Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012
Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012

Les Paul Standard 2012, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 1 user review33 %
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dbx80's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Disappointed ..."

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012
The standard 2012 is a typical Les Paul Standard features of Paul:
mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, flamed maple top ...
The asymmetrical handle is quite comfortable.
The mechanical parts are of high quality: lift blocks, also blocked the bridge.
Came Neutrick locking jack.
Burstbucker pickups.

Viewpoint features, that's good.


The handle is nice, the guitar is very light (dug around body), good access to acute. Few adjustments so the sound comes immediately.

However, this forced me to sell this guitar is its stability: a disaster!
Despite the lift blocks, nothing to do, after a minute, the agreement is disastrous!
I tried several strings, several anchors, several ways to climb the ropes ... no solution works.
Seen with my luthier: verdict, the wood are not stable.


The sound is not bad, I think if I had kept this guitar, I would have mounted the '57 Classic. I'm not a fan of the original pickups, but this is a personal opinion.
At the time I was playing on a Marshall Class 5 with a TS9 is the combination was not as versatile for two but devilishly rock'n roll !!


I kept almost a year but the lack of stability of the Agreement is unacceptable ...
It's beautiful, it's class, it sounds pretty good, but I feel that there is a problem with the wood Gibson of those years (I've had three and only one was stable ).

With experience, I do not have that choice.
Oscar the Grouch04/22/2013

Oscar the Grouch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"My Standard ..."

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012
Made in the USA, it has the technical characteristics of old video, I do not consider too worth repeating. Not to bore you, I will focus in this new std. 2012:

The four knobs on the guitar are "push-pull"

- The split of the volume knobs can transform the Burstbucker associated with a single coil pickup *.

- The split of the tone knob pickup (lead) puts it in "pure bypass", ie, it is as if the microphone was connected directly to the output jack of the guitar, the volume knob tone and no longer has any effect *.

- The split of the neck pickup tone knob (rhythm) inverts the phase of the latter *.

* I will explain the sounds obtained in step 3.

Asymmetric key handle: it is more curved in severe to facilitate agreements with the left hand and flatter in acute lead to facilitate Thurs

Grover locking tunes: these are mechanical blocking that facilitate and accelerate (really) change the strings because most need to turn the mechanical 30 times to block the rope.

The wood of the "top" of the guitar is higher than the 2008 model quality.

Things less compared to 2008:

- More strap lock factory (the last in 2008 had strap locks factory). Personally, for use every day as a group, I would prefer to have factory, but I understand that collectors and purists scream a bit of that classic Gibson returns to strap buttons.

- The mechanical sound like kidney and non trapeze (this is a plus for those who prefer kidney, hihi).


I find the handle very nice (facilitates bends, tremolo, etc..), For me it is a highway compared to other models I've tried, after I advise every one to try because we all hands and different habits, so do not rely on an opinion ;)

The access to acute is the first weak point (two) Les Paul compared to stratiform or SG, but not to the sound of an LP with a Strat, haha! In all cases these acute remain easily accessible it suits my style of play (Blues / Rock / Metal).

The second weakness is well known weight. Although the room has acoustic guitar, it is a heavy guitar, you should equip yourself with a good many large and well padded strap to play the beginning of history have less pain in the shoulder.

The guitar is very well balanced when playing seated.

It gets a great sound Gibson easily (plug and play anything).


I like the hot fat that is easily obtained on any amp (I tried marshall (JCMS), Blackstar, fenders (Deville) and vox (AC 4)) lamps. I have not tried on hybrid amps or transisteurs.

No need to push the amp thoroughly to get the sound, just push the microphone volume on the guitar.

In general my micro switch is in the middle, ie, both active pickups, I think they complement each other very well. As for the rhythm as in the lead. This does not preclude the solos from time to time with the neck pickup, more oriented rhythm (rhythm position switch, of course) or easel.

I find this very versatile Les Paul 2012 compared to its predecessors or competitors, especially thanks to its push-pull knobs.

In splittant volume knobs for single coil pickups, one can easily reach funk sounds (on a LP is a novelty).

I use the push pull tone chavalet microphone (true bypass) as a small boost. Because it emphasizes the acute and increases the volume at the same time, I used to play with a crybaby, it rocks.

With the push pull to invert the phase we get a very clear sound when both pickups are activated (when the selection of micro swith is in the middle). I do not use it a lot.


I use it for almost a year.

The feature I like most ... sound, impressive face (it feels overpowered with, hahahaha).

I tried a little while before buying: the Strats and SG. I prefer the sound and the handling of my LP after, I think that we should not compare a Strat with LP because they are two different worlds.

The SG was odd to me after trying the LP and the Strat is not made for me too.

I prefer Gibson, among others because I like the Gibson fans will look at Fender SRV certainly ;)

I think it may be a bit too expensive compared to what it's worth, but that Gibson must pay these sacred advertising campaigns!

I remake the choice, no doubt. I found my happiness ^ ^

Djezeking's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012
Manufacturing USA.
Mahogany body (modern weight relief)
AAA flamed maple top
Profile of the handle: 60's
Radius of the composite key
Scale: 628mm thomann
Width at Nut: 43mm
Benchmarks trapezoids
22 frets
Plek technology shrink
Dual Burstbucker Pro 2 pickups
2 volume controls Push / Pull Volume (Coil Switch)
2 tone controls Push / Pull Tone (Pure Phase Switch and Bypass)
TonePros bridge and tailpiece
Mechanical blocking Grover Kidney
Jack Switchcraft base
Comes with cover gibson certificate, sticker, string gibson


Handle quite nice although a thinner profile would have been more. However, having the habit of playing on a studio faded over so gross, I think the perfect varnish allow a drag.

The weight is the signature of gibson, I love ....
Access to acute freight is not necessarily easy given the positioning sleeve body and the thickness of the table. Live well kept, there arrives Bossant.


Sound: there is the holy grail of Gibson, fat and grain of the standard are as good as clean or crunch that drive further.

However, it is best expressed on the crunch and drive thicker.
More, the push pull knobs for: in clean, quite recovers some slamming and shiny. I pull (pull) the microphone volume low or high and the micro single .... behaves more clarity and transparency, but also out of breath.

The burstbucket are excellent bills, a little "rough" sometimes imprecise, but nevertheless quality and character Gibson!! we do not ask them to do Fender (oh how perfect shot!!)

I use a marshall:

One channel to drive 5 of JCM 2000 or AFD 100.
8 = acute micro drive
Micro sleeve sweater 4 = crunch
I change the sound by changing the microphone: clean to drive ... very very practical

You can also live past the microphone without serious tone to the amp, allowing a more crude.

Guitar well tempered, we're on the Gibson and stays there.
But it allows very fine adjustments through a diversity significant, I would say a range of nuance ... gibson blues to rock to see hard rock, metal, not really ....


I use it for two months now, and frankly, I love this guitar, its color to its sound, its finish, the smell of varnish.

It's been 20 years I have dreamed of, and really, I'm not disappointed.
The eternal melancholy of "it was better before" or followers of models "Vintage" from gibson with microphone mounted models 57 and 57 were most certainly right, but the budget is definitely not the same.

I played on a bland studio mounted alnico slash gameplay side and frankly, it's another world.
I played washburn is much fatter
I tested a series lespaul vintage, it is almost quite similar gameplay side (minus his side with 57 of the vintage)
Played on an SG bland impression on the Les Paul really have a real guitar in his hands.
Sg is the Rock that rockabily

A buy if budget