Hufschmid Guitars String Muter
Hufschmid Guitars String Muter

String Muter, Other Guitar Accessory from Hufschmid Guitars.

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versus158's review"Great quality"

Hufschmid Guitars String Muter
String muters are starting to get popular and quite a few companies have started producing them. Among all the different ones you can buy you'll stumble accross good ones and bad ones of course...

Why should you be using a muter ?

I mainly use mine for 2 things, killing overtones on rythms tracks (just place the muter behind the nut), really comes in handy for muted and heavy riffs, or for cleaning up leads (just place the muter in front of the nut) because it cuts out the strings that you're not playing. What I really like doing is using a muter when learning a song, it really helps me find and hear the parts where I'm not playing clean enough and focus on them.

Right so now what's so great about Hufschmid muters ?

Well it's quite simple, Patricks muters fit ALL guitars and basses, just buy one muter for ALL your gear, the other brands all have different sizes and they don't necessarily fit on different guitars/basses. Other thing is that they're tough the velcro is sturdy and won't give up on you after a couple of weeks, the muter will always stay in place and do it's job really nicely.
Oh yeah did i mention the design is really nice and you can also choose the width (3 or 4 cm) ?

All in all Patricks muters are a bit more expensive than some of the others that you can find on the net but because they're so much more durable and they can actually fit all of your guitars you just need one instead of half a dozen. Like all the rest of what Patrick does his muters are all hand made in Switzerland by an artisan, the quality will always be top notch. Give them a try I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I do.