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Thread Peavey Control Surface

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1 Peavey Control Surface
This unit seems to meet both my recording needs and my budget needs:
Peavey PC 1600x (https://www.peavey.com/images/products/midi/pc1600x_lg.jpg)

Programmable MIDI fader controller system
20 x 2 display
50 programmable presets
2 CV inputs
16 faders
16 buttons
MIDI in/out
Sequencer control
100 scenes
MIDI merge
MIDI filter
SysEx dump/receive
16.5 Volt AC external power supply
MSRP $399.99 US

Does anyone have any experience with this unit or any suggestions for a different unit in this price range? Cubase SX is the program I want to use it for. Thanks!
why don't u check out EDIROL UR-80 ?
Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. I like the transport controls in the Edirol unit, and the keyboard on the Korg unit. I'm pulled toward the Peavey
for the 16 mixer channels, but I'm still a long way out from a final purchase.