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Audio-Technica Accessories for Microphones user reviews

  • Audio-Technica AT8441

    Audio-Technica AT8441 - "Not a shockmount I'd ever buy seperately."


    Shockmounts are pretty necessary in the studio. They isolate the microphone from the stand, creating a buffer that the vibrations can dissipate through. This allows the microphone to avoid picking up the noise of the room’s vibrations, be it foot-sto…

  • Audio-Technica AT8471

    Audio-Technica AT8471 - moosers's review


    The Audio-Technica AT8471 is a simple microphone mount/clip, for use with a variety of Audio Technica microphones. Specifically, I've used the AT8471 with the AE2500 dual element microphone. This is a really sturdy microphone stand and will be suit…

  • Audio-Technica AT8441

    Audio-Technica AT8441 - moosers's review


    The Audio-Technica AT 8441 is a shock mount that is designed for use with a few different microphones. I've used it primarily with the Audio Technica AT 4050 microphone, which comes with the AT 8441. However, there are a variety of other microphone…

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