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The community's favorite Ableton Live controllers

Top Ableton Live controllers

Many of you out there use the famous Ableton sequencer and at one time or another have surely considered getting a controller to gain some creativity, comfort and speed.

The community's favorite Ableton Live controllers: Top Ableton Live controllers

With this in mind, we asked our French users to tell us which is their favorite Ableton Live controller.

It can be hard to make up your mind between Ableton’s own Push, the AKAI APC, Native Instruments’ Maschine Jam with it special Live template, the Novation Launchpad, and even Livid Instruments’ Base II. To help you out, the French Audiofanzine community shared their favorite pick:

Ableton Live : Top Live controllers

Poll conducted from 01/19/2018 to 02/03/2018 – 551 participants – 1 response per participant

Unsurprisingly, it was Abelton’s Push 2 which landed (by far) the first spot with 65% of the votes. This is no wonder, considering that newjazz bestowed it a Best Product award in 2015 (review available only in French)!

The second spot went to the Akai APC, whose review you can read here.

Tied with the APC was Novation’s Launchpad with 13% of the votes. Newjazz also reviewed the Launchpad Pro version in 2015, bestowing upon it a Value for Money award (review available in French).

And just so you know, we also reviewed the Maschine Jam and guess what? It also got an award (review available in French)!

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