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M-Audio MIDI Keyboard Controllers user reviews

  • M-Audio Keystation 49es

    M-Audio Keystation 49es - "Fantastic basic small keyboard controller "


    This one has been my dedicated knock-around key controller, great for playing add-on "supplemental" key parts when I primarily play saxophone at gigs, and for setting the harmonies (via MIDI) to my TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 processor pedal. I like the …

  • M-Audio Code 61

    M-Audio Code 61 - "Superbe qualité prix " has images


    Je ne me sers personnellement pas des pads ni des fonctionnalités de contrôle je l’ai Choisi pour son nombre de touches et sa vélocité assez intéressante pour jouer du piano pour une version plus transportable que mon piano électrique. Je l’ai depui…

  • M-Audio Oxygen 49 MK IV

    M-Audio Oxygen 49 MK IV - "A nice MIDI keyboard!"


    • With what configuration, software and other gear do you use this MIDI controller? In what context and for what musical genre(s)? What are your thoughts on its stability and durability? Most of the time, I use it with my Macbook pro and cubase art…

  • M-Audio Axiom 49

    M-Audio Axiom 49 - "Axiom 49 Review by C-Los"


    M-Audio’s Axiom 49 MIDI keyboard controller is a great board! In my opinion, it’s probably one of the best out there. Producers who are skilled in playing piano gravitate toward this controller for the semi-weighted keys alone. I’ve seen many people …

  • M-Audio Key Rig 49

    M-Audio Key Rig 49 - "A great MIDI controller for basic stuffs"


    I used M-audio Keyrig 49 with cubase 5 in a Windows 7 PC. The Keyboard has velocity sensitive keys. I personally like this keys for playing synth instruments rapidly. It has no advanced function buttons. It has one slider, octave buttons. …

  • M-Audio Oxygen 8

    M-Audio Oxygen 8 - "A great compact MIDI keyboard to lug arond" has images


    I actually got this as part of a college program and used it everyday. I know it's plastic, but this thing is durable. The Oxygen 8 V2 is perfect for somebody that wants to make MIDI music on the go. Bring it to your favourite jam space just incase, …

  • M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. 61

    M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. 61 - "Excellent product"


    The transport panel, and the illuminated key pads, since they help you to know, at a glance, what choices have you made. Usb and Midi connections, pedal (sust) and power line. UTILIZATION Very very easy to install. and start to using it. The only i…

  • M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. Mini 32

    M-Audio Axiom A.I.R. Mini 32 - "Nice to amuse yourself when traveling"


    32-key master keyboard with 8 pads. I hesitated getting an AKAI MPK mini, but the keys are really small for my big fingers. The M-audio seemed better fitted and it turns out it is. Connections: USB UTILIZATION I'm not a pianist and, to me, the…

  • M-Audio Keystation 88es

    M-Audio Keystation 88es - ejmitra25's review


    I chose this product because of its color black grey and white it matched the color theme of my Macbookpro and my audio interface Steinberg UR44. This unit is very simple. It has 88 semi-weighted keys, which will give you more like playing an acou…

  • M-Audio Key Rig 49

    M-Audio Key Rig 49 - "Does its job fairly well!"


    I make soundtracks for videogames and after more than enough time writing all the lines for my midi instruments in Logic’s piano roll I decided to buy a controler to make the whole production process faster and more musical. The chosen one was this M…