Cort Z42
Cort Z42

Z42, LP-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Zenox series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 10 reviews )
 6 reviews60 %
 3 reviews30 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Maxishadow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well to start"

Cort Z42
Comes from Indonesia

22 boxes and two humbuscker splitables an easel and tune-o-matic

You end up with a good violin and microphone does not prevent accurate lutherie express themselves.

Only flaw is the handle of lutherie that tends to shift a bit like "banana", complicating the game a little, but with a straightening sleeve, voila, the operation was not to repeat for me.


The maple handle is convenient to slide, comfortable to hold

The guitar is frankly a bit heavy.

The highs are good, but hard to play in boxes 19-20 ... better not to have too big fingers

This guitar remains simple to play, and great for the beginner level as confirmed


Personally, I'm more rocker / metalhead so I use the distortion pretty powerful, even if I use other distortions and crunchy.

Garde guitar sound with a modular digital amp (Line6 Spider II brand)

Generally, I ride a lot in acute severe but still comfortable (in sound, eh ...)


I use this guitar for a year, she did not absolutely disappointed that I have not played many other guitars.

This guitar is distinguished by a very good price / quality ratio and an ergonomic design and a very nice for the price and the quality.

This is a guitar that I would recommend to anyone to begin or continue learning even thinking even if it is not a scratch to the professional level.

milenko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Good entry level guitar, quality / price!"

Cort Z42
Manufacturing: Made in Indonesia

Bridge: Fixed Tune-type O-Matic tailpiece through
Mechanical: bath oils generic

- Maple, Bolt
- Profile C
- Radius 12 "305mm
- Pitch 24.75 "629mm

Frets: 22 medium frets

Body: mahogany table photoflamme

Micros home: 2 humbuckers Powersound PSLPN neck / bridge PSLPB
Microphones mounted on mine: GFS LoudMouth neck / bridge PowerRail

- 2 volumes
- 1 tone with push-pull splitter for dual microphones
- A toggle switch 3 positions


The handle is comfortable, easy to learn by any guitarist. It follows the great standards of the Asian time (C handle, radius 12 ", rather thin, and wide enough).

The ergonomics are good:
- The many bevels (stomach cutting, cut to the arm) allow the Les Paul-like to be particularly comfortable
- Body-neck junction is well contoured, allowing good access to acute
- But the guitar is quite heavy
- And tends to pitch down

Maintenance is easy:
- Heavy-duty polyurethane varnish: a sponge, and no more about it
- Through-strings involving a change of strings easier, and better resonance

The guitar also sounds pretty good vacuum, and we manage to get many good sounds with the original pickups.


At the time I started, I played the Black Desire, a lot of Nirvana, Sweet Dreams of Mr. Manson, a little Led Zeppelin and the Offspring ... and Zenox Cort Z-42 responded quite well to my "needs".

The guitar, with its rather heavy mahogany body, sounds quite round, warm without being dark. The possibility of splittage can "clarify" this a bit, without reaching the level of a Stratocaster Asian entry.

The original pickups are correct in almost everything, but of any sound (hence my 6 / 10): a lack of fishing, and did not seem to be cut for large saturations (they defend themselves cons by quite well in clean and big crunch).
After a change in GFS pickups (bridge PowerRail Loudmouth + neck), it has totally changed personality, and has grown in character (I would put him 8 / 10 after upgrade).

Thanks to its microphones and its knobs and split very effective, it is a versatile guitar, with which we move easily from jazz records, a good registry rock.

I used it first connected directly to the soundcard of my laptop (yes, I was broke) and a Vox AD60VT Valvetronix very good (my first real amp).
I had no effect, except those of the Vox AD60VT.

I liked the sounds with the microphones of origin:
- The round and deep cleans
- The energetic crunches

With GFS Loudmouth neck / bridge PowerRail:
- Large distos pastes artificial harmonics PowerRail
- The solo flute with the Loudmouth
- The deep cleans and warm
- Cleans the split in fenderiens

The ones I liked least with the microphones of origin:
- Large distos, which sounded a bit garish, drafts, feeble
- The splittage who did not provide enough sound differences, except for a lower volume

With GFS, there was no sound that I hated: it was really good microphones.


I had this guitar for about a year and a half from January 2007 to September 2008.
Since I had other guitars: Teisco Spectrocaster, Fender American Standard Telecaster, Ibanez 540PII, Vigier Excalibur Indus.
And I've tried many others: Cort M200, Z-42, X-5, X-6, Ibanez SA120, RG321, Lag Rockline Metal Master, LTD F-50, EC-1000, Peavey Raptor, Yamaha AES620 , Pacifica 112J ...

I made my debut with her, I learned the basics of the settings / tunings / small violin with her. I do not regret it, but I have an affectionate thought when I think (a bit like a former youth with whom they remained on good terms).
It's a very nice guitar to play, and the fact that pitches down was not a problem for me.

Its price (new € 209, € 160 opportunities for me), makes it particularly attractive for any beginner who does not yet know whether to continue or not. And if it continues, this guitar is well suited to the various upgrades you can imagine, provided that he did not buy too expensive (no more than € 200).

- Violin correct
- String through-
- Well-designed guitar
- Splittage of microphones push-pull (very rare in this price range)
- Look pretty futuristic aesthetic friendly (people often find the photoflamme pretty ^ ^)

The -:
- Original pickups slightly weak, and without personality
- Tendency to pitch down when playing standing (it can interfere with some)
- Fairly heavy guitar sitting in play
- Maple neck bolted to a Les Paul-like (it's just to quibble, since all my guitars have screwed up their sleeve)

To conclude: like most current Cort, recommended for those who do not want to invest too much, and looking for unbeatable value for money ... and also others.

If it again, I will be restarted if the guitar?
- To € 160 fdpin, I'd be willing to redo my debut with it
- € 200 in the area, there are guitars used a little more interesting ... but you have to choose them (experience required)

ricosolo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Uh .."

Cort Z42

I just received my new Cort Z42 zenox Order cheap w *** b ****

Default of fabriquation at the jack of the guitar is missing a screw which is a bad sign .. I'm gonna see tomorrow morning with the sav but not throwing the delivery and therefore has no check in time. When a guitar any default in general is that it was a showcase or is not so new that ca ...

I do not know if it is frequent but if tomorrow they intend to send me a screw Cava shit serious.


To see.


To see.


Be little
arsenik symphony11/26/2010

arsenik symphony's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Z42
Indonesia has
22 frets and two humbuckers splitables
2 volumes + 1 tone 1push-pull (splits mics)
maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and mahogany body.
8 very good and fairly good mic Luthra
level value for money c to kil the best


I find that the handle has corespond my game perfectly well that anything other than the Maple'll have not been to refuse the price May be too much anyway !
the shape is very comfortable with who his champfrein of it a very unique look and Recognition in and his weight is corect acute CCAA may say nothing kan the saturation increases its drool a bit and we very quickly put out Lampl fai!


Perfectly fits my style of music has a sound avc ki just go to the crystalline rounder with a line 6 spider III 75 and a Line 6 pedalboard express c perfect
I prefert all of the same sound a little more blues with this guitar!


Jai try a lot of models in this price range notament an ibanez point of view and frankly I prefer qualiter much this one! I love

blackhorse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Z42

I possde diffrent a version with a new head and a bevel least exagrbr /> as the photo Audiofanzine, the label of APRS Control is the 2008 version!
The body looks more like a PRS that a Lespaul! good ergonomics.
Dj t everything said about the description of the bte.


Channel trs enjoyable satin on the back which allows a good glide finish
fret not right that rap hands for once!
Rglage home almost flawless which is rare.
Access in acute trs correct.
Trs good ergonomics.
Beautiful sound empty, almost too powerful microphones trs on some effects!
The body is beautiful with the red translucent.
Only BMOL, the plate of the truss road is badly screwed and walk, same for
jack this is easily rparable and not affect the sound ...


As dj buzzer empty trs cool, very thunder
on a guitar of this price!
Split pickups and practice for optimizing
the two humbuckers.
Micros good but not exceptional either, but for the price
is not expected to find high-end microphones either!

APRS change the original pickups with Gibson 500T in bridge
and 490R in the neck is best dj!
Handle both stocky, yet you get the sound with Gibson
this change in pickups, it is better to know before buying!


In short trs beautiful guitar over some more in this price range
trs round pleasant, good sound empty, many sound possibilities
with the split pickups, Mahogany body, not too heavy, although RULES
of origin, comparing a Harley Benton Squier and Russia is the most
three ...

For 205 euros it's the only offer a mahogany body and two humbuckers splitables
ultimately a good choice in the trs CATEGORY first prize with a finish that borders
perfection dtails few prs! Congratulations Cort, I do not regret this purchase.
Too bad the race is not in Mahogany ...

Alexielle51's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Z42
- Made in Indonesia
- Mahogany body
- Saddle sleeve visbr /> - rosewood fingerboard
- 2 humbuckers PSLPB
- TonePros bridge with strings through body
- 22 large frets
- 2-button tone / volume
- A button that is raised to activate the micro splittages


The neck is thin and perfect for fast play, access to acute fluid is rather good and can be quickly and easily move or speak, but the last frets are a bit hard to access.
The guitar is not too heavy but the finish is perfect! body and handle very well the husband and the resonance is perfect. A vacuum without an amp it produces very nice sound that I just caught a friend of mine (posseseur a Gibson SG 74) was dazzled by the sound it produisser.
The guitar is designed for the comfort and play, the form keeps the arm rest is pretty futuristic design is what made me buy this guitar has a RAPORT ltd ec-50.


This guitar is well suited to my style heavy rock blues! The sound is very versatile! For a guitar of this price I did not expect such a result!
I play with a marshall MG 100 DFX series facillement and can find the sound you're looking to! the knob of the guitar are useful to change the sound especially the 3rd button that has a double possitive for indeed we can push or lift it advantageous to adjust the level (0 to 10).
Sounds good fat metal sound rather well, and the solo is really very nice it's really a pleasure to listen as the play!


I have this from scratch prs two years and I'm happy. I paid 250 new.
The design and truly revolutionary because it gives a great guitar class (version tbk) transluside the varnish is fun because, according to comments the light is oriented one can see the woods or behind the guitar takes on a blue violet.
Before choosing this guitar I just try all the LES PAUL guitar shape that does not cost too much and that the things I finnalement!
It sounds great and you can really have fun with splittages micro ^ ^
The report is rather qualitprix Remarc I think if I had to go back I would do the same choice!
It's been two years that I have and I keep a little ^ ^

deltaprime's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Z42
This guitar has indonsie (like most cort)
It possde 22 boxes and 2 humbuckers Powersound (made in cort) splitables
a Tune-o-matic
2 volumes and 1 Tone + 1push-pull splitter to the microphones
handle stocky, affects plaissandre and mahogany body.
7 because I put a super good violin but microphones means
In this price range I have found no better at wood, for against the lctronique is a little small but it is a good guitar 250


Channel really nice except that the wood stain to use force (the problem is probably the acid of perspiration)
trs chamfers are comfortable and gives a great look!
ergonomics nice but it looks a bit to the head and is a bit heavy (too similar to my shape strat wahburn n2)
Access in an acute nickel, nothing to say
8 for the weight and balance


I play heavy metal and blues electric. as well it should trs mtal and despite her hard a bit messy with a large distortion.
I play an ibanez TB25R and Pignose G40V, fundamentally changes the amp sound, do not sound "delamortquitue" with low-end stuff, totu her to say that it sounds rather average on the ibanez but Pignose the ds that the branch becomes the bcp better, especially at overdrive
the sound is nice trs, trs typ hard distortion in the bridge pickup and one gets a clear round with trs the neck pickup.
The crunch is nice turning down the volume of the guitar
Micro are a bit feeble for my taste (not enough prcis)
7 for the sound a bit messy in disto


I use it for 1 year
I love its look and usability
an almost unbeatable price quality ratio, I got it for 250 and it's worth (largely)
I would do without this choice hsiter with this same budget for the new.
Le Meka04/17/2007

Le Meka's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Z42
- Guitars made in Asia, quite beautiful (mahogany).

- 22 frets, two humbuckers Cort "Powersound" spittables.

- Tune-o-matic with strings through body.

- 2 volumes, 1 tone, 3-position selector.

- Handle end maple, very nice.

All this has already been said, but since I'm asked ... and then it kills the time to write.


- The handle is very nice as fine and fast, it's also one of the highlights of this skyscraper. The frets do not exceed too much, the Nut plastic replaced by a bone (if it sounds like an ironing board, like any other scratch using these estuaries), however, is less well (I mean at that price there, I'm really a shit disturber!).

- Access to treble is good enough, it's not an Ibanez or BC Rich, but no need to blow up a hand to play a solo in the treble.

- The shape of the guitar, though not very original, is quite nice (I love Les Paul), but the arm rest "ergonomic" is totally unnecessary and rather ugly. It is rather heavy, but much less than a Gibson (3.3 pounds or less).

- In two to three turns of knobs / pickups position changes we get about what you want, all is quite versatile.


- As I play a little bit of everything, this guitar is very convenient because it fits very well to many different styles. For large heavy it is better to go his way and buy a BC Rich or an Ibanez, but for the Hard / Heavy it goes very well. As for the Blues, I always have a little trouble to make it purr, but I play on a Marshall MG15dfx (I plan to change against a Marshall DSL 401, which costs about six times more expensive, but what a difference!), no wonder you say ... otherwise all that is Rock, Hard Rock, until the Trash is good, but sound a little drool when you push the disto ... too bad.

- I love to play with very little distortion and a lot of medium, to play tricks bluesy / rock is super! Otherwise nag stuff, but it is better to stay on good fats that trying rhythmic solos ultra-precise, because it drools, it scatters ...


- I've been a little over 10 months, and I plan a few days of the change against a semi-hollow Ibanez or Washburn ...

- Strengths: aesthetics, comfort, quality / price ratio, versatility.
Weaknesses: sound, mechanical rotten acastillage the (junk).

- I tried many guitars before choosing this one, and it is one that kicked me the most, even compared to more expensive models! It is totally my type of game, comfort is really great and a real instrument, not a gimmick as often found in these price ranges! In addition she is really beautiful.

- Frankly at that price, and split the humbuckers and mahogany body, it's unbeatable! Compare with models of the same price in other brands, it is definitely worth it!

- First the guitar is nickel, it is versatile and can work, aprendre of the instrument and have fun, to 200 euros could ask for more!

naykang's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Z42
Manufacturing asia.
22 frets, two humbuckers (splitable) one tone, two vol., 3-position selector.
fixed bridge (tune-o-matic) with through-string.
maple neck, rosewood key, mahogany body.


The handle is very nice, very fine, with nice jumbo frets.
Access to acute could have been improved a bit, but still very correct.
Ergonomics is rather well thought out, the guitar is very balanced, fairly light (for an imitation Les Paul), is placed the muzzle to his arm which I find very ugly and badly placed to boot.


The sound suitable for a wide range of styles and split with Humb ... of course it is not di Marzio, but for the price, it chipotte not. The warmer sound or fats are preferred, and it's still difficult to obtain highly crystalline sound.


I've had little time (less than a month), but I'm really in love. I tried a lot of models in the same price range (esp / ltd, ibanez, cort ...) and I think that compared, I made the right choice. Just for having two splittable Humb at this price is unheard of. The violin is very acceptable (may be considered later to change the pickups for more potato). In short, a very good guitar for beginners (the price) or a good second guitar (for quite interresting characteristics of the instrument).

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Z42
-Made in Indonesia
-22 Frets
-2 Dual microphones
SET-tone bass and treble


Cargo crossings easier it is too heavy and feel sitting is a chier


I jou with a marshall amp mg10cd

it has a little trouble on heavy distortion and tends to focus on acute.


I use it for a year
I'm pretty satisfied because the report is rather good price qualitée
it is a guitar that is well suited to a beginner because it has good versatility
vrément but it is too heavy (even if was a minor detail)