Yamaha AES500
Yamaha AES500

AES500, LP-Shaped Guitar from Yamaha in the AES series.

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Mad_Angel 10/09/2006

Yamaha AES500 : Mad_Angel's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- Manufacturing in Taiwan
- 22 frets, 2 humbucker splitable (from inconue no référécence behind either)
- Fixed bridge tune o matic type
- 1 pickup selector 3 positions, 3 portards: a micro volume, and a general tone which is push button micro spliter.
- Channel for the relatively late Paul.

Lutherie generally very good for its price, good quality finish, as often with yamaha.


- A round very enjoyable to play, relatively late for a les paul that I find conford increase the game! It is also very bein the acordage.
- Compared to a lot of les paul ... weight! I find it rather light for this type of guitar (not dreaming, it's not a classic, must wear it: D). Good balance of all, very enjoyable to play!


- Is perfect for what I play: a bit of everything: D but on the whole more oriented roxck and ska but still very rhythmic.
- I've had it 5 months, I mainly play with a brand lamps (Peavey 50,212), I also tested on all combos transistor, and a head Randall 4 * 12 (moved ca!)
-Despite the small price I paid (200 €) I was pleasantly surprised at his! a powerful and relatively warm on my all lamps! treble that well with low resortent always present on the head while Randall is Pffff big sound powerful, and devastating, but in my opinion mainly owed to the amp too!
-Overall it is a very versatile guitar with two splittable humbucker! perfect for beginning and have fun after a little more experience. who personally had a preference for the intermediate position (the two microphones) which gave me a more balanced.

PS: I change there in one week the bridge pickup with a Gibson Burstbucker ... and there I do not play on this one! over medium, a well defined even better saturation! that happiness!


- I've had it 5 months now and no worries! Versatile, original (and it's a model I feel unusual), instead of a handle end for a Les Paul and light too (compared to a lot of les paul forever!) For its price, a very good guitar!
- I tested some models of les paul, it was the models rather then high-end features the best in micro but against conford game and finish it has its place and good maintenance the road!
- A quality / price ratio really very good! € 200 Used (impecable condition) I do not know the price when it was sold new but had to remain very corect ca. After replacing the micro bridge (€ 90) is on I replace it before long! its look, weight, neck make this guitar I love. And even without changing the sound the microphone is not bad at all for a guitar to price!

-If I had to refer this choice? without hesitation! at the beginning I still had a fear may have to pay can be a bit expensive (I saw him several times in the 150 € OCCAZ sites abroad) and I had no opinion on this guitar (yes I wonder if she really was marketed in France, or for a short time no doubt) but after playing a few hours above all hesitation is gone. Today it remains for me the fun! Play a guitar that came back was € 300 with a new microphone and gives me the sound I was looking for a long time without necessarily find it on the instrument sometimes more expensive!

A very good instrument for its price!