the beast OCCAZ for 350 euros, I find extraordinary value for money. I understand that setting could offend some tracks Musicos (see + above), it would be in my eyes the only downside to this day.
So I highly recommend.

Nyveak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excelent and versatile"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
See the feature on the site boss but I quickly list what seems useful:

-Input Stereo / Mono
Input-Aux (mp3, Pc and everything that is connected with a Jack 3.5)
-Output Stereo / Mono
Headphone-Output (Jack 6.3)
Usb Port
But, NOT memory card



Grip (and foot!) Impeccable French manual very simple and clear (be careful to check that there is in French with the manual).

Use: only for guitar, recording songs and covers of morceaux.Les three independent tracks are easy

Recording and overdub endlessly and a pedal stop, which supported many times will the pace of the drum machine.

Scrolling menus, settings and task is simple with the dial and arrows. Each button one or two uses simple are indicated.



Excellent audio quality, some effects but without interest if it already has its own pedals.




-Getting Started.
Once lit it is possible to get some things without even reading the manual, even if this kind of pedal is not too much for beginners it is very accessible and easy to use. But reading the manual is not REQUIRED to be trapped and hair pulling. (With synchronizations track and drum machine when you wish to record a long solo on a short chaining agreements, for example)

-Capacity Memory (9h)
But no memory card usb output for any transfer to a computer, USB cable not provided

Box-paced varied.

With three "track" simultaneously (such as having three loopers at the same time ultimately) the creative possibilities are rather huge.

Drop a bag (shoulder strap that loose at the wrong time) on concrete, stumble and catch leaping above (pedal has not suffered, it was not the case for everyone, so do not leave your jacks). Short despite me she was put to the test, its hull metal proven!

-Sound Quality.
Rendering impeccable 100w amp, headphone and Pc (mp3 tracks). Be careful though when changes tempo after recording audio modulation appears from + / - 20bpm.

Some effects-not too too bad, but this remains a looper pedal, I prefer to pair my effects pedals.


-The price a little prohibitive, but the quality is (largely) the appointment.

-Each sample (a sample is the number given to a group of three tracks) is independent, it is impossible to go from one to the other without interruption. Annoying when there is a change of tempo on the same piece that must be recorded over three tracks.

-Time work during backups on all if the memory starts to be full. (This is a few scares when the pedal "work" for more than a minute to save your last song ...)

I-quibble, but when you record a loop just over a minute fast forward a little would have been very convenient to rework it.

Lololiwood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good product"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
3 stereo tracks with dub on each function
Full modulation effects, phaser, flanger, more distortion, bass simulator, voice effects ...
Input output connections simple and comprehensive
Midi, USB, Line


Very easy to use, manual is well
Easy access to assignable effects to each track
Impeccable sound reproduction
For my part not to use twelve o'clock


Use in home studio
Guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals and anything that comes to hand


I aii few hours of use only ... but the practice is very easy
Biensur and above can go into detail as easily
The menus are clear and effective
So far I'm not disappointed with my purchase, just a small mixer will still help me use spin

Makos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The second version is correct!"

Boss RC-300 Loop Station
Well, I will not describe here all the characteristic of the beast. The previous opinions and do brand site is exhaustive.
Just know that everything must have a looper is on the RC-300.


This is where everything becomes clear!
I owned a one-time RC-50 ... poor me. I spent my nerves so will last in terms of ergonomics was a fiasco. The principle was nevertheless friendly. Go further in using this type of machine with the "loopers" single loop. I sold the vehicle quickly pulled over and got the little brother RC-20, simpler, more efficient ... and then the RC-300 was released. Completely revised copy. The near flawless this time it Roland. Ergonomics, accessibility, clarity of functions. Foot!
They were even put a small multi-effect in the craft. Without firing a shot in the foot, of course, it will not merge a GT with a RC ... Yet it would be the perfect looper, if it existed ... But do not complain. The RC-300 is well made, well thought out, effective ... usable, finally.


Sampling at 44.1 khz 24 bit ... What comes in comes with a dynamic respected. Nothing more to say on the subject ...


2012 ... it took until 2012 to see get a looper loops mutli-worth the name. The only ones who almost succeeded in their products like these are the engineers at Electro-Harmonix with the 2880. They remained unrivaled until now, because this is not the RC-50 that could be harmful to their product. The card game is redistributed, the assets are in the hands of Boss / Roland. The RC-300 dominates the unequivocally (I know the products EHX). The second version is so good!