Gibson Les Paul BFG
Gibson Les Paul BFG

Les Paul BFG, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

Kilroy1976_en 07/23/2008

Gibson Les Paul BFG : Kilroy1976_en's user review


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Gibson Les Paul BFG (Barely Finished Guitar)

Built by Gibson USA
Mahogany body, maple table in a wood milled "Tiger"
22 Medium Jumbo frets - Neck profile Rounded 50s glued to the 16th
Tune-O-Matic Bridge / Stop Bar
Pickups P-90 in neck position and Burstbucker Zebra 3 at bridge.
2 volumes - 1 tone - 1 switch selector micro instead of the second tone

An unusual feature of this model, the Kill Switch instead of the usual position selector microphones. Its purpose is "turn off the guitar"


The neck does not stick because it is satin finish, it is becoming increasingly fluid as with the other models of the series "Faded"

She is light for a Les Paul


For my, this guitar is made ideally for the Blues.



So the real significance of BFG is Barely Finished Guitar

In recent months, following various changes in my life, I went back to the guitar after a ruling 15 years ...

My first visits to shops instruments greatly disturbed me ...

The Fender Mex at a price of US (at the time) and other increases, modelling and many other things made me realize that I had a few time behind.

In fact, I wanted to return to her that I had at the time with the Gibson Les Paul, a Deluxe Pro of the year 1977 (two P-90) in a good Fender amp tube.

After extensive research and hesitations and especially given that the model in question is not found at that time, I resolved to take a PRS Singlecut Soapbar.

But it still was not what I was looking for, in the meantime, my game had changed and my tastes are more affirmed (Cotton Blues until more modern blues of different types, Texas, Chicago, the Louisiana brief rally starting Delta (Highway 61)

My main access to news, test and criticism being the net, I had already seen this BFG which could respond to my mind my expectations (I play with the neck pickup only on all my guitars) So the P-90 in handle perfect position on a Gibson Les Paul.

Unfortunately, after having read many opinions who criticized especially the poor finish, the 50's neck qualified as "not comfurtable" and also big problems of noise. That scared me because my electric facility is not equipped to take ground (I am a tenant, I can change the installation)

After some time, I did acquire a Faded SG Worn Brown at a price promo at an open-door day. I was really amazed by the satin finish, the absence of varnish thick wood allows better "breathed"

I was on my hunger for a Les Paul and resold after having several things in my old hobby, I made several purchases including an LP Standard Faded in Honey Burst series that I discovered while reading various post on the net.

I think that people who qualify for the Faded "sub-Gibson" or "gibson of the poor" are not objective, I had also been misled in response to their opinions and also on the weight.

Finally, I found a Les Paul with whom the feeling passed.
But I had still not found a real LP with P-90 (and Historic collection is too expensive)

In recover from a guitar that I tabled for review at my luthier, I saw the BFG, which I had heard so hard.

In Trans Black, the finish did not matter to me, I found it rather mild compared to the view that I had read. The neck satin well fluid, transparent plates are nice, well-polished and frets without being trendy, guitar sounded good, remained the problem of "buzz"

Plug in a Fender Blues Junior identical to mine, no noise except for the P-90 which responded well to my games, in such a drive, the combination of two excellent pickups, Burstbucker 3 easel later as well, but less used in my game

(This is the most powerful of this series to vintage structure, not dipped in wax, it includes a single magnet gross ALNICO II and enjoys a slight little more winding. Both coils of wire size 42 do not have the same number of laps, phénomêne current at the end of 50 years. micro That makes the less effective against interference but gives him a bite compared to a creamy its models equal to two coils)

The P-90 is not impregnated with wax too.

In terms of sound, after some time, I sensed that it was with this Les Paul that I found my sound, while taking into account the fact of my "maturity" more sophisticated level and blues music of my expectations.

My wife had already understood that the guitar was made for me, just by listening, in addition, I was virtually isolated from the outside world, immersed in the sound coming out of the amp. With the 50's neck, no problem despite my small hands ...

After discussions with my wife who had completely changed his mind about the finish of the guitar (as she said, the photos did not undermine the value) Game comfort, weight, etc ... We decided to make the acquisition.

Back at home, I set a black truss-rod cover that I had in reserve. The buttons add one side "wooded touch" guitar. For the switch to change a microphone, I ordered a black on the net.

Plugged in my Deluxe Reverb, not unpleasant buzz (thought to acquiring quality cables!) On the contrary, curves, deep, powerful and respected attacks, and sustain medium in front ...

It is amazing with Maxon 808 or OCD with or without the Fat Boost upstream, the DP-1 in the Junior Blues is great for a good Texas blues, Maxon OD-9 provides crunchs well bluesy ...

In the end, I am very pleased with my purchase, I found what I was looking like his guitar and does shock not in the middle of my material more "classical"

On this Gibson has been in the hunt for costs, combining artistic creativity, value analysis, marketing and boldness ...

Certainly, it does not please everyone, and from experience, I know that many people have easy criticism.

I think that when he formed opinions and made a critical, it is preferable to see a real and give it a try and after only give an opinion or criticism.

For me, with the truss-rod cover I added that, in my view, it is perfect.

My only regret is that it took into account the opinion that in the end are not appropriate in my case.

Like what tastes and colors ...