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Audiofanzine FR 12/05/2008

LTD SC-607B : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by belzeb/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Good quality guitar made in Korea.

Mahogany body with maple top

27" baritone neck, two active EMG81 pickups for 7-string guitars, one in the bridge and one in the center position (no neck pickup).

3-way toggle switch, volume and tone controls.

Auto-locking EMG machine heads

Body-through tailpiece.

Quite surprising body-through neck. It strongly reminds me of a Schecter 007 neck. This baritone neck is not convenient for small hands. Compared with an Ibanez, the neck is wider, thicker and not so flat (but flatter than a Fender).



I personally love Ibanez RG necks and this one is quite different but incredibly comfortable. The 27" scale can be impressive but I didn't have a problem when I tried it out. It won't be a problem for people used to a 25.5" scale. But people used to playing short scale necks will have lots of difficulties.

The neck is not totally flat. I usually play with the thumb behind the neck and I was surprised to see that I sometimes place my thumb on the top edge of the neck. I guess shredders will feel pretty comfortable with this neck. The space between strings is larger than on Ibanez guitars so it's very playable. The neck/body junction is good and you won't have any problem reaching the last fret.


The instrument is not that heavy considering it is a mahogany 7-string guitar. Standard weight. It's as heavy as a RG7, but lighter than a Xyphos.

It's pretty comfortable to play it standing or sitting thanks to the Strat shape.

But I noticed some small disadvantages. First of all, the center pickup is a bit uncomfortable when playing with a pick. If you place your hand very close to the bridge the pick hits the pickup and it's unpleasant. Another problem is that the headstock isn't angled enough so the strings generate vibrations beyond the nut when you play palm mutes. If you like a very accurate sound you'll have to mute them with adhesive tape or a scrunchie...

Last drawback: in the beginning, the inverted head is a bit confusing when you tune the guitar...

But in spite of all this I loved this guitar!


I tested it with a Peavey Bandit 112, which is a very average amp. However, I liked both clean and distortion sounds which shows that this instrument is good!

The unplugged sound already lets you hear the mahogany body, the set neck and the body-through tailpiece. It sounds great and the sustain is incredible!

Clean sound

Everybody will say this guitar was not conceived for clean sounds but I love to disagree with everyone! The EMG pickups sound good, clear and accurate. The sounds provided by the pickups are not that different from one another, and I believe a neck pickup would really broaden the sound range. However, the overall sound is crystal-clear and straightforward. Personally, I find the clean sound is really nice for a guitar conceived for heavy metal.

Distortion sound

Awesome... The EMG pickups are the perfect match for this guitar. The response is dynamic and clear! Stunning... This guitar has an incredible punch and a very large dynamic range. You can hear that it's a massive mahogany guitar. The sound is stunning (although I usually play a lime tree guitar which has more aggressive highs and more accurate lows).

The bridge pickup produces a more precise response while the center pickup sounds like rock. The combination of both pickups is also very good for rock. All three pickup combinations sound quite similar... Perhaps it was the solid-state amp I used when I tested the guitar...


I tested this guitar at a music store and it belongs to the best 7-string axes I've ever played!

The neck feels very unusual but it's incredibly comfortable. The finish is beautiful and it seems to be sturdy. The guitar has a strong personality. I really liked this guitar and I think it will be my next purchase... especially because you can tune it to F sharp thanks to the baritone neck.

This guitar is perfect considering its price. I will buy it as soon as I have enough money!!!