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MIDI Gear user reviews

  • Korg nanoPAD2

    Korg nanoPAD2 - "Not so good velocity pads, great XY pad!"


    The unit is USB powered with one mini USB port. It features 16 velocity-sensitive pads and a single X-Y pad. It's very small, light, and portable. It's entirely plastic and a little flimsy. The pads themselves are significantly smaller than full-…

  • Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller

    Behringer FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller - "For beginners I recommend it."


    I began to discover the magic of MIDI + rack efekty.Jak already have been written programming a bit more complicated (not all IT) but I understand the principle of the excess satisfied. A price / performance of this device is really no competition.…

  • Behringer U-Control UMA25S

    Behringer U-Control UMA25S - "A fun bit of kit"


    I was looking for something portable but functional. I'm mainly a guitar player so I didn't want to spend a fortune on a controller - so I was looking at the entry level market but still with enough features and functions that it was usable as a com…

  • Edirol PCR-30

    Edirol PCR-30 - "Don't buy it. Sucks."


    Pretty complete, cheap and plastic look like, lots of knobs, the keys are too soft. UTILIZATION Not bad for config, cheap confection but normal considering the price. OVERALL OPINION Two keys stopped working after three month of use. Looking on…

  • Behringer U-Control UMX490

    Behringer U-Control UMX490 - "The umx490 doesn't work with Windows 8 pro"


    It worked fine on Vista. It's good gear, especially for me as a novice. It's USB powered, offers lots of possibilities, but after I switched to windows 8.1 pro it's been catastrophic, the sound crackles and some software programs aren't detected. UT…

  • M-Audio Oxygen 8

    M-Audio Oxygen 8 - "A great compact MIDI keyboard to lug arond" has images


    I actually got this as part of a college program and used it everyday. I know it's plastic, but this thing is durable. The Oxygen 8 V2 is perfect for somebody that wants to make MIDI music on the go. Bring it to your favourite jam space just incase, …

  • M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. 61

    M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. 61 - "Excellent product"


    The transport panel, and the illuminated key pads, since they help you to know, at a glance, what choices have you made. Usb and Midi connections, pedal (sust) and power line. UTILIZATION Very very easy to install. and start to using it. The only i…

  • M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. Mini 32

    M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. Mini 32 - "Nice to amuse yourself when traveling"


    32-key master keyboard with 8 pads. I hesitated getting an AKAI MPK mini, but the keys are really small for my big fingers. The M-audio seemed better fitted and it turns out it is. Connections: USB UTILIZATION I'm not a pianist and, to me, the…

  • Novation Launchkey 49

    Novation Launchkey 49 - "Useable but feels too cheap..."


    I purchased the Launchkey 49 after enjoying Novation's Launchpad S controller for a few months. I really like the Launchpad S and thought the idea of a keyboard controller with its own pads would be a wonderful device. I imagined that having the …

  • M-Audio Keystation 88es

    M-Audio Keystation 88es - ejmitra25's review


    I chose this product because of its color black grey and white it matched the color theme of my Macbookpro and my audio interface Steinberg UR44. This unit is very simple. It has 88 semi-weighted keys, which will give you more like playing an acou…