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Flowlion 12/24/2010

LTD SC-607B : Flowlion's user review


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characteristic already developed! I own the model with mechanical self-locking, micro and 81-7.


Round fun! I'm used to handles Gibson, the pitch changes a lot! careful not to wear it too low! You can quickly have pain in the wrist and hands.
thickness is surprising, traversing ropes and handle should help sustain this incredible guitar.
factory settings are shit, you really have to spend a luthier before using it on record or live. And there! This changes everything! Saw the guitar!


My style of music is between the rock and power metal post grunge!
we are only three in my group, so it must send the guitar enough.
I use this guitar on a mesa roadster correct! here's sending very large, but the EMG tended to disappear in the mix if too much gain (à10h adjustment on the front). it lacks a ch'touille heat, but with a good set of amps, a bit of presence and a calculated dose of bass, it's OK! According must coordinate with the bassist to complete the level of frequencies. The bridge pickup is the most interesting for my taste! especially in groups for many shows in the spectrum.
I think the clean sounds are really top, in cons by crunch she is doing very very well! may be surprised to play the blues with good old rock! She does not face reddened or SG 335. Even on a mini amp type badcat or orange, it was overpowering sounds awesome!


I buy to record an album there are about 4 months! to complete an SG and add an octave in the bass on the chorus!
and I am so pleased that I use from time to time to live!
I tried the Ibanez, Dean and Schecter, but this one really showed the lot! Especially in terms of sound quality.
form here is fairly commonplace, but the sound is so amazing that you forget its flaws.