Audio-Technica AT8410a
Audio-Technica AT8410a

AT8410a, Shockmount from Audio-Technica.

le_kornichon 07/05/2008

Audio-Technica AT8410a : le_kornichon's user review


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It is an elastic suspension of aluminum and plastic.
Its clip holds up any microphone type "pen".


I bought for my suspensions Oktava MK-012 and I t of their weight (they are all steel), their quality (the screws coming loose constantly), and their ineffective (the elastic is too hard, the whole is really hard).
I was then ready for a AT8410a and I think I buy a pair or two because they are really good. Not only holds the clamp in place any pencil, but at the end of a pole moving the microphone remains in the axis, it never turns. But the shocks are fully amortized latrales.

For twice the price that Oktava was a product 10 times better. It is at least at the level of suspensions with Sennheiser MKH40 books.