Audio-Technica AT8441

AT8441, Shockmount from Audio-Technica.

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moosers 05/28/2010

Audio-Technica AT8441 : moosers's user review


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The Audio-Technica AT 8441 is a shock mount that is designed for use with a few different microphones. I've used it primarily with the Audio Technica AT 4050 microphone, which comes with the AT 8441. However, there are a variety of other microphones that this will work well with - both Audio Technica mics and otherwise. On a few different occasions I can recall using this shock mount with other non Audio Technica microphones for lack of a proper shock mount.


I didn't buy the Audio-Technica AT 8441 on it's own, but I believe that is sold separately from a microphone if you want to buy it on it's own. Of course it comes with a few different Audio Technica microphones as well, which is where I would imagine most people will be getting it from. I can't remember exactly what other microphones I've used the AT 8441 in terms of non Audio Technica microphones, but the way that it is built makes it easy to adapt similar sized microphones to it. I wouldn't buy it for use with an unapproved microphone, but it's definitely something that you should know if you've got the AT 8441. It's a sturdily built shock mount, as the elastic strings make it so that you're microphone won't be affected by any movement on the floor or any rumbling, which can affect what the microphone picks up. I don't know what kind of price this would command if you wanted to buy it without a microphone, but again I'd only recommend doing this if you've got an Audio Technica 4050 or another microphone that is designed specifically for this shock mount. Overall, the AT 8441 is a nice shock mount to have around for it's versatility, but again I wouldn't recommend it unless you have Audio Technica mic to use it with.