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Mackie TH-12A
Mackie TH-12A
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iansorcerer iansorcerer

«  Not bad ... »

Publié le 02/11/14 à 03:04
Value For Money : Excellent
I've only used a few months because they were not suitable for the use that I had.

I have not tried the speaker before heap of whaferdale, prodipe, and worked on the turbo sound.

The speakers are built with practical handles are not too heavy, and give a feeling of strength. An equalizer at the rear.

Speakers have breath at rest as many active speakers, which have no noticeable as soon as you turn up the sound. They also have a trigger, which is a bit confusing at first, the sound starts with a blast when threshold is crossed, so not listening at low volume, they are not made for that. The sound is good, quite dynamic.

These are small speakers, so make for sound, in addition to a larger system, or back. Good value for money, it's Mackie.

With experience, no I would not have bought them because they did not fit my use. But having seen them work in sound to the person to whom I have sold, so this is a good choice.