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Mayones user reviews

  • Mayones Setius GTM 6

    Mayones Setius GTM 6 - "Great Bolt-on. A LOT of guitar for the price."


    This is an incredible instrument. A Baritone 27 Inch scale Mayones Setius 6 GTM. Mahogany bodied with a 5-ply / Mahogany-Maple neck. 24 medium jumbo frets in a gorgeous piece of rosewood. String thru body and TOM bridge. 1 Volume/1 tone with thr…

  • Mayones Setius PRO 6

    Mayones Setius PRO 6 - "Mayones has another winner!"


    For those that aren't familiar, Mayones is a Polish company that has been around for quite some time now! They are reknowned for the highest quality of craftsmanship in their basses/guitars. This one in particular is equipped with the venerable EMG…

Translated user reviews
  • Mayones Setius GTM 7

    Mayones Setius GTM 7 - " real upscale"


    Polish manufacturing top flight, they know the buggers work my guitar is standard manufacturing except the finish is optional, so mahogany body, maple top and mahogany / maple all the technical specifications can be found on the website .... I ha…

  • Mayones Regius 6

    Mayones Regius 6 - " The Rolls Royce of guitars"


    Guitar made in Poland, 100% handmade. Having the chance to be sponsored by Mayones in 2006 I have a special model. (I'm not sponsored by this brand so I do not do publicitée and am completely free of my comments) Corp. ash, maple table tabby, dri…

  • Mayones Setius PRO 6 Lizard

    Mayones Setius PRO 6 Lizard - " scratching a luthier?"


    Guitar made in Poland, by hand by "true" luthiers! Chevallet pro floyd type 2, one of the best on the market. Channel 5 games, maple and mahogany. 24 frets, 2 humbuckers Schaller Golden 50's (replica of the classic Gibson 57), spitter origin wh…

  • Mayones Setius GTM 6

    Mayones Setius GTM 6 - Roo's review


    Made by hand in Poland. 24 cases Ferd Wagner medium jumbo frets Micro HSS config. Switch positions 5. black Mahogany body with flamed maple table / corrugated transparent. Graph Tech nut in. mahogany-maple neck Stan Hinesley Pickups c…

  • Mayones Be 6

    Mayones Be 6 - jeff carnal lust's review


    6-string bass, 24 frets Bolt Amazaque solid-body, curved 5-round games: 3 of amazaque, 2 nets Maple, Rosewood fingerboard -2 + Pavers Bartolini Bartolini preamp -Knobs: volume, micro scale, serious, doctor, fever. The bass and treble are stac…

  • Mayones Be 5

    Mayones Be 5 - iskandar's review


    - Low made in Poland in a violin shop - 24 frets, two pickups and a Bartolini Jazz OBP3 Aguilar electronics (volume, balance, medium, low / high) The handle is made of five parts: three mahogany, maple and two nets. The body is amazaque, a cousi…

  • Mayones Elegance 5

    Mayones Elegance 5 - andrebonnin's review


    Made by the luthier who also bump warwik Poland Driver Channel Version with microphones and Bartolini preamp Aguilar UTILIZATION Round easy access to acute easier, a little heavy. The sound is easy to obtain but a small "training" will high…

  • Mayones Setius PRO 6

    Mayones Setius PRO 6 - olaf greuntsson's review


    As stated in the notice Previous, it's hand made in Poland, 24 Bolt-medium jumbo frets. I tested with 2 humbuckers and split Schaller, and thus the famous Schaller floyd. rglage Volume, Tone with push-pull split the two microphones both slecteur …