Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard Flametop
Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard Flametop

Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard Flametop, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard Flametop

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Hatsubai's review"Nice flame on this"

Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard Flametop
Flame tops back during this time were pretty rare, and Gibson was in the forefront when they started adding them to their own guitars. Considering their guitars already had a maple top, it wasn't too hard of a decision to make for them. The guitar features a mahogany body with a flamed maple top, mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, trapezoid inlays, pickguard, binding, hard tail bridge, two humbuckers, two volumes, two tones and a three way switch.


It should be noted that, despite the price of these guitars, they don't have the most intense flame out there. They're generally solid flames, but I've seen PRS and other guitars with better ones. Even Jackson can have more intricate flames. Then again, it all depends on what you're going for. The nut on this was cut properly, and I had no issues with tuning. The frets were dead on, and the edges felt great. I really dug how this guitar played, and it had a nearly perfect weight, weighing somewhere around 8 to 9 lbs.


This guitar actually had some swapped pickups in it, and I was surprised considering how expensive these are. The pickups were a JB/59 combo. The JB in the bridge is a pretty iconic pickup as it's known as that hot rodded high output heavy metal pickup that was prominent in the 80s. Just like then, the pickup was high output enough to where it can do metal, but it can also back off nicely to do some great blues or fusion. The 59 in the neck gave an awesome warmth with a small amount of treble bite to help cut through a mix without any issues.


The flame on this was decent, but it had that "cooking grill" effect going on. Some may or may not like that, so be sure you choose one that you think looks good. Aside from that, the guitar was pretty much the same as any other Gibson out there, except maybe with a touch more bite. Try to buy used as these are crazy expensive.
Audiofanzine FR11/02/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard Flametop
(Originally written by silverfox/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

* Nashville Custom Shop USA 2001

* Historic Aged R8 (Reissue 1958) model.

* Butterscotch Burst Flametop.

* Light and resonant massive (non chambered) mahogany body.

* Massive flamed maple top.

* One-piece long tenon mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard.

* 22 vintage frets.

* 2 x 57' Classic humbucker pickups (upgraded to a Wolfetone Legend PAF) with aged caps.

* Aged Deluxe vintage Tulip machine heads with perfect tuning stability.

* Controls: 2 x volume, 2 x tone and 3-way toggle switch.

* CTS knobs and Jensen capacitors.

* ABR-1 bridge and aged aluminum stopbar.

* Bone nut.

* Gibson Custom Art Historic case.

* Custom Shop authentication certificate.


* Very pleasant rounded 50's neck... actually somewhere between the 50's and 60's, the best of both worlds! Pity I don't have Billy Gibbons' hands! ;°)
The aged neck allows the hand to slide very smoothly! Divine!

* Same access to upper frets as with every Les Paul model.

* I've always loved its shape. Ideal weight (7.9 lb.)... Light and resonant even though non chambered!
First play it unplugged to feel the body and the neck resonating.

* The sound is mind-blowing! Round and woody sound plugged into my Blues JR Tweed.
Even fuller with my Marshall JTM30 2x10". It's ecstatic! All three pickup combinations are very well-balanced with clean and crunch (Fulltone OCD) sounds. The distortion tone is warm and well-defined with lots of air! Perfect match with the Wolfetones pickups!

Very responsive volume and tone controls. I never used the tone controls so much as with this guitar that provides me a very wide sound range. Blues, jazz, rock, country, rockabilly, etc.


* It fits my music style perfectly.

* I'm playing a Fender Blues Junior Tweed Ltd Jensen and a Marshall JTM30 2x10" and soon also a Bandmaster (Custom) Tweed Twin 2x12"! The Fulltone OCD pedal adds a subtle creamy crunch without coloring the guitar sound.

* I love all the different sonorities of the guitar, clean and with distortion! The bridge pickup is accurate without being too aggressive. The neck pickup is warm with generous lows.
The guitar has a stunning sustain and rich overtones :-)


* The guitar was made in 2001.
I can't let go of it after only one month and I know it has only begun to surprise me.
I will have to be worthy of it (I still have a lot of work to do)!

I love its resonance, its playing comfort and lightness, its neck and its wonderful flamed top!
The aging is amazing and realistic. Slightly cracked varnish, aged hardware, slightly wore out binding in the forearm area, slightly bleached neck... Very nice work indeed!

* I also own a Gibson LP Goldtop GOW with P90 pickups. They complement each other very well.
I previously owned three other LP (Standard , Classic, Studio) and I've had the chance to test a lot more. I even had an original LP 1954 in my hands (but that's another story...! ) but I had never had so much fun as with this '58!
Perhaps only with another LP'58 Murphy 50th Anniversary Ltd I recently tested at a Gibson Custom Shop distributor.

* Value for money: Ouch! It's a Custom Shop guitar. This first Historic Series with flamed top are quite famous and rare.
The Gibson Custom Shop made '58 massive flametop guitars until 2003.
Current models have non-flamed plaintops except the Anniversary Limited ones (50th Aged Tom Murphy).
The material quality is excellent (wood and hardware). I insist about the high-quality massive mahogany body (resonant, light and homogeneous).

* Would I buy it again? YES!!! You rarely have the opportunity to buy such a guitar.
It's a very high-class Les Paul!
I've been dreaming about it for an eternity... And now it's mine :°) My precious Gibson Les Paul ^^!!!

( )

Berzin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Custom Shop - Historic 1958 Les Paul Standard Flametop
The violin is sublime, with a table and a beautiful butterscotch blonde finish, like all flamed R8 2001. The table does much to its appeal, since the R8 is in the overwhelming majority of tables without flame (plain top). The microphone 57 are classic. The mahogany back is really beautiful, with a regular veining, everything exudes quality. However, it should be a minimum connoisseur to appreciate it. We sometimes hear complaints in respect of these guitars, which have no place and are not a manufacturing error, but a misunderstanding by some of the features users. Thus, the color rubs off on the thread of the neck is normal (which complains about a guy in plain view on top 58). was the case with the original models, so the copy is intended as a fairly accurate ... same for the maple table that appears under the net, at the cutaway. We must know before you buy.


What surprises immediately is the lightness of the guitar. We measure all the quality of wood, which manages the feat of being as light as a tonal current Standard rooms, while being a true solid-body guitar. Besides the weight is a factor given that the lightest mahogany are the most resonant. In fact, it is a treat to play with in concert and it was folded over the back after an hour of stage. Like what real good are not synonymous LP weight imposing. The neck is thick, it is the least we can say, it puts the neck "50" LP of current to that of an Ibanez. At the very least, it is very comfortable and does not interfere with the game for the rest, it is LP, with its qualities and faults, for usability and access to acute.


This guitar has a sound quite different from that of modern LP. We find the true sound of the 50s. If I compare it to the LP Standard 95, the R8 has less bass and more high mids. This is probably due to the fact that the guitar is like a soldier a full evening of perm 'and not drilled like Swiss cheese as Standard. Another difference, probably due to the microphones, the gain is lower and the notes keep a much better definition. A real treat. Plugged into a typical Marshall tube amp, it is not far from the Woman Tone, dear to Clapton. The sound is beautiful, rich, without being aggressive. You can almost do everything with, from jazz to hard, to all types of blues, rock, fusion. I use it mainly with two Bogner, so the crunch a bit richer in Marshall, it goes perfectly.


I dreamed of an LP flamed at the table long ago. I wanted an instrument as close to the originals, not a modernized version with holes everywhere and a handle for little girl. I am fulfilled. Lightweight and resonant, that's all I need. The 1958 is as beautiful flamed and an attractive 59, and avoid much rarer and the pink wig and Lifton. I bought it used, in any case, it sells more new. On occasion, it's still expensive, but it is incomparable with a current Standard, which is new 2 / 3 the price of the R8. I met some user of this guitar on the forum: all are happy.
Some pictures to supplement the Silver Fox.