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Series belonging to the Signature series from LTD

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LTD Stephen Carpenter user reviews

  • LTD SC-207

    LTD SC-207 - "Buy a better model"


    The ESP LTD SC-207 is a signature model made by LTD to appease those who are Stephen Carpenter fans but don't have the cash to shell out for the more expensive models out there. The guitar features a basswood body, a maple bolt-on neck with a rosewo…

  • LTD SC-607B

    LTD SC-607B - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by belzeb/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Good quality guitar made in Korea. Mahogany body with maple top 27" baritone neck, two active EMG81 pickups for 7-string guitars, one in the bridge and one in the center posit…

  • LTD SC-600 - Natural Gloss

    LTD SC-600 - Natural Gloss - " a very good guitar"


    corp mahogany (clearly selected) maple neck through three parts rosewood fingerboard with signing carpenter .... that beautiful wood, incredible Luthrie for Korean manufacturing the mechanical ESP are very good: very precise and takes the agr…

  • LTD SC-608B

    LTD SC-608B - " you said 8 strings!"


    Korean manufacturing. Bridge: Hipshot Fixed Bridge. 24 frets. 2 EMG 808. 1 tone, 1 volume, 1 micro switch. Mechanical Blocking. UTILIZATION The handle despite a certain width (8 strings requires) is nice, the guitar is pretty heavy. acc…

  • LTD SC-607B

    LTD SC-607B - Flowlion's review


    characteristic already developed! I own the model with mechanical self-locking, micro and 81-7. UTILIZATION Round fun! I'm used to handles Gibson, the pitch changes a lot! careful not to wear it too low! You can quickly have pain in the wrist and…

  • LTD SC-207

    LTD SC-207 - " A change microphones emergency"


    Tuner guitar (like huh cars) good basis for upgrade. Made in the guitar cheap entry level par excellence. Easel Gibson type (we like it or not I have struggled at first, warm the palm-mute .. Strings which pass through eyelets in the body, = mo…

  • LTD SC-207

    LTD SC-207 - zangdar555's review


    See above. Lutherie excellent for the price, very well finished, smooth and dark purple on my model. Only downsides: Average mechanical, micro means but very very good. UTILIZATION I find the handle very nice, very easy access to acute, th…

  • LTD SC-607

    LTD SC-607 - Oliver Sp@rk's review


    Made in Japan, as elsewhere ESP (whether to recall ...) neck 24 frets, active EMG 3 position 1 volume, 1 tone I bought two new finishing Toneburst (as shown here) that no longer produced ... so hard to find (there are only uniform colors ...) …

  • LTD SC-608B

    LTD SC-608B - khronegon's review


    - Made in Korea. - Channel driver Rabl (probably three pieces), 24 frets "extra jumbo, standard 55 mm nut, thin-profile U. - Wings of mahogany. - Rosewood, not included on the button to the 12th SRC inlay box and model the 24th box, white bindi…

  • LTD SC-200

    LTD SC-200 - starkitsh's review


    Brand New Guitar With ESP Limited Lifetime Warranty Only Colors Available Are See-Through Green And Black, As Shown Above Construction: Bolt-on Scale Length: 25.5 Body: Basswood Neck / Fretboard: Maple / rosewood Inlays: Model name at 24t…