Audix DP5A
Audix DP5A

DP5A, Microphone Package from Audix.

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Webfree79's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good micro battery kit priced US"

Audix DP5A
This is a kit of dynamic mics for drums (it lacks the overhead). Everything comes in a box of metal, in which there instead for overheads (even if they are not in this kit's).


Been there a few days the United States and tried on the stage.

Already tried before:
The kit Shure PGD MK6 (There's a long time)
Shure Beta 52 on GC (Good) and above E602 (means, but a lot of Tom Bass)
Shure Beta 57 on CC (and before SM57)
Sennheiser E604 Tom on
Beyerdynamic TG D58 C Tom Bass (and occasionally on snare)

What I like most is the homogeneity of the kit that is well balanced, powerful and cash well and seems especially strong. The i5 competitor on paper in the SM57 is very strong and is more accurate than the SM57. The snare was present and more powerful than the Beta 57 (with the same settings on the table).

D6 kit (bass drum mic), the distinction of sending the heavy as he is not. Compared to the Shure Beta 52, it is small and light: Excellent point! One might think that he will not give much when you see the template of micro: Think again, it sends the wood as they say!

The D2 (tom alto / medium) and D4 (floor tom) are very good too, well defined and present, not very large differences in contrast compared to my old pickups (especially compared to the Beyer is really good ). The advantage is that it sounds right away and do nothing (immediately easier to mix).

The fastening system seems odd at first, but is very useful, adjustments are easy and many can really position the microphone as you want. I used it also for the i5 on the snare, I was afraid to enter the microphone, but it does not bother me in the evening, I also think it has contributed to this "explosion" of sound snare 57 from the beta, it was better positioned. to see the evolution in time, hoping that this system aging well ...

The quality / price is right, it is especially excellent if it is purchased in the United States, for my part I got to $ 549 (about € 410 over € 40 shipping), comes with 5 XLR cables and more! ! At this price it's unbeatable, because it takes about 850 € in France (when found) and more than 700 € chez Thomann (and without cables!).

Yes I would do without hesitation that choice at that price because I have a very solid kit, quality, delivered in an equally strong case for no more than a Shure PG kit (which is way below in terms of quality acoustic and strength, but is good for starters)

Rj_4000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audix DP5A
Kit 5 microphones (dynamic) Battery


The recently bought and tried it on a recording repeated.

Tried before?
On GC: Beta 52 (Good), AKG D112 (its round and 'soft', but ample), AKG D12, Beyer M88 (!), SM58 (anything ... well, it's better than nothing. though ...), Sennheiser MD21 (Omni) DPA 4061 (omni, amazing, but live ...)...
On CC: SM57 (of course), Beta 57, Revox M3500 (Beyer M201) (My favorite), ...
On Toms: E604 (Good), MD421 (TB, but the bulk !!!), SM57 ...

Well balanced kit. D6 Outstanding (who likes a lot of 'Kick').

Q / P
Priced at U.S. (!): Excellent!
At the European price, well ... to see.

I'm happy, so I certainly referrer the same choice.

NB: There was lack of microphones and Charley OH (HH):
I use 2 Neumann KM184 OH and Audix VX5, bought secondhand, for Charley. The Neumann is excellent (no surprise), and also VX5 (with HPF on).

For CC, I prefer my old Revox M3500 (Beyer M201) on top.
The i5 is well below ... Although a bit heavy. I second flight a head because the head Shure Audix did not (I must see her again seriously).

Note about the clips for attaching microphones to the Toms / CC:
Practice and it works. +-Side addition to the obvious advantage of avoiding having feet across, is the flexibility of position adjustment.
On the CC, I put two clips: one for the M3500 and the other for the i5.
The i5 is comparable to the Beta 57 for this purpose.
I manage to put the M3500 although almost horizontally on the CC, and even adjust its horizontal position to prevent it takes wand.

The D2 and D4 are more bulky than the E604, but it does not interfere with the drummer ...

alcools's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audix DP5A
On this type of product, I notice a "beginner" because it is the first time that I invest in a "real" kit micro battery (before I used like any beginning musician singing mics that I 'had on hand, like Shure SM58 and a special drum but low-end). So my opinion is worth what it is ...

So anyway, I can say that the result is not commensurate with what I used before. For the bass drum, I placed the microphone inside (great for the sound of the bat striking the skin) placed on a blanket, also inside the barrel. The result is really good, without having to make many corrections to the equalizer, compressor and by a recess. The toms sound great too. The microphone on the snare drum sounds good (compared to an SM58 anyway) but need to be almost horizontally from the drum (in the direction of the strike zone) because the sound was too fat low and more horizontal. Despite correction, it lacks a little finesse to my taste on the snare, but maybe I do it wrong (and I do not have a microphone to a recovery under the barrel to catch the timbre).


I use the kit again (for the record itself) and sometimes in concert to boost the bass drum (not in rooms above 80 people, I do not need to pass the other elements of the battery in the sound system). Small clarification: the hooks provided are very useful but it is difficult to put the microphone in the horizontal for my snare.

So in summary, I am very satisfied but I have no real point of comparison.

papayoulélé's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Audix DP5A
This is therefore a set of dynamic microphones mainly destiny battery.
I personally have added a third D2 because I am greedy.
The kit even includes it
* A pair of D2 for toms (hypercardiodes)
* A D4 for floor tom (hypercardiode)
* D6 Bass Drum (cardioid)
* I5 a Snare (cardioid)
* 4 D-Vice (gooseneck support)


Rcement purchased.
What I like least? I'm still looking. D6, however typ very "modern" will not suit all styles, it can be an opportunity preferer D4 whose scope is particularly tense.
D2 have a very its neighbors in terms of sonority MD421 but are much less bulky and benficient better off-axis rejection due to their directivity. Of very good results will be obtained on toms but why not on a snare drum or even a guitar amp.
D4 is similar with a tighter RESPONSE in the lower spectrum. He can be as comfortable in resuming floor tom as kick drum or bass amplifier. On a floor tom, thus ensuring a certain homogeneity with D2 on other toms while highlighting the low end sometimes delicate capture this type was.
Top Notch.
The i5 inspired the HIGHLIGHTING the SM57 but the top end is open. Can compete latter in most situations. His character is less marked. Note that a rejection possde slightly superior off-axis with good homogeneity.
D6 is therefore primarily designed for the bass drum. Instantly we get a ballsy sound with the infra and sharp attack. Very good though limit certain types of music as I said above.
Cersise on the cake, the 4-D vice very practical, stable and robust are advantageous obvious congestion level even if their prfrables feet remain in the framework of a registration o transmission avoid vibrations.
The whole is accompanied by a small briefcase well lgante class, which does not spoil anything.
In short, I am delighted delighted delighted and I well Videment do this choice.