Vox AC15CC1X

Vox AC15CC1X

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AC15CC1X, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

7 user reviews

Vox AC15CC1X tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Vox
  • Model: AC15CC1X
  • Series: Custom Classic
  • Category: Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 10/28/2007

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Vox AC15CC1X user reviews

Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money :

Laudia's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"An amp with which you can not cheat."

Vox AC15CC1X
After 3 years of using my VOX AC15 CC1X, I decided to write a review that is only my opinion ... but after 36 months and three dozen concerts this opinion has the merit of being given "a clear head "without a little naive glee of a notice posted just after a purchase, such as one often reads of AF.
(Note: the AC15 CC1 and CC1X are no longer marketed. They have given way to two-channel AC15 C1.)
The AC15 is a CC1X 15 w tube amp with speaker-channel 12 inches. Simplicity itself.
There are two different versions depending on the HP: CC1 with the Wharfedale GSH 1230 and CC1X with Celestion AlNiCo Blue. The latter being the high end of HP 12 inch portion supplemented the price of 200 euros (my goodness!).
A 2-band EQ and volume (which acts as GAIN) constitute the TOP BOOST the amp. We find this section TOP BOOST on the majority of tube amps VOX.
Add to that a reverb, tremolo (both switchable by footswitch included) and a master, that's all.
No effects loop but two adjustable outputs for HP 8 or 16 ohms.
The design is classic and sturdy construction. With 22 kg, it is very heavy even for a 15 W. Almost as heavy as a Fiat Panda (without the cigarette lighter), it is you say.
To believe that Vox engineers planquent bars of lead in the chassis to weigh it down!
Cons: The two switches on and standby are plastic while on most other amps VOX, even the little AC4, there are switches in metal.
Reverb (spring) is too present for my taste, and this early in the race's knob. It's almost an all or nothing! On this point, engineers VOX can do better.
on the other hand, the tremolo is very bo. The speed and depth of the effect can be adjusted on the amp. Must love, but it's always nice to have a foot in the integrated amp, right?
No effects loop. Too bad, indeed, but not fundamentally important.
Regarding the HP, which could not compare the two versions, I can not tell you more. But from what I heard and read, it seems that the AlNiCo Blue provides a much more balanced sound, with less shrill treble and bass rounder than the Wharfedale.


There is a French manual, well translated (it is rare).
But why? Given the simplicity of the amp, is not something to write a novel!


The question that torments many neophytes: 15 watts, is that enough?
Frankly, yes.
In repeated with a drummer who has nothing of a girl, it goes up-the-hand. In the club or in bars, it's too strong. On stage at venues small and medium gauge (up to 600 seats), I have never exceeded half of the master. The Stade de France, I never did.
To be honest, I had a very good tube amp 50 W: I have never exceeded 3 on the master. I sold it to my AC15 and I do not really regret it.
So what to expect with an AC15?
You can have a clean sound or a crunch. There is no pedal to switch from one to another (this is a single channel that I told you!). on the other hand, and that's when you recognize a good amp, it will easily pass from clean to crunch by modulating its attack with a pick.
In the small world of scratch they will say "wow, this amp has a damn dynamic! "(Although strictly speaking it does absolutely nothing like it).
Personally, I prefer to simply say that this is an amp that has the "respondent".
The clean sounds are very "bright" very slap. VOX is the sound in all its splendor. With a Tele bridge pickup on: ouch, it can hurt the ears if you do not drop a little treble.
All guitar amps AC (recall also that historically, the preceded the AC15 AC30) are done for cruncher: this is where they sound excellent.
But do not push too AC15: when the gain exceeds 3/4, the distortion becomes, to my taste, too messy.
For my part, I remain on a volume to 1 pm or 3 am and that's enough to make deliciously cruncher of single and double coils.
Those who sought saturations of death will be disappointed. This amp is not made for that.
With overdrive and distortion pedals, it's the same story: if you throw him saturations hell, it's not going to do. We can say that the AC15 is "taking" is not great sounds super saturated. on the other hand, nothing prevents you to activate your overdrive to boost your solo a bit. On this point, no problemo.
In fact, between a guitar and AC15, the best thing it's just a jack.
AC15 and has the gift to return what your guitar actually in the belly. Bridge or neck pickup, tone knob, you REALLY hear every nuance of sound from your favorite instrument. Magic! This is what makes an amp suited to blues, rock, pop, but do not have the "BIG SOUND" hard rock or metal.


In short, this amp is a very typical. This is what those who failed the first try.
The clean sounds are superb. The crunch is second to none.
It's very British. This is THE sound that built the legendary VOX. Point bar.
This is an amp that faithfully restore your game: no cheating possible.
So yes it can be disappointing at first deal with Marshall, the Orange or Mesa distortion devastating smile and he can do to deal with modeling amps with 50 amps built.
But despite this lack of versatility that some accuse him neophytes, the AC15 is part of the small family of legendary amps.
To convince you, look well on your POD amp simulator, your V-AMP or on your amp modeling (including the last Mini3 VOX) .... so like, there is always an AC15 emulation!

benoit72's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC15CC1X
Tube amp 15 watt alnico blue HP celestion home.
Bah Power 15 watts, AC or less correspond to a 50 watt transistors, but it is not comparable.
Taking footswith for reverb and tremolo (included), a jack, a decision to put on another type of speakers. Also a button to the dependence movible 8 or 16 ohms.
There is a fairly easy to use tremolo with depth and activities.
For reverb against LA! Ho hum! a little too sharp for my taste. Satu for the Led Zep for example, but not hot enough for saturation cahude bah! : D


Very easy to use! TU branch hop you play! it works!
THE crunch is very easy to find, you and you play like troune
The manual .... blah blah ... we detail especially the knobs and usefulness of this rate, it is very clear, but I think they would misquelques configuration examples for sound british or even other sounds!


It suits me perfectly, I do not need to limit my OD3! So the crunch is beautiful!
I play with my stratocaster standrad Mexician suburst finish of 2005
With the lens, I do not know how to define, but it is crystalline dead! Ca pete ears!
With the Bass knob, you get a bo very clear sound with nice bass, but with the crunch, one typically has its John Frusciante.
THE crunch is really fabulous!


Well I use it for 3 days. but j'ia already try a lot of configuration.
What is the most j'iame crunch! J4ai been on the ass! It's fabulous. And then the hot side of the lamps ... it's beautiful .... but the reverb, disappointing ..... if not very very good.
oi j'ia Isaiah quite a model before, but that the ouhhh ........ ......
The value for money is safe! I think for € 990, you'll have have had a better reverb ... Frankly ..... otherwise it's a pretty good value for money for this beautiful "beast": d
I do it again exactly the same choice, this amp suits me perfectly.

I do not put 10 because of the reverb nevertheless disappointed me is a deep reverb if you want, but too acute.

iggy25's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC15CC1X
Class A all-tube amp with blue alnico Hp
Reverb: exceptional look and feel alone in the Stade de France
Tremolo: very nice, in a classic Vox, setting speed and depth
EQ: Bass and Tremble, no medium but the settings are always very sensitive and flatterers in the ear
Master volume and
footswtch provided for reverb and tremolo
Possibility to connect a speaker above
No effects loop as often a 15W but good considering the price we would have appreciated ....( I will note down just for that, we are in 2006 anyway)

Very simple and classic. Of course, but given enough opportunities on AC30CC we would have liked more.


No worries single particle and Effective
I did not put more than 10 minutes to find my sound at first use

Accuracy: I'm in an apartment without having to worry with its neighbors and the dynamics are there even at low volume. However, the more it grows and more enjoyable and provided he has the guy. As proof, now I'm home: one day I wanted to see what was in the belly I went to the cellar is buried in 3 / 4 and closed my double glazing throughout the house. Well the 30 watts are there!! How this is a 15watts??


The sound typical at Vox. Chinese manufacturing is well but the british. I will not venture to say if it's better or worse than the whole UK, I can not afford to compare.
The clean sound is round and bright C exchange their fender while remaining very clean.
The very bluesy crunch is amazing until you can hear on the Stones Brown Sugar by opening fire on the treble and rock a little heavier in the lower opening.
For the heavy metal past your way unless you paste the proper pedal but it's really good step in that direction that is designed amp.
I play it with a Telecaster U.S. American Series and Point rendering is great too strident as some amps can react with the mic lead and all the TV knobs fully clockwise (I love this settinghttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif)


A very good amp even though its lack of versatility is obvious. A buy to play blues-rock or heavy rock ..... that's all. But what's !!!!!
We would have liked some more bonus as its big brother the AC30. Too bad but hey you can not have it all.

SenorMicky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox AC15CC1X
The Vox AC15 CCX is an amplification 4 lamps:
home equipped with 2 x 2 x 12AX7/ECC83 EL84/6BQ5 and Sovtek

He issued a power of 15watts, but watch the yield is
incredibly powerful, this is only my opinion but it works well in groups
if you like the slight crunch.

It is equipped with a celestion alnico blue 15W, HP qualitée very bone, which is quite receptive to the game
A knob on the impedance of 8 or 16 ohm (checked this setting at the reception of the amp)
1 entry (damage) a master volume, tremolo (speed DEHP), reverb (mix), bass, treeble volume, on / off + stand by ... There's a control pedal tremolo + reverb

the amp is heavy! 23kg
I would note 8 / 10 for lack of a second input, and an effects loop


Usage is quite simple and it is left heated jou.
I have not read the manual, the sound is not explained is created.

If you want crystal clear sound volume is down and climb the master
if you want a crunch one goes down on the volume and the master

Start on it can also play on the "action of the volume button that brings the end of the race win.

The reverb is pretty good, not perfect either. and the tremolo, have to be a fan.
Is obtained with a single amp its pretty typed british rock, ca go to animal, the shadows, being able to also play the hendrix, tito and T, or Led Zep ...

Knob of the bass and treeble are fantastic, by increasing the treeble is amazing as the sound of specifying expected until fi racing.

No midrange knob but frankly I ca not disturbed.


Then, the highlight of this amp.
I fuck jous of blues rock ska reggea .. and the receiver agree perfectly.
I jous on strat deluxe equipped us to somarium cobalt noiseless and an American Start equipped to Lindy Fralin vintage hot, but I have a weakness for the deluxe.

I get a sound that is perfect for clean and perfect for crunch (amp empty)
The sound is typified by the grain vintage warm sound quite temperamental electrical goods that do not make a gift to our games, our way amp to play til every detail.

I put 10/10 as it is perfect for me ..

I have had

marshall plexi, fender deville, peavey classic 30, gibson L5, epiphone valve junior, GA5, etc ...


I for 1 month and I regret not having to buy before

I have his look, his sound, but less weight and a unique entry

I buy € 777 and I think it's a fair price for the features it possesses ...

Made in China but it was not a negative point is very well done and very good qualities ...

Within a year or two I plan to buy the AC30 head and cch Bafle equipped to blue ..

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