Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

Shorty CT, Other Electric Guitar from Hofner Guitars.

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All user reviews for the Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

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Average Score:3.4( 3.4/5 based on 12 reviews )
 3 reviews25 %
 5 reviews42 %
 2 reviews17 %
 2 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Matosman59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Friendly and pleasant handle.
1 humbucker
1 volume
1 tone


Good sustain, good handle, good sound ...
I admit I do not understand the comments precedents??
Indeed, the ergonomics is not on top and you must learn to use the beast knowing that it takes a little time to adapt (as my martin backpacker). Personally, I play without standing problem, and sat resting on the right leg, and c is a party ...
Check out the test on the net. It sounds this guitar, especially with a saturation!
Try there with a good amp and you will be surprised.
For this price, c is present.

I play both in my sofa, that in repeated and ... Even on stage.


It suits my musical style (classic rock!)
Go see this test ...

You understand.


6 or 7 years, and it does not plank at all, and it does not move.

If I would do this choice? J redeem a second well in another color. https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_smile.gif

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" This really is the M. ...."

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Everything is already known


The handle is simply unplayable if you like to do solos!
The handle picnic forward
Fretes cling to the fingers


It sounds very very average!


This is crap!
I ordered at Christmas and I have L # return after two days!
VERY VERY POOR-pretty to look at a mediocre-Play!

NCerridwen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It is full of flaws, but I like ... !"

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

Further information on the series: http://www.vintagehofner.co.uk/vintage-hofner/factfiles/shorty/main.html

The guitar is worth the money any more.


The handle is nice, but the guitar stings SERIOUS head. Even on the legs, it slides all the time fields. It is imperative to put a strap, leather preferably (I tried the nylon, I do not recommend it: it's slippery!).

I had to make mine a luthier. 2 to 3 weeks after the purchase, she started curling heavily on almost all the strings. I had to play with a hood in box 3.
The maker released the stick and the problem was resolved. But he did not hide that he could return. The cheapest solution (given the price of the guitar) will then ... put a cap ... !

At first, I had hung my strap down the handle. The luthier I advised against it because given the flexibility of the handle, this could cause the problem of "frieze". Thus, the strap must be fastened on the guitar. I opted for a leather strap, which I sanded the inside to make it less slippery the possible. (Then rinse to avoid being put particles everywhere and set the color).


In sound, it is okay.
I play a Fender Mustang II, often not connected or not to wake everyone up, and I did not need "more" to work.

I mainly play sounds in "clear". I do not like at all saturations. So I can not give an opinion on it.

The strings are 09-42 in home. I say this because when I asked, I had two different information. Then I measured on arrival.
For change is more boring than an acoustic be cut! And pass the new strings in the hole under the tailpiece is not done right the first time. The microphone is very close to, the exercise requires a little patience and attention.

I had to change the pickup height because the treble was too low for my taste.


I use it for 5 months. I am a beginner in guitar for 6 months. I mainly work on an acoustic. I needed a "little" guitar that I can easily carry around and play "silently".
On this level there, it completely fills the specifications.
It is very compact, it is very affordable (better than her friends ... more upscale). To 2 times the price of a Shredneck, at least it sounds!

It comes with a carrying case with a pocket for housing picks, tuner, cover ...

For the price, I would do this choice. She is full of flaws, but I love it. Once we managed to master the "slip" of the machine, it is enjoyable to play. Of course, the box is tiny. Those who use it to build will be a little disoriented. But I especially like the small boxes.
This guitar can be taken anywhere: the office, weekend, vacation, airplane, etc.. The trade-off for the lodge in the luggage is minimal.

I take a lot of fun to play with, even though my guitar level is limited and I have (fortunately for my wallet ...) not yet tasted the more upscale models. The sound is very correct, there remains the simple pleasure to work anywhere, without taking the head.

It is portable, above all, no more, no less.

grandbill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Finishing deplorable"

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Made in China - 1 hambucker - bridge / tailpiece - Standard LP sleeve - a volume and tone.


Channel pleasant but not finished, I had a lemon oil on it. Ergonomics lamentable not balanced you have to play set! Seated or standing is not possible. The solution, put a strap acoustics.
His pourave without nuance.
Arrived home Monday, Tuesday everything was dismantled.
- Mechanical changed. Original ones have toys!
- Chanche tailpiece, the original one's nose.
- Changed to a microphone on a recovered Epiphone Sheraton 92.
- I'll probably change the knobs because these are crap. the guy who had to be welded mason!
- Ropes course they put rubber bands.


Now I no longer sound correct. Nice little guitar in all once you've dressed.
I played several amps, Fender blues junior tweed, Ibanez TS15 it rocks.


I've had two days and I have fun on my couch. I bought prtir on vacation and will do it with a Pignose 2w.
A tip if you plan to buy € 60 + for the upgrade if not give it to your kid.
Hofner is shame for the scam.
At forgot (3 Stripped screw disassembly guys had camouflaged)
Bravo Chinese fortunately I'm pro in customization.
Do not buy this product is theft.

nicoslash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Guitar made in boxes Asie.24 humbucker 1 volume 1 tone
Round Neck LesPaul typed.
Standard strings, compared to more headless guitar strings requiring special.


The handle is very comfortable and suitable for any user is the same as Gibson diapason.Il however, is more flat but still very comfortable
The ergonomics it difficult because it stings the nose but it quickly corrects himself by playing with a short strap.
A change of attachment of the strap at the handle allowed me to find a good angle of the handle.


The sound is acceptable for what is expected of a travel guitar.
I play it plugged into a micro cube or a boss micro BR for the work of Covers.
Purchased from a


semaine.Mon choice was motivated by Gibson tune (I play a SG and Lespaul) and the price.
I like the concept, the small size of the instrument.
I do not like the hypocrisy of Hofner posing stickers "verified by luthier" after the bridge had a curvature étrange.Le change a tune o matic with a luthier should fix it because it made the crappy tuning.

I'll buy this loader without problems because it is well suited to my game for now: in the living room watching the kids! No stress if she were to fall short a guitar terrain!

I do not understand the opinion of Rit who can put "O" on all the items on this Shorty.Obtenir the sound of a large timber with so can not view the concept.

Eulfred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Practice for the holidays"

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
This is a model made in China, it is equipped with a fixed tailpiece, a round flat rather than 24 frets, one humbucker and volume + tone.


The handle is nice, access to acute is no problem in terms of ergonomics the little body that it can not counterbalance the weight of the handle, so she pitched nose, plus the guitar does not have inferior horn to save space, but slides on the thigh which is a bit tedious, the solution is to play with a short strap.

Another small flaw, the guides are prominent string which causes discomfort in the palm of his right hand when playing too close to the tailpiece, solution: a shot of lime to cut corners.

Question tone no miracle, but not ridiculous either given the size of the guitar, microphone does not lack balance and fishing quite a bit of harmonic distortion, on the other hand is pretty clear in his flat, deserves up a micro story with more character to laugh a bit and mesmerize assistance on stage ... I have some ideas.


Is primarily a guitar to lug around along with a small amp style Micro Cube or a Vox amPlug or an iPhone App.


The big advantages of this guitar: the congestion, the handle, the standard strings (as opposed to guitars "headless" with strings double ball) looks funny, takes good agreement.

You should know why before you buy any kind of guitar and do not be fooled: it is neither a Start or a Les Paul, it will not give you the thrill, but it will take you anywhere without the hassle.

Value very good, especially in the occasion.
Franko HARDRIDER10/12/2010

Franko HARDRIDER's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Guitar sofa!"

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Made in China;
Body and handle al Maple / Maple
Configuration microphones: 1 Humbucker.
Slecteur rglage: 1 volume, 1 tone.

The finish is correct without more, I had to reattach the jack, a screw was removed (a default without much climbing.

The body is red and black head, c'tait not want to, i was not happy at the time, but finally I am super happy because it gives a certain cachet and a beautiful face! https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_smile.gif)


The handle is great, it's easy to play a real round.
CASC to treble is quite satisfactory.

The sound is absolutely correct!

It does not dsaccorde unless there is unfortunately a very sensitive touch the mechanics.

It's a guitar made for playing on a couch or sprawled on his bed and it's really the comfort!

It is lgre and not at all cumbersome. Happiness!
As East


Plutt metal, I think the humbucker plays well her role in distortion and very pleasant in s'avre clean.

I bought a living room amp (Line 6 Spider) which agrees very well with!


I fvrier since 2010 and it does not leave my room, all while sitting close from my couch.
dmangent my fingers and presto I catch, turns on the amp and get started, a riff goes through my head and hop ... let's go and effortlessly.

As I read it also is a lazy guitar!

That said, I also play on a Fender Telecaster, an American Kramer Pacer Custom II (my collector) and a BC Rich Dark Arts LATEST Warlock, all standing or sitting in my mini studiohttps://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif)

The report seems to me excellent quality price to use as I do. Play is not standing up, play couch is nirvana! !

A remake I would do it without hesitating. That's exactly what I wanted, neither more nor less!
Jacky Nat05/14/2009

Jacky Nat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
If the mark is well known that cr Hofner Violin Bass in the famous Paul McCartney, this little guitar is made in China.
In the 80's was out the Hofner Shorty made in Germany. You could see and hear Mike Oldfield and play with Chris Rea MODEL.
Now, we can not find the MODEL made in China by buying new.

There are 24 frets and a micro Humbecker

There is one volume and one SETTING THE SETTING THE Tone.

The handle is screwed.


The handle is flat and quite enjoyable in the game

The body of the guitar as a small enough, the handle causes a near normal dsquilibre of all of the guitar.
Playing sitting, we must calibrate the guitar between your thighs.
The game is also standing with strap dsquilibr.

The sound is correct.


You can play all styles of music, but the solos are less acute given the empty dsquilibre pr-cit.

I use it with a Line 6 Toneport GX or Korg PX5D.

When traveling I have a Vox AC30 Ampeg.

Given the use of "extra" cell is enough for me.
Do not expect miracles not seen the price of the guitar (120).


At o j'cris this article I have the guitar for 6 months.
If I am a bit gn by dsquilibre, even when I am satisfied with the report qualitprix.
I had another guitar at earlier trip, but I prfre it.
Without a doubt, I Rasht this guitar. It sounds good, enjoyable to play this hand made of lightweight dsquilibre problem, and in addition she is pretty in blue https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif

Marmotte666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Everything said about the t CHARACTERISTICS of the instrument.


Much to start with what FCHE, the body is certainly small but suddenly the instrument is totally dsquilibr ... Play is not sitting empty, it must send the guitar solidly wedge between her thighs, in terms of the game standing: we forget right away, it is really unusable.


The SETTING THE Tone has little influence on the sound, the humbucker produces a fairly bland, of course we must keep in mind that this is only a small extra guitar. As for the handle, it seems fairly enjoyable but difficult to judge correctly to the extent the handling of the instrument is catastrophic.


I kept this guitar two months before selling, the concept is sduisant dchante but soon after the instrument in hand. The report qualitprix in it is difficult even to criticism but the grip is dplorable, you'd really play on a prototype wobbly.
I really deprecated instrument.

ossanha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
It's a cheap travel guitar, made in China, a bill is very simple:
- About 85 cm long, a box of 25x15cm and a custom cover;
- A handle 24 cases, of normal size, with average mechanical quality, which are nevertheless pretty good agreement;
- A prominent bridge, no tremolo (I personally prefer);
- A side humbucker bridge with a pretty good output level and no snoring;
- A volume knob, one tone knob;

Mechanical finishing is very poor, I had to reattach the shield of the table, which tended to drop out. For cons, I did not have to redo the welds potentiometers or microphones.


The handle is quite nice, flat and not too wide. Given the size of the box, the guitar is completely unbalanced and tends to tip the winning side when standing cheek, which does not facilitate access to acute ... The kind of joke that makes the guitar difficult to use on stage.

For the price, do not expect miracles: the raw sound is quite flat. With a microphone glued to the bridge, the tone knob is very effective: we move from a very muffled sound to a sound rich in harmonics.


I use it in the crunch and moderately full, on a Pocket Pod with headphones: it sounds more acceptable. The clean sounds are more personality out of the guitar, so they are rather flat. The position of the microphone gives a very rich in harmonics, and stiffness of the neck and body provide good sustain.


I've had a month in extra guitar (my main guitar is a Telecaster).

The very small size makes it ideal for travel (in its cover, it goes smoothly as baggage) or play sprawled on the sofa.

The value is good: for a little over a hundred euros, I find the gear musically very convenient, even if you have to work a little on it to finish because of deplorable.

Despite its limitations (clear sound disappointing, poor balance), I would buy without hesitation for its convenience.