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Boss Loopers user reviews

  • Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

    Boss RC-20XL Loop Station - "Fun for solo instrument loops and ideas"


    The RC-20XL is a looping effect system. It only offers the capability of looping phrases/samples, no other effects are on board. This unit cannot be edited through a computer. It uses digital flash memory technology to store your samples and loops…

  • Boss DSD-3 Digital Sampler/Delay

    Boss DSD-3 Digital Sampler/Delay - "Nice looper delay"


    This pedal is the exact same pedal as the Boss DSD-2. The only thin that has changed in the number two is now three. What had happened back then was the price of the components of the circuitry chips lowered. Amazing because everything today increase…

  • Boss DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay

    Boss DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay - iamqman's review


    This is one of the first mutli looper delay pedals from Boss. This pedal would allow you to record multiple samples and play over them with the delay function. this pedal was made only for one year and though they did make a lot of them they just did…

  • Boss RC-2 Loop Station

    Boss RC-2 Loop Station - "Pretty good for what it is"


    - 16 minutes of storage - 11 storable loop tracks - Sample drum tracks - Auxiliary input - Overdubbing - External control pedal input - Tap tempo - UTILIZATION Lets face it, this isn't the easiest pedal to operate. You need t…

  • Boss RC-2 Loop Station

    Boss RC-2 Loop Station - moosers's review


    The Boss RC-2 Loop Station is a compact looping pedal that can be used with any electric instrument. I've only used it with electric guitar, so this review will be focused upon this application. The pedal is pretty standard in it's characteristics …

  • Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

    Boss RC-20XL Loop Station - moosers's review


    The Boss RC-20XL Loop Station is the ultimate device for looping and sampling.  I've only got experience with the pedal in tandem with an electric guitar, but this can definitely be mixed and matched and used with other electronic instruments and eve…

  • Boss RC-50 Loop Station

    Boss RC-50 Loop Station - songboy's review


    This is a sampler/looper with three seperate looping channels. It is completely digital. There is a lot of editing options for this thing (i.e. individual phrase volume, tempo, reverse options, etc.) and you can hook it up to a computer, but you on…

  • Boss RC-2 Loop Station

    Boss RC-2 Loop Station - "Boss Loop Station"


    I bought this at a clearance sale for Alans Music in Adelaide, Australia for only $600 - thats about 33% off. It is pricey after this discount but I would be skeptical over paying more for it. There is not a lot to offer other than the great 5.30 mi…

Translated user reviews
  • Boss RC-300 Loop Station

    Boss RC-300 Loop Station - " Super!"


    See other comments. I just added a few details. UTILIZATION Very intuitive! No possibility to assign Rhythm On / Off. The red façade not easy to read what is written there when there is too much light. I would have preferred a wider wheel (…

  • Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

    Boss RC-20XL Loop Station - " not bad"


    I use it just for fashion loops which is really good and easy to use UTILIZATION ode to the job is not easy to understand large concern SOUND QUALITY since I have a chain effect already, I never took the time to test these small effects ... n…