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Other Cases news

  • Traktor soon available on the iPad ?

    Traktor soon available on the iPad ?

    01/23/13 in Native Instruments Traktor

    Native Instruments posted yesterday on their Traktor dedicated Facebook page a picture showing Richie Hawtin using a new app on an iPad.

  • Gator Cases G-Tour Pedalboard

    Gator Cases G-Tour Pedalboard

    10/26/12 in Gator Cases G-TOUR PEDALBOARD-LGW

    Gator introduces its G-Tour Pedalboard flightcase.

  • New Ahead Hardware Sleds

    New Ahead Hardware Sleds

    04/19/12 in Ahead Hardware Sled

    Expanding its ine of Hardware Sleds, Ahead Armor Cases has introduced new 48˝ and 28˝ models to complement its original 38˝ case.

  • Kinsman KGX9000

    Kinsman KGX9000

    08/08/11 in Kinsman KGX9000

    John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. introduces the new range of Kinsman instrument cases, available in two distinct varieties.

  • Kaces Razor Series Pedalboard Bag

    Kaces Razor Series Pedalboard Bag

    07/07/11 in Kaces Razor Series Pedal Board Bag

    Kaces introduces an effects stomp box bag that transforms into a pedalboard with non-slip material on the bottom.

  • AHEAD Armor Drum Cases

    AHEAD Armor Drum Cases

    01/09/11 in Ahead Armor Drum Cases

    AHEAD and Big Bang Distribution announced the introduction of the new line of AHEAD Armor Drum Cases.

  • New Hohner Harmonica Cases

    New Hohner Harmonica Cases

    12/18/10 in Hohner Blues Briefcase

    Hohner announced the release of three new harmonica cases to help players organize, protect and transport their harmonicas.

  • Gator GX-TSA Utility Case

    Gator GX-TSA Utility Case

    12/18/10 in Gator Cases GX-TSA Utility Case

    Made of Polyethylene plastic, these hard-shell utility cases sport a black uninterrupted aluminum valance, and ergo-grip carry handle.

  • Professional Fiberglass Mandolin Case

    Professional Fiberglass Mandolin Case

    10/28/10 in Guardian Cases Professional Fiberglass Mandolin Case

    Guardian is now shipping the Professional Fiberglass Mandolin Case (CG-065-M-LGY), which is said to have impact-resistant, water-repellent and durable features.

  • GM-15-TSA & GM-30-TSA Cases

    GM-15-TSA & GM-30-TSA Cases

    09/17/10 in Gator Cases GM-15-TSA

    Made of a lightweight Polyethylene plastic, these cases sport a new look and sleek black uninterrupted aluminum valance.