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Mackie Thump user reviews

  • Mackie TH-15A

    Mackie TH-15A - BeyondR's review


    Mackie Thump TH-15A is a powerful speaker that is light and can be used anywhere , and still get you a powerful sound. What I like most about this product is the 300-watt class-D amplifier, and a 1" compression driver powered by a 100-watt class-A a…

  • Mackie TH-15A

    Mackie TH-15A - "Great bass response"


    There really aren’t many negative things you can say about the TH 15A by Mackie. It’s a really affordable speaker and it is also very loud. All of your live sounds will sound amazing coming through the TH 15A’s. If you have some live piano’s or live …

  • Mackie TH-15A

    Mackie TH-15A - "Great for small venues"


    I purchased the Mackie Thmp 15A’s a while ago so I can make the switch to active lightweight speakers instead the heavy passive ones. I currently DJ a small restaurant/lounge with an average of 50-80 people and gave these a run with some hip-hop and…

  • Mackie TH-18s

    Mackie TH-18s - Karaokepartydj's review


    "The back panel on this sub rattles worse than a trunk on a lowrider, rattles so loud that it can be herd over the sub and mains. The effects create a rumble thru the speaker with nothing pluged in at all. I received this brand new in the box last we…

  • Mackie TH-12A

    Mackie TH-12A - " Gets the job done, cheap"


    I bought a pair of these speakers for background music of the local repet. The idea was to make the voices and keyboard pass on. I was seduced by the brand and price, it's stupid but it was the Mackie ... for cheap, even if we know we are clearly …

  • Mackie TH-12A

    Mackie TH-12A - " Not bad ..."


    I've only used a few months because they were not suitable for the use that I had. I have not tried the speaker before heap of whaferdale, prodipe, and worked on the turbo sound. The speakers are built with practical handles are not too heavy, …

  • Mackie TH-15A

    Mackie TH-15A - pierreblc91's review


    I use them for a month in my association equipment leasing In assets, I use RCF ART 312A, 315A and 312A mkII the +: For 150w LF basses are pretty good present, 3 band equalizer the -: very present midrange, treble a bit shrill not very nice, ent…

  • Mackie TH-15A

    Mackie TH-15A - " Love"


    Very good active speaker, its been nice to have a speaker with good bass and treble too loud! I recommend …