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Yamaha LP-Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Yamaha Revstar RS320

    Yamaha Revstar RS320 - "A Yamaha-style, doublecut Les Paul!"


    For a specs list you’ll be better served on any online dealer’s website, but in a nutshell it features a nato body and set neck (nato being some sort of mahogany), with a rosewood fretboard that features a rather flat radius (approx. 13), making it p…

  • Yamaha AES500

    Yamaha AES500 - "Yamaha AES 500"


    Bought this guitar at a pawn shop for about $150. I was looking for a backup electric, and when I saw this one, I fell in love. The AES 500 has great action. I can fly up and down the fretboard with wonderfull speed. Can't think of anything that …

  • Yamaha AES500

    Yamaha AES500 - "Yamaha AES 500"


    I got this guitar almost a year ago, I just saw it and liked it, then when I tested it I loved it, it had a very nice sound. I´m from mexico, I payed about $280 U.S. dollars First of all, it looks great, it´s very confortable to play it and it has …

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha AES820-D6

    Yamaha AES820-D6 - K-lou's review


    Manufacturer: Japan Manufacture: Taiwan Body: Solid Alder (2 pices), string through- Finish: Black opaque Channel: 24 cases, 666.8 mm, vissbr /> Pickups: 2 humbuckers DiMarzio Custom Bridge: Tune O Matic standard Mcaniques: Sperzel Autobl…

  • Yamaha AES500

    Yamaha AES500 - Mad_Angel's review


    - Manufacturing in Taiwan - 22 frets, 2 humbucker splitable (from inconue no référécence behind either) - Fixed bridge tune o matic type - 1 pickup selector 3 positions, 3 portards: a micro volume, and a general tone which is push button micro …