Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Skyfighter1 01/08/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio : Skyfighter1's user review


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Everything has already been said but ...
Mahogany body with curved maple table
Mahogany / Rosewood 22 frets profile 59 '
490R and 498T pickups 2 Gibson
2 volumes and 2 tones
3 position selector
Bridge tun-o-matic / Stop bar tailpiece
Accastillage gold or chrome
Delivered by Gibson Black Reptile Pattern Case interior fourure white)

Mine is finished in Ebony. I think this is the best because it is on which we see at least the absence of the net.

Characteristics make me dream and they make it well



cort x2 I used before with a handle really flat and I was afraid of the handle that several friends have told me quite thick.
But in reality it is pure happiness !!!!! This handle is very comfortable to play than it is for the agreements or solos.

The interface is pretty good I can not find it heavy unlike what they say and my Cort is far from being a reference even if it's worth it for a beginner.

I use an Ebony Gold Hardware in 2010 and finish is excellent in every detail. I just wish the threads and bindings but I knew he had not the studios.

The only small downside is access to acute. Play the 17th cargo is not a problem but when we have to go pull a note in the 22nd when freight solo Knockin on Heavens Door "It is not hot.
Standing with a good strap is not too hard but sat down, every time I sometimes have to "consider" the guitar slightly to get there and every time I'm afraid it does not slip from my hands .

Even if access is difficult to treble from the cargo the 19th, that's not enough to lower my grade.



Here we get down to business.
Many say that the studio is not a real Gibson but mine is quite true!
Everything depends on the models they say that they must try to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
But I ordered this guitar on the internet on a rant. Like what chance does sometimes things well. I compared it with a Les Paul with a friend and was amazed by the sound of my studio.
The sound in clean neck pickup is fat enough for the agreements but the sound is warm and truly exceptional.
Sound bridge pickup is very good but less "done" for agreements with its a bit more garish.

on the other hand in distortion is happiness really is excellent provided you use a good distortion.
I use a fender frontman 15g and clean is very good but the drive is not terrible. on the other hand with a good distortion pedal that changes everything.
I have tried it on a Marshall JVM 410H and the sound is really beautiful. Prefer tube amps if you can

After some adjustment I found THE sound gibson and everything changes!



I use it for 3 weeks and I'm still happy.

I tried another studio, a sg standard, an Epiphone les paul slash appetite, a Les Paul and Les Paul Custom for fun ^ ^ and honestly, my studio at the sound outclasses any other than the custom . Even if the Epiphone pickups mounted with seymour duncan n'entire slash signature does not hurt at all, especially distortion.
on the other hand level finishing, custom and traditional are still ahead. Even if mine is already excellent.

The sound-
-Weight compared to my Cort

The -
- Access to treble

For 999 euros I had a real les paul that would fade over a les paul standard

With the experience I would do this choice with your eyes closed. But when even tried the model in question if you can, because several friends have fallen badly.
Personally I did not do for one simple reason: I live in Switzerland and the music store where I often go to the studios to 2,500 francs and 1,000 francs on thomann ... the choice was quickly made.