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SoundQuest MIDI utility software user reviews

  • SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL

    SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL - "A must have for the Midi Studio"


    I run this on a Macbook Pro with a RME Fireface 800 interface. I have had no compatibility issues so far running this software. I have not tried using any of the VST options, I have only used it as a stand alone program to edit my old "hard to edit…

Translated user reviews
  • SoundQuest Midi Quest

    SoundQuest Midi Quest - " Midi Quest 11: handy"


    Installation extremely simple. the man behind MidiQuest is very respondent to downloading any unlisted synths (which was my case ...) SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE This application turns and forget carefree therefore no fear about the cpu resource. L…

  • SoundQuest MidiQuest 9 XL

    SoundQuest MidiQuest 9 XL - " Does not work"


    does not work and especially no after sales service. the update is paid after 4 + years of bug I left after hoping SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE does not work OVERALL OPINION jsuis yet Apple technician 20 years specialist computer music and Digid…

  • SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL

    SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL - Ayoub-E's review


    PC (Pentium IV 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM) with Windows XP Pro: No problems with installation. General configuration of the soft a bit complicated but when it was taken over is a real happiness. No incompatibilities. Never opened the manual, however t…

  • SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL

    SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL - michaelrosner_nyc's review


    - Installation is it without problem? Yes - Have you experienced any incompatibility? Not on Mac OS X 10.4.11, for against the inconsistency on the plug-in and crash the application - The configuration gnrale is easy? Relatively, once under…

  • SoundQuest MidiQuest 9 XL

    SoundQuest MidiQuest 9 XL - dahwoud's review


    - The installation is done it without problems? No problem, you just enter the license number, indicated in the manual - Have you experienced any incompatibilities? The version on the CD (9.0) not working in VSTi, install the update 9.1 has so…

  • SoundQuest Midi Quest Junior 7.0

    SoundQuest Midi Quest Junior 7.0 - dominiquedigna's review


    Big problem if you buy it: You will be the thank you for the designer as you will the right to install it once. Then you cry fraudra code over the Internet (which is random image code and change every installation) which does not allow to uninstall t…