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All user reviews for the ESP KH-3

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
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MGR/Kirk Hammit02/01/2002

MGR/Kirk Hammit's review"ESP KH-3"

I ordered this custom made from the ESP custom shop. They gave it to me for free if they could make replicas of it and sell them for thousands of dollars.

I like the strings, thats about it, this guitar sucks!!!

I hate this thing! Especially the EMGs! They suck so much and you even need to replace a battery in the guitar!
This guitar has a tremolo and it sucks and so do the inlays. I suppose thats my fault for requesting such crap inlays but you need to replace a battery in this guitar!!! The knobs suck too and did I mention that you may need to replace a battery in this guitar???

It was from the ESP custom shop and it has survived 5 years of gigging, but I still think it sucks.

This guitar blows! You need to put a battery in it!

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dylanrooster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

- Alder body,
- Bolt 24 frets, maple,
- Rosewood fingerboard, Jumbo frets,
- Benchmarks for "skull" and spiders pearly
- 2 EMG-81, active electronics,
- Floyd Rose original,
- Gotoh Tuners oil bath,
- Black hardware.


The handle is a "flat-u" is a real highway! For me it's the best round I've had between the legs, it is really suited to my playing.
The guitar itself is a bit heavy if you have not used, but as I say it is the weight of quality. Little tip, consider installing the strap locks quickly (preferably Spertzel) if you do not want it wallows royally one day!
Access to acute is still more difficult than the KH2, but still good after ca detail.
For sound nothing to say 2xEMG 81 is clear, precise and flawless.


I play mainly heavy metal, and I use essentiellemnt into pieces with lots of solos, and fills his role perfectly, I feel at times it plays all alone! The madness!
Otherwise I use an amp Laboga Mr Hector, and the combination with the EMG 81 is truly sublime, a very heavy distortion and accurate, it sounds fabulous.
If not for the clean is doing it not so bad, it takes a little play with the knobs of the amp and tone, but frankly it could be worse!


I use it for 6 months, and as a small world because I bought from papanowelle who also left a notice. Otherwise I had already a few years ago, but I am unfortunately the separate ... now it's clear I will never leave!
For me it's the best guitar in the world, the next goal KH2 Ouija!!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

- Alder body,
- Channel 24 frets, maple,
- Rosewood fingerboard, Jumbo frets,
- Benchmarks for "spider / skull" pearl inlaid with "ESP" at 12th fret,
- 2 EMG-81 pickups, active electronics,
- Floyd Rose original,
- Mechanical oil bath,
- Black hardware.

One word: superb. What workmanship!


One word: beautiful. What ergonomics, comfort regardless of game balance, weight, everything is perfect. An instrument for the shred!


One word ... superb. Sound, big, heavy set. The EMG 81 is not favored by the great guitarists of the metal for nothing!


One word: superb. Not given but what quality, what's, what playability Certainly not money thrown out the window: one is conscious of having an instrument in the hands of high-end.

nemobscur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AORD of all, if you have the opportunity to buy one, jump on it because we found it highly relevant quality / price.
I can assure you that I am not ready to sell mine.

I'll dcrire the background as a worth of connatre in detail.

All dabord be aware that the PED are custom made Amrique unlike conventional ESP SERIES which they are designed in Japan.

LESP KH3 a guitar of high quality both in lelectronique in the choice of wood.
If ESP was selected by t the greatest, there is a reason. (Max Cavalera of Soulfly, Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, Stephen Carpenter of Deftones, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and of course James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica)

As you can see, it has a les paul shape (form I personally find the most harmonious and sensual) I will not bad compared to the Gibsons that have the same shape and as a possde jen I think I know what I mean.

Its alder body gives a rich, full sound (for low and medium are delivered)

His round of 24 cases is stocky, which promotes sound brilliant and incisive. Lrable has the particularity of perfect disagreement with all other species used for the body.
Returning to the subject, its a Bolt has the advantage, davoir the back of the body dug in the setting of the handle for facilitating access to acute (this is specific to this guitar). Its keys are rosewood (rosewood) dark wood and a little purple possde high density and high hardness. Rosewood assigns sound imbalances: low and high mdiums, acute lisss. Trs enjoyable finger, it provides a natural ease.

Jumbo frets his trs are prcises but also soft and smooth which makes quon can play for hours without ever having bad lextrmit fingers of his left hand.

All along the stick back "spider / CRNE" nacrsy are embedded, it changes a little bit of traditional points or trapzes for gibsons.
This race is one of the rounds faster than had jaie loccasion dessayer.

Now lelectronique: It's team of 2 EMG-81 ACTIVE offering her a VERY prcis in saturated and liminent all parasites. For more information on these mics, check it posts notices on the site daudiofanzine.
Note that the active electronic circuits can rduire the "sounds of Contents", but it can also easily connect devices impdance low. These circuits operate on nine-volt batteries and ncessitent change once a year.

It possde an original Floyd Rose is well trs laccord and easily adjustable unlike classical vibrato. Also the strings are tightening at the nut, like that, sil you happen to accidentally turn the mcaniques, the guitar is given.

Its mcaniques are oil bath which quickly lusure as it has been there less friction.

Everything is black laccastillage (screws, bridge, floyd, nut) which greatly enhances its black color.

And I'm not talking about finishes that are simply COPIES


I put everything in the "CHARACTERISTICS"


I put everything in the "CHARACTERISTICS"


I put everything in the "CHARACTERISTICS"

papanowelle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

-d'aprs I know it would have been manufactured in the United States ..

-the skyscraper has 24 frets, otherwise cot microphone was 2 EMG81 active in bridge and neck course!! with a spr volume for each microphone 2 and a knob of Tone classic ... what .....

bah-if not for the bridge, there is a super original floyd rose ... not a floyd under license ... a real floyd ... that holds great and easy to regl ...

-as said above .. 2 separs volumes for each pickup and Tone .. .. .. I just add a selector 3 position much like the Les Paul (I do not know if that's clear? )dropoff window

-if not handle screwed D is super nice and fast, super convenient trux that allows access to acute ais is the fact that the plate on the back of the guitar that secures the heel of the neck n ' is parrallel to the body but is inclined ... which seem to have removed the item on a wall but when you go up the 24me box ....


-The handle as stated above is really great .. agréble a highway at high speed (radar less), whatever ultimately more typ Gibson to form and touch ...

- Again as said above the access to acute is really simpa thanks to the mounting plate tilts ...

-a very bonn ergonomics at the really nice handle feels has immediately comfortable (unless not already have this kind of frequent scratching)
on the other hand is quite heavy .. some say may be too ... but at the same time it is a guarantee of quality ... it's not against the plat ..

-the sounds are not difficult to have ... well, you still have to have the abitude screaming sounds with the mic easel ... otherwise there must master the knob to get all the sounds you want


-she be great for my style of music ... I play not bad .. metal rock .... but mostly a lot of shred .. and that 's terrible! !!!

I have used it with a preampi tubefex home peavey (great by the way) which also serves as my multi-effects ... and a power amp peavey classic 50/50 if cot classic sound effects ... shred:

delay / reverb / compressor / EQ 5 bands / noise gate ....

-mainly the sounds I research are clear and precise saturated sounds (which implies less saturation recess ....)
So on my preamp I utiliste the crunch channel with saturation background, high sito pad, a light overdrive a delay, reverb, compressor, noise gate and voila .... it's a sound that saustain is rich in harmonic killer in long alternating frases year but already harder to negotiate in legto = s is its only incovenient at the same ca ..... probably comes from me = '(
-the sonorities that I prefer are probably the lead sound of the metal shred ... sounds too ..... sounds clear enough cristalins .... *

I hate those, there's not much but still, it's ... just clean sounds with the bridge pickups is so garish that with clear sound and the knobs thoroughly it sounds oddly ... a slight resemblance with a banjo =) .... notice those who are amateur ... (which is not my case)


-I use it now for one year

-I like all of this guitar ... what I like least ... is when you pete rope ... it goes out of tune .. you gotta get your cl halen you spend time to grant ... but when it's good ca kills !!!!: !!

-in fact I had never tried this guitar Advent buy .. (am I crazy?) I'm actually a big fan of Metallica so I naturally tourn to ESP ... and then when I I saw this guitar for sale ... love at first sight ... especially since she bought at auction beforehand t in England ... because it would have belonged to him even Kirk (Kirk hammet. .. metallica lead guitar for those unfamiliar ...) and he dedicac ... (I am also always cleaning the gaffe was not to remove his signature = p)

So if I had tried a lot of Advent jackson ... of course fenders for fun =) and also Vigier (indeed it is not to advertise but vigier is frankly super .. .;: super class finishing too well ... .. DETAILEDREPORT handle carbon partially quite different round of the kh3 .. but really very class .. but unfortunately not free is reason laquelles tent I have my chance kh3 of the cost of this and I do not regret it ... because this guitar is great ... just like Vigier I would buy one of those well as 4.!:!

report quality price really good without being either extrasuper great ... but hey .. great for a guitar pro 1600 (Cygnus course) it's worth even as the cost ....

-uais frankly I think without a doubt I would buy this guitar !!! no hesitation ... whatever actually I would prefer to win the lottery to pay me the one and Vigier Excalibur supra =) !!: !!!!!