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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Faded DC

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 3 reviews30 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/ryan's review"Gibson Double Faded Cutaway"

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
a friend of mine just bought one from the local guitar store for like $500. nice for a "cheap" gibson. not to say its bad compared to other higher priced gibsons or anything theyre just not the greatest guitar ive ever played

it looks kinda cool and sounds good

its all good...i guess


umm...not a bad guitar really, i recommend it i guess

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Meur'saw's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Early favorite!"

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
see other opinions ...

in fact I know I'm not sure why this view because the article published here on AF makes pretty good justice to this little scratch ...


then before that I played only on tv with handle lumberjack and heavy as it is not possible, I must say that the transition to the LP DC was a shock ... I went from one side of the spectrum of guitars to go to another round super nice, super light ...

you plug and go!


it suits my style (rock, noise, indie ...)

in bridge, the tone knob a little behind on 7-8, with a nice drive and I do not know why, it is projected directly at CBGB in the mid-'70s, they bite, it is surly, it Punke, hello johnny ramone (yes he played on Mosrite but that's how) and thunder!

to handle, it passes easily from blues to rock ...

Punch it a lot, very good dynamics, very straight, very clear, a small bump in the attack that would almost suggest a twang ...

she has a little less "body", unless that side "acoustic" or "wood" in the 50's tribute, which also turns the P-90 ...


I've had four years and as I said this is my little pampering ... its simplicity, its ergonomics, its side rock'n'roll machine ... everything I like ...

the price of second hand right now it is sincerely one of the best deals on the market!

brui2fon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
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guitar is a very simple and intuitive, no need to tweak the knobs, rang


The handle is on top, really ideal, super playable, it combines all the benefits! width of the button, radius, profile and thickness of the handle ...
CASC to treble is like a SG, double cutaway forces, the top has to ....
lgre ultra, super enjoyable to play for hours
to get a good sound drive, micro acute for clean passes rsur micro serious or middle position. No, Seriously, brilliant!


I love Me
the P90 c really my thing
to play blues rock has Bertignac example, c extra
telephony also, at the beginning they had identical models
but you can easily play reggae or another with
c rather bold, but biting, well defined, sharp, a little dry ...
with fender, marshall, carvin .... rang! this guitar really has a personality ^ vintage amp is more typ has more rings!


I've had 10 months
I like its simplicity ...
I played lots of guitars for 20 years ....
the ratio Q / P is excellent

ludovicloco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
Gibson United States, there's mark on the gig bag!
22 frets
2 Micro P90
Bridge gibson classic
Tone and volume by micro
the handle is typical gibson, rounded the curve, it is well made by the palm of the hand, the key is flatter than that of a layer, for example. Comfortable, what!
Gibson sr good tune!


The handle is really easy to play ds THE FIRST grip, Access in acute bcp is easier than on a studio such, it is much more lgre (rev appr Ciable for a les paul), the fund is small, it's almost like a child's guitar for beginners. Over time, it s'avre be one of the most enjoyable guitar playing and I tried to wear.
Easily obtained a good sound (the configuration is the same as on almost all Les Paul, there that tame the P90 for those who do not know)


It should all styles of music I play: rock, hard rock, and even soft metal with good pedals, arpges its clear and the blues ... aie aie aie, d Chir. It may even be a jazzy sound on the mic serious. It has the fat ct Les Paul with humbuckers without their ct "wheezy". My ds got much better all registers can be except for the big sound che!
I plugged in a whole bunch of amps (marshall TSL, Laney LC 50, Hughes and Kettner Tube 50, fender hot rod deluxe, fender transistor, on modlisations LOGIC 8), on any ring What!
The hardest to sound, it's the funky casseroles (it's not a stratum).
The P90 pickups are very versatile, with a grain between a fender and a single humbucker, I never had any scrapes with the microphones, and although they conquered me.
There is a small "Hum" ds which boosts the sound a bit, but remains a dtail.


I play for two and a half months
the +: sound, light weight, micro, small size, the handle.
the -: the "hum" of P90 and a lack of "crystalline" in the clear (can not snap like a Start!)
I tried normment of the tankard before MODEL
Great value quality price (I change against an amp worth $ 450 ...)
I would do this choice with his eyes closed (my strats and my Les paul studio take the dusts since I)

rikey's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
Mahogany body
22 jumbo frets
2 Gibson P90 pickups
frabication U.S.
titin is customized a bit. she has a mouth of hell
more with the next vintage is that of happiness
9 / 10


The handle is impeccable. good grip and very comfortable. but happiness!
access to acute is excellent you get easy to reach the last fret because the cutaway is great. No complaints, great!
this guitar is very light unlike other so-called traditional Les Paul or standarts. the form is compelling for access to the acute and the hestétique. she is beautiful.
the sound that comes out of those little microphones P90 is perfect. with any amp whether it be a lamp or a transistor is not too much hassle to find the sound that suits us. I played on a Vox AC-15, a fender or a small Ibanez 65R 15W in 2 min the sound is perfect and it went to funk, reggae or walks. and yes the P90 were installed on the Les Paul Marley.
all this is perfect!
I put 9 / 10 to note as the finish (French polish) is fragile.


This guitar is perfectly suited to my style of music because it is cosmopolitan, it changes from rock to jazz to blues and related to reggae (basically everything has been tested on this guitar) and she is really flawless.
I play with just a fender 65R wha vox sound is a killer.
for the sound it will be 9 / 10 simply because of his P90 is masterful!


She is mine recently (two months) but it's a year since I repeat the OCCAZ with and it is terrible!
titin is light, easy handling, access to acute is excellent ... as positive!
I am originally acoustic but rather due to an accident a year ago (I no longer use the index and ring fingers) I turned on the power. I tried a telecaster 1 / 4 box, but I have a strat gibson is that of happiness. the handle is terrible, the handling is perfect. basically we play with on a electric, for the handle, a great compromise between a round of classical, folk and electric. for me that is happiness!
experience with this choice I would do even if I had all my fingers and OCCAZ was great!
9 / 10

topsykretts's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
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- The handle is it enjoyable?

Trs Yes, it is very stiff fine and a good scratch lumberjack who wish well in hand

- Access in acute (dernires freight) is it easy?

Well you can not really do better since nothing is blocking the way!

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

It is ultra lgre, the seating position is comfortable and is well quilibrbr />
- Gets it easy to sound good? ...

I do not use the Tone knob so ... the basic sound is ... OAU!


- Appropriate are your style of music?

All do, I make punk rock a little heavy and it provides!

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I play a JCM900

- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?

In Disto I sound super sharp with lots of energy, micro ragissent really helping mdiator is lime, powerful and full chest. In the neck pickup sound is a little too runny I got.

In Clean, the neck pickup is a rgal, it sounds loud, it wants, but always with a little sweetness, all in the way of playing. I do not use the other positions, the sound does not m'interresse, but the quality is to go

I put 9 because the neck pickup is too runny in disto


- How long have you use it?

Since this morning and it does not leave me

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

The pros: the power and rage of the bridge pickup with distortion
the look
the weight
the handle

The -: ..

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

Yes, I possde a Pierced SG, and a Danelectro 56pro TELECASTER

- How do you report qualitprix?

I bought it for 670 and given the OCCAZ bte is given!

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

Completely, if I could afford, I would take in all the colors, it is for me! powerful, simple, effective)
I leave you, I'll do pter watts!

CloudJP's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
Factory Nashville, United States, in 2005
Mahogany body
22 boxes
2 P-90 pickups
2 volume knobs
2 knobs of Tone (fawn "treble roll off" dixit the manual, lower the cost cutting the treble knob)
1 slecteur 3 positions: neck, bridge and intermdiaire
Mahogany, Profile 60's, thin enough so.
The mcaniques seem average.
Finish "Satin" color "Worn Yellow", trs pretty far, just under trs prs (you can see the pores of the wood are not always well painted) but hey let's not quibble.

Note that the microphones are adjustable, but they have a little play (they are rather poorly callus what)
Apart from a, it's all good. 7 / 10


The handle is not dsagrable. Rather late, a Stratocaster dja possdant I do not t dboussol.
However the finish of the guitar does not make it slippery at all! It's not REALLY teacher, but less comfortable I think. No big problems otherwise.
CHAC is very easy to acute. The guitar is a Double Cut, we can hardly do better.

Level ergonomics: the guitar is really great lgre, good point.
Dtail small, but real story to tell: the jack connects to the "bottom" of the guitar when playing sitting on the couch can twist the jack according to how you hold the guitar.

This gives a good sound very easy. The guitar is not versatile at all, but what she does she does well.

The slecteur made a little noise ("plop" in this case) when changing the microphone.

7 / 10 still


The guitar is well suited to my style of music, ie blues / rock, rock'n'roll, British pop sounds a little bold.
I played on a Vox AC30, mostly without effects except the reverb of the amp.

Sounds: strong point.

Micro acute with the Tone knob of a bottom and the clear was the sound of Carl Barat in the Libertines' first album. Listen to "Tell The King" or "Good Old Days", the guitar solo is the sound of. That's the sound I bought the guitar.

Intermdiaire position with the knobs of Tone baisssa background, making the amp cruncher: it was in the sound of Supergrass' Diamond Hoo Ha Man ". Bold and powerful.
By putting the amp into overdrive and boosting the bass sound you get closer to Nick Valensi of The Strokes in "12:51", it's almost like a synth.
I did not expect to touch the sonoritsl trs enjoyable surprise

Otherwise the rest is a bit more common, the microphone neck just under a potato, it is a little more "neutral".
The bridge pickup has a tendency Arelle cruncher when pushed hard the strings, even when the amp is clean in rgl. Achte when the guitar has is a plus, but be careful not to get stuck! The P-90 had a lot of characters.

I was not explicit about the t trs sound, I do not know to put words on a sound. DSOL my examples if you do not talk too much, most are findable on YouTube that said

Being fully satisfied with the sound of the guitar, note entousiasthe a little, but it's the heart that speaks: 10/10

However I strongly advise you to try it or watch on YouTube or other tests. The guitar sound trs trs and typ is not really versatile.


I reu guitar 10 days ago.
What I like most about it: without a doubt the sound. The form also. I find this guitar really trs beautiful finish gives him a small cot vintage. As mentioned above, if we look we see really small imperfections, but overall the guitar is beautiful trs.
I tried a Gibson ES-335, the Epiphone equivalent too. Evokes the sounds I was looking a little higher (especially The Libertines). I was looking for as the Chuck Berry sound (hence the 335). And frankly, I thought that only ES-335 was worth it to play a. Please note I am not saying that the LP Faded DC is better, but I would have taken years before I pay the 335, and everything eventually sounds less like what I was looking for.

Otherwise I have a Fender Stratocaster dja USD. The Start is really much more versatile, more comfortable, too. I bought the LP in complment DC, for its range of sounds is just too too Reduces to play everything.
on the other hand voila, it is the sound.

Well we must also consider price, relatively low for a Gibson: I pay about 700, new. It is found for a little more I think on large sites in Germany, around 1000.

The quality-price ratio, average. It's always like that, you pay the brand. But even when the Gibson's make an effort, because the guitar is affordable.
In addition, for an average guitarist like me, seeing the name "Gibson" on the head of the guitar amliore when even a little sound and flatters the ego) Let us face it, a part of the fun!

Exprience with this choice I would do so. The guitar is beautiful, it sounds good, it is quite original and not prohibitively expensive (everything is relative of course). It finishes a little ngliges is his one small default. But the sound is.

In the end, 8 / 10. And again, I think trs MODR be because it is really a great guitar

Stan2303's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
USA mahogany body
22 frets gibson two P90 pickups
Each microphone has a tone and volume
A 3-position selector
Varnish faded so bad but its gives a vintage look! in addition it is polished with time!
Very light compared to a Les Paul standard even lighter than a stratum of the density of mahogany


Channel pleasant
Access to acute normal no more, no less!
Ergonomics! This is a guitar all that there is no more basic than the sound of fireworks! I have to love me the look of vintage stripping as much as his sound is like a V8 in it with a 4L! lol In addition it is really light!
The sound is achieved very faciment you plug everything back and it's good!
The bridge pickup sounds good rock! the neck pickup and a blues sound to perfection! happiness between the config removes much of grésillment and gives a round ideal for the rhythm!


It is perfect for old rock and blues of the time it is repetition of the last 59
I play with VOX AC15CC1X and sounds!
Rock, blues pickup in the neck position!


Its been two years I use it more as a second guitar because it has a character! lol No, but the P90 gives a specific sound in groups and as I play quite a bit saturated and I like to have a clear signal it does not there accommodates cons but when I'm having my house on the old rock blues is a foot!
I tried a faded SG and a Start and frankly it is she who has the most personality and that's its charm is made for the blues rock and this is what it does and does it very well!
I put around 10 is a two-edged guitar we love we love completely or not at all!
I do it again without hesitation that choice but can I get it again later because it's doing a second guitar and so dna sle budjet is a hole but ren is lost on the contrary!

kurtaunirvana's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
Gibson factory in USA
22 frets, two humbucker cut
Slecteur 3 positions (round, intermediary, bridge)
1 rglage volume and tone for each microphone
Channel collbr /> Faded no varnished finish !!!


The handle is rather pleasant
The access to acute rather difficult, more freights are fairly Paisses rapprochs and what is not easy but with practice it fits.
The handle weight is consquent is a Gibson ... But he does not pose a problem.
Ct interressant is the weight of trslger body for guibson is a veritable asset mahogany used is not dense o reduces its weight.
The sound is easy to modulate, do not look for hours.The her neck pickup is very typ blues, bridge pickup it is typ rock and intermediary position obtained by its clear sound Brilant very apprciable.


It suits very well to my style of music from rock and blues, but do not put big esprez saturation is not his thing.
I use an amp and Hughes Kettner Vortex but it is not suitable, but the sound is correct, the better I pence is to use it with a Fender or Vox amp all-tube that I have been apprci during my visits DIFFERENT music store.
I mainly use a Boss DS 1 Distortion that suits him perfectly and the clear sound of the amp is a guitar that not too appreciates the effects but that said it's not the worse for that like me appreciates a pure ...


I have since December 2005, the ct's more sound, shape and vintage spirit
The least its the Faded finish with paint that wears quickly and gives a shiny effect but is not uniform !!!! and also pulling the strings of excessive I reduce council to facilitate play in the treble.
I tried before acqurir Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop one but it's not such a guibson remains a Gibson, I tried the SG Faded remains classic at the sonorits.
Qualitprix the report would be reviewed to finish even if it's a Gibson price should be revised downward in the 900 euros it would be more affordable.
If I were to do it again I would go Fender but I do not find a pence guitar with a personality like this Les Paul DC that is truly unique ...

bc_tony's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC
Then all dabort is a Gibson made in United States. It has 22 frets, 2 P90 true (hihihi ^ ^).
Level bridge, fixed bridge is, as one of calitemdiocre Gibson knows how to do ...
She 2boutons volume and 2 tone (1 for each pickup) and a selector 3positions.
The handle is the real les paul, good solid handle well (like me before if you had a ibanez SA, you will be surprised, my first 2 hours of games silent hours followed by bulb inches! C ' is the 'tit round)

I put 8, because of the bridge, otherwise the rest is gibson is AIM (which I love, the P90 and the shape of the guitar!)


All dabort, the handle is stiff, not for the solo steve Vabien made in the ACCS is fairly easy to acute (double cut forces ... ^ ^), the guitar is more to the ACCS blues (it sounds good enough for a tit-fusion funky blues) and rock (all types of rock ann 60 ', and pushing it a bit, it perceives that one has to make a show of punk and see the same grunge!) but beware, amateur mtal s'apstenir!. The weight of the guitar is much lighter than a les paul standard or even a Start '.
Sound, bah is very simple, you plug it and play! the rglages? rglages what? dja not need it sounds so good ...
I put 9 because the handle can be a po everybody must love.


I play a little blues and a lot of punk m'clater in his style is truly one of the best model I could hear. It sounds good in what nimporte amps! (Yes even in the marshall MG!). Question her, the level CRUCH c Bonnheure, but then saturated! is the P90, must be a fan, and I CONAI not many who do not like the sound of the P90 for me were the best microphone for rock and roll, punk, and blues! !

I put 10 because really, the sound of Gibson irrprochable


I use it for 1 week, and may be that my avi is subjective or very, because I really fell in love with this guitar. I was found OCCAZ has 830, casi new. I compared the guitar with a jaguar, a mustang and a les paul special strat'etla TV (the big sister of the Les Paul Faded DC) which to me sounds bcp mieu his older sister (I repeated, j ' Dessuti have flash so my decision is very surment subjectifsur certain point, or I came across the model gnial ^ ^) and only inconvnient over fender, its handle is really raid, but if abitue in 1 / 4 of an hour (yes I am slow to dtetente so what?) forget about it until ...

I definitely will remake choice, simply for the sound of P90, shape (!) And its relation Calita unbeatable price! (For 1025, a true Les Paul made in United States!)
was not just that I sub, I VAIT bought me a couple of vox AC30 with this amp, you sound wild!

With that, I go back!
dizol and for the many spelling mistakes ...