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  • The community's favorite Ableton Live controllers

    The community's favorite Ableton Live controllers - Top Ableton Live controllers


    Many of you out there use the famous Ableton sequencer and at one time or another have surely considered getting a controller to gain some creativity, comfort and speed.

  • MIDI Learn Explained

    MIDI Learn Explained - Control your software remotely with real knobs, buttons and faders


    I’m often surprised by musicians who use their mice or trackpads to change MIDI software parameters, and then complain that they miss using real knobs and buttons. I’m surprised because they could use knobs and buttons if only they’d take advantage of MIDI Learn (sometimes called MIDI Assign), which gives you the ability to assign the physical con…

  • In tandem with Advance series controllers, VIP lets you access all your VST instruments in a single interface

    In tandem with Advance series controllers, VIP lets you… - [Video] Akai VIP Software in Action


    We recently reviewed the Akai Advance 49 keyboard. In fact, we gave it an Audiofanzine Award for Innovation. A big part of the value of the Advance series keyboards is that they include VIP software (standalone and plug-in), which allows you to access all of your VST instruments from one convenient interface. In this video, we take VIP through its…

  • Review of the Akai Advance 49 Keyboard Controller

    Review of the Akai Advance 49 Keyboard Controller - Advancing the State of the Art


    Imagine a MIDI-controller keyboard that lets you seamlessly switch between virtual instruments from different manufacturers, keeps all your patches together in a single browser, and automatically maps controller information to its knobs and switches.

  • A Demo of Native Instruments' Innovative New MIDI Controllers

    A Demo of Native Instruments' Innovative New MIDI Contr… - Video: Komplete Kontrol S Series Keyboards


    We recently visited Native Instruments' Los Angeles office, an impressive place where you can see the famous “Hollywood” sign when you look out the window. Though the view was dramatic, we were more focused on the demo we got of the new Komplete Kontrol S Series keyboards.

  • Akai APC 20 Review

    Akai APC 20 Review - Live at your Finger Tips


    With the APC40, a control surface fully dedicated to Ableton Live, Akai created an extremely successful tool, so the launch of the APC20 comes as no surprise: an APC40 amputated of its right section and sold at half the price, to beat all competitors.

  • Novation Launchpad Gear Review

    Novation Launchpad Gear Review - Novation Launchpad: Who's Pad?


    Novation surprised everyone by bringing out an Ableton Live dedicated control surface. Like Akai's APC? Not really, and obviously not at the same price.

  • M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Review

    M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Review - Axiom Truth


    It used to be black and now it's white. M-Audio's controller keyboard is back with a new look and on steroids...

  • Review of the Novation Zero SL Mk II

    Review of the Novation Zero SL Mk II - Novation Remote Zero SL MKII


    When Novation announced Automap Universal at the 2007 NAMM many were instantly intrigued by the concept. Many producers and long time fans of MIDI control were eager to get this revolutionary product integrated into their set up. Now with the Mk2series and Automap 3 available, Novation seems to have taken their product to a new level. Does it live…

  • Percussa Audiocubes: The Test

    Percussa Audiocubes: The Test - Audio Cubism


    Out of the blue, it just appeared in my office, like the megalith from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. A cube: 7.5 cm long, as white and smooth as paraffin, with a pair of LEDs on four of its six sides, two ¼ inch jack inputs, a USB connector...and a button ... ... that I press ... Let there be Light, as someone once said: the cube shines!